One thing I do know is the electorate are totally fed up with politics which doesn’t represent them and their daily struggles. Out on street and social media,  people are disgruntled over the way their voices are lost among the wealthy elitists that rattle around Westminster. With recent European Elections showing huge support of the far right around the globe and austerity measures causing untold hardship among the people  who suffer the brunt end of what seems a global policy, while letting those who caused it get off  free gratis with nice huge bonuses .

Public services are being decimated in the UK as budgets are slashed to the bone, Our Human Rights abused,  Job losses galore while  Welfare Reform bites the poorest in society. Politicians believe we should be grateful for the crumbs off the table and all the nationalised public services get sold off while the 1% make a fast buck.

I was thinking and talking with folks the other day  and ironically today also when I  dared bring up  raising taxes to help pay for a well funded public services many of us use . First I got outcry from the worker who exclaimed I’m struggling to look after my family I cant afford tax rises, food is so expensive and my bills are rising through the roof, yet we have a growing population who are living longer and the demand on those public services continue to grow and groan under  the strain, with financial limitations as to what they can do to help.

When I was growing up I was lucky to have those public services ,yes post delivered twice a day, see my GP on the day I rang, If my relatives needed to go to hospital they could and would be well treated and made better again, if Mrs Jones across the road needed home help it was provided by the neighbours in community or state if they couldn’t help , the list is enormous of what we now seem to have lost.  Then others voiced concerns that I was just feeding into neo liberal ideals when we are the 7th richest country in world we don’t need to raise taxes. One thing successive governments of any persuasion have failed to discuss, for fear of  it upsetting the electorate by saying ‘we need to do this’ ! We need a Housing Strategy to rebuild all those council homes sold off under Thatcher yet our present government thinks its ok to restart the help to buy scheme which has partly caused the housing crisis and the awful bedroom tax policies have polarised this very starkly. some will think we have moved on to a better future and I’m just living in a bygone dream with rose coloured spectacles, but I’m not we can have this and more  if we stop being so darn capitalist  focused in the dog eat dog world we now live in.

Our NHS, under Major when he introduced  the PFI contracts which has asset stripped our NHS and what is left will be privatised to their chums and 142 politicians  having vested interests in healthcare services is just the thing to say it failing patients so lets pump private money into a service which has more managers than Dr’s and Nurses on the frontline. A rail system which was sold off, in which we got a worst service for the user ever, while  seeing travels costs soaring ahead, and a Social Services dept which can only help the most desperate in need and  everyone else is left by the wayside to either fail or flail on their own. A question I have asked for some considerable time is why is this happening? The answer is because we are allowing  it!

Society has a responsibility to act to help those who need it, that is each and everyone of us to pay towards helping those at bottom of the pile, with the 1% paying a lot more than they do now, instead of bleating about we pay enough when the contrary is shown that it is in fact those at the bottom who pay more and have done since the war . We have our children and we are expected to raise them into decent human beings and cover the cost, now more than ever the elderly are not looked after by families due to being so fragmented around the UK when Thatcher broke up communities where families all lived close to each other and generally ,but not always, the woman of the house took on carer roles to look after elderly relatives for free which many still do and save the government billions with no thanks at all, just more punitive measures of austerity with benefits redefined and more hardship for years to come. Fact is since the war Tories have cut taxes time after time to benefit the wealthy.


Humanity should be what we are about as Human Race and to care for our fellow-man/woman/child ,making sure than no one person in society has to suffer the wickedness that is rife in such a selfish society and our self-serving government that we have today. Our youth are  disenfranchised and generations to follow will never know or understand the struggles that people fight on a daily basis and history has a way of convieniently disappearing and being repeated .

As a Human Race we still haven’t learnt lessons from the past, that we need to look after each other where we can, help where we can, support another down on their luck, and change society as a whole to a more caring and compassionate entity to allow us to grow as human beings and spiritually, with the wealth of knowledge we can share to help our own survival as a species, not survival of the fittest or greediest.


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  2. Enjoyed reading. Thanks.


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