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Corruption,Selfishness,Greed UK PLC

Corruption in UK is rife by those who think because they have money they can abuse the rights of Individuals and  the Corporations they represent. Human Rights Abuses are many and it has to  STOP  !
Daily I hear the doom and gloom of the people being abused which are the poorest in society. People with ill health, being ruled unable to work, being told to get out homes because they are meant to downsize so a more worthy soul who works like a slave on minimum wage can have their home, and supports the ethos of the CONDEMS to cut welfare. I know that some people also abuse the system aimed to help them, but these have been proven to be a very small 0.5% of a few unscrupulous selfish individuals whose greed is the same as those in charge of some of the most powerful places in UK.,They have shares in Healthcare, Drug, Energy Companies,  and where are the biggest rises  and privatisations happening in this area of welfare.
The Public are slowly waking up to the plight of those on bottom rung as it starts to bite Middle England, but slow is the operative word. We have our politicians who are claiming all sorts as part of their jobs out of the taxpayers pot and all I have heard the last 3 years is Silence while they stick the boot in those unable to defend themselves, while they rub their hands at  owning their own home, the 4×4, two hols a year while never realising most those people claiming have also contributed to society and now they are in need are asking for assistance they were promised through national insurance…yes INSURANCE. Just like you insure your life or car many have paid 20/30/50yrs into a scheme that promised to look after them. if they needed.

Kicking the poor has become a new’ Olympic Bloodsport’  while those able to work and the well off bleat about spending their taxes on the most vulnerable in society rather than share that wealth, to have a more equal society.  Where humanity overrides selfishness and greed and for people to help those who can’t help themselves so they can have a little more and enjoy the basic of pleasures of  a friendly face or a cooked meal, and a warm home  .

They don’t complain while politicians and bankers and others claim for things they shouldn’t from the public purse, fiddle their expenses, and fund second homes with all the trimmings gets the thumbs up. How many readers of this blog would like a second home they didn’t have to fund, and holiday free gratis etc etc or a free pub meal down your local. I can tell you many would be glad to be able to feed themselves once a day, feed their kids, and keep themselves warm when needed, and cosseted when sick.

The silence to defend the indefensible is the biggest threat to humans since the dinosaurs extinction. It’s called the Blame game!


It isn’t rocket science to see who is blagging the system  and taking your taxes and it isn’t the most vulnerable in society. Many stealth taxes hit the poorest ,VAT being one of them we all pay regardless. Many also work.

If your working and earning a decent income when you go to your supermarket shopping, just stop and think for one second to see if you could buy a tin soup to put in the food banks trolley on your way out. If you see that person on the street begging stop and think and offer your loose change it may be only drink to keep warm they had for some time. Before anyone attacks me for this stance put yourself in that persons shoes ,they are not all drunks, druggies etc many are genuinely in a difficult place could you sleep on a street? I know I couldn’t. I may be able to go without food for a day or two but then I would be thinking of ways to get food which may lead me to commit a crime.

What a state of affairs we find ourselves in. I’m coming to what I call the latter end of ones average  lifespan and what I see today sickens me to my stomach more than any words I can type here. It is time to reverse and find humanity and compassion for our fellow-man because 10 years ago I was fit and healthy until life took me down a different path through no fault of my own. Check to see whether that old man/lady across road needs shopping or they are ok? Ask how someone you know who having a bad time is feeling /doing?

Let us dump one ‘C’ for four others Care, Compassion, Community, Campaign .

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