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With Nationwide ATOS demonstrations tomorrow I thought I would add my voice to the debacle called the WCA. This test has been flawed from the beginning both under New Labour and the present Condem Government which the latter made considerably worse when they redesigned it to be tougher on those it felt were abusing the system, and re negotiated contracts alike. My comments may not always be popular with my fellow campaigners but they can rest assured they have my support and solidarity for tomorrow actions and the fight we have on our hands. I have looked into this company Atos for some time and seeing what reach their tentacles actually have  along with others who are abusing the human rights and dignity of many sick and disabled people and others in their race to make money in our Capitalist system and come out top dog.  As you will see from the graphic on this post all main players thus far are listed but I’m certain this reaches far and wider than I have found so far, mainly due to fact sub contracts and sub companies are not so easy to track but that’s business world for you! The Fact is ,these lot also have been exempt in some cases of paying their fair whack in taxes too as part of deal. This company is already operating across the globe in 48 countries and they are having similar issues as we are in UK.

The WCA Assessments are without doubt causing untold misery for many and deaths have occurred for those with mental health issues who cannot cope with this barbaric test which is designed to remove as many as possible from claiming what is considered ‘their entitlement’ under guise of austerity and cutting back on the welfare bill. Most of these people have paid into the National Insurance system when they were able to work, and those who were born with severe disabilities   cannot help the fact they are unable to pay into system given their difficulties should not be penalised of the welfare support they rightly receive. Having been through two of these assessments myself, and soon to be my third time, I have seen complete lack of empathy from Atos HCP’s and their unwillingness to produce an accurate reflection on reports of those they assess and the mistakes they make cost those claimants on a wider scale than a few measly quid. The targets are set by non other than DWP for Atos are unrealistic and impractical to carry out in time given, while staff training  is now reduced from two weeks to 1 week which is ridiculous state of affairs to train anyone to do a job well. We have had 4 reports on WCA thus far which haven’t been complimentary to ATOS or DWP yet this government is like a runaway train on track and nobody knows where the handbrake is to stop this test and admit it made the biggest of blunders which is costing the taxpayer billions of pounds every day, far more than it is saving!

This statement was issued by Atos re actions tomorrow.

This was issued by Capita in March 2013

Yet daily we hear Joe Bloggs complain about their hard earned taxes been frittered on those workshy ,lazy scroungers yet they say absolutely nothing on MP’S expenses, and this utter waste of money being spent on this hell bent welfare reform dreamed up by the current powers that be. To a point  I actually can see what Atos are saying ,although it does not absolve them from any responsibility in this mess, and as it is pointed out ‘I was only following orders isn’t a ‘get out clause’ ! In business we all know that contracts are issued and failure to produce results are penalised with indemnity clauses written in should contract failure occur, yet Atos doesn’t appear to have had this applied yet, but at same time they can only work with tools they have and if that is rushed then failures are to follow. Labour have been saying they will rid us of the WCA but haven’t said what they will replace it with nor have they been frank about the enormous cost of billions of taxpayers money should they sack Atos when the government breaks it  contract with Atos as they will without doubt want compensation for breach of contract.

Long ago Atos should have told government the impossibility of their goals in the timeframe, but they didn’t publicly come out and we have no evidence they did although if anyone would like to send me it I will be happy to print it.

Still the Universal Credit fiasco rolls on too along with PIP delays while IDS says they are on track  to roll out UC later this year for couples followed by further rollouts across UK later, and only single people are being assessed under UC at present.

One thing they all fail to realise or hide is Atos own the LIMA software for this, although copyright is Slumberger, which Atos bought out, so regardless of all the political banter ,are they going to replace that too? . We have DWP Head of the Project Howard Shipley off ill with pneumonia, and many more in IT have walked off away from this Toxic Test so when will IDS say ‘sorry I screwed up’ , the answer is never because the man is on a mission  determined to push his reforms through, which include our beloved NHS , and GP extraction data service under Jeremy Hunt, Atos run Cloud software under a company called Canopy and Bluetooth technology too ,doesn’t matter what you do in your daily life somewhere Atos are collecting your info and tracking your every move. they run Energy Utilities , MOD , Prisons, Telecare,  plus much more, they have a big profile.

So to end this blog is just a peep into the big world of Atos and connections, the control they have over government software etc as graphic shows, but ultimately the buck stops at the top of any organisation that’s Cameron and his government, but Lord  David Freud and IDS are at the engine room of this mess and their heads should roll, but we are living in a twilight zone of late where the UK has become a police state to dictate to its people at will!

While I have little or no sympathy for Atos & their staff I have even less for this government, I have nothing but utter contempt for them. It takes a strong person to admit they made mistake in public  but any decent man would hold hands up, not these two snakes in grass, they slink off into darkness of the abyss to inflict more pain and it carry on regardless, after all we are ‘stock’ which they play games with  like pawns in chess game, only this game has deadly consequences for those going through it.

While I can understand people calling for their dismissal ASAP, it will mean we have another bunch replacing it with more incompetence and as we have seen re Serco,G4S fiddling  the figures, it’s more of the same regardless. It may be more effective to stop all assessments and allow for backlogs to be cleared then look at ways to alter timeframes and look at why this test is failing before shelling out more taxpayers money on another hair brained idea which will cost taxpayers billions more and make changes to they way it is designed  &  processed. Time for a rethink IDS and realise you wont make it work before you get booted out of office in 2015.

‘Better the Devil you know’ is my motto


Comments on: "The Buck Stops At The Top IDS" (5)

  1. Reblogged at and commented – I’ve not had time to blog myself for Today’s National Atos Demo’s so I’m giving Blueannoyed the floor – she sums it up for me x


  2. John Costello said:

    There are those within the Conservative Party who feel that David Cameron is lacking in leadership qualities and that they have little chance of winning the 2015 general election with him as their leader.

    There are some, both inside and outside the Party, who question his decision to allow Iain Duncan Smith to remain in his position at the Department for Work and Pensions despite an appalling track record; decisions overturned in the courts, overseeing the implementation of two costly IT projects that are ‘not fit for purpose’, the dismal failure of the Work Programme, the poor performance and sometimes unlawful activities of the programme providers, and the relentless adverse publicity arising out of the controversial welfare reforms.

    However, as Mr Duncan Smith turns his attention towards pensioners and their benefits, there are some on the right wing of the Party who are applauding his ruthless determination to slash the welfare budget. In showing himself to be a strong leader, do you think that Mr Duncan Smith could be positioning himself for a leadership challenge?


    • I hope not John because then we are all in trouble, However I think IDS must have something on them to remain in his position and using it to full advantage


    • Florence said:

      Plus the floating of the idea that pensioners will be refused drugs & treatment because they are “not economically active”.

      Why not? They have got away with the scourging of the disabled, chronically ill, and the unemployed, so why not have a go at the pensioners? After all, IDS must reason, that’s a bloody big proportion of DWP spending, and the NHS, and Local Councils who are responsible for care, so as long as the masters demand more money for the rich & pals, it’s got to come from somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere.

      And let’s face it, once they start on the pensioners, there’s a real divide & rule possible on any grassroots opposition. We all know there is no reporting of any of this by the major media, so it’s not likely to have any affect on that generations’ voting, because they will be mis-directed by the Daily Hate, BBC etc.

      With IDS and his “belief”, and now Cameron and his “moral crusade” – both based on the idea that taking money off really poor people is good for them, those who have paid onto the NI system all their lives, we’re going into a dark time indeed.

      I saw a list recently – must get better at filing – where the State Pension appeared on a list of sanctionable benefits. What regime possible could be put in place to make pensions subject to UC /JSA / ESA conditionality? Really? Are a quarter of a million people already starving not enough? Obviously not.


  3. jaypot2012 said:

    Great post! I wholeheartedly agree with you about IDS and Fraud – they should both be removed asap. However, people suspect that IDS will be sacked later this year or early next year as a shock tactic for the tories election campaign. Get rid of the one that everyone hates and blame him for everything!
    I believe the WCA should be stopped and your own GP or Consultant’s recommendations be taken into account. There just needs to be some sort of sick note or form that the GP or consultant can fill in:
    Fit for work soon.
    Not fit for work for 6 to 12 months.
    Unfit for work for the foreseeable future
    Unfit for work for life.
    Doesn’t really take much more than that really. The amount of money saved from the likes of Atos and others companies like it could then be used to fund the sick and disabled, or fund parts of the NHS including GP’s surgeries, who would probably need another clerk or secretary to concentrate on the GP’s finding and send out the relevant answers.


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