Today it been reported  that ‘White Dee’ who has been vilified in press after the CH4  ‘Benefits Street’ programme as a scrounger has been assaulted while on holiday with friends. This woman was attacked viciously for having a holiday which is allegedly paid for by her good friends. The Jeremy Kyle stereotyping of claimants is a falsehood and while some may not be the brightest they are still afforded the tag of scrounger, undeserving etc, which to my mind is unacceptable.

I have seen people of all walks of life comment on these kind stories and the lack of compassion and humanity (even amongst other claimants) is not only shocking but downright appalling. Claimant fraud is actually less than 1% of the whole welfare budget in actual fact the correct figure is 0.7% while government error is 4.3%. The likes of the Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Sun, and many more Murdoch tory rags wheel out this propaganda daily to convince the voter they are doing right by taxpayers ,while avoiding their taxes themselves. The rich have made millions out of austerity and become richer as a result ,yet what has become the latest blood sport is to attack the poorest in society sickens me to my stomach. How many workers steal from their employers that odd pack of Xerox paper or packet of envelopes, or Sellotape, Post it Notes?   Yes lets get honest and real about it. How many workers fiddle their tax returns so they can keep more? yet these same individuals collude with hatred towards the poor who more often than not cannot change the situation they are finding themselves in, through illness ,disability, job loss , or violence from an abusive partner they fled from.

We as a society need to ask ourselves some serious questions on why we believe such rhetoric and why we are so miffed that it appears another person is doing better than ourselves…Jealousy! Most claimants have debts up to their ears to provide for themselves or families, have goods ‘on the tick’ fro the likes of doorstep payday loans or Brighthouse just so they are not seen to be failing in their efforts to survive compared to their working counterparts who are now starting to struggle too.

Are we saying that a claimant  cannot have holidays if they save or are helped to do so by their pals who are slightly better off? Are we saying Claimants shouldn’t aspire to live a life like anyone else I certainly hope not? Some do make wrong life choices but at the end of the day because we would manage better our money than others does that give any one of us the right to judge= NO ! The Irony is it’s had reverse effect seems she has a contract for appearances and has a agent , so suspect she is no longer a benefit scrounger. Well Done Dee!

It really is time we ask serious questions  when we have Food Banks in almost every corner of UK, we have Hate Crime rising along with Homelessness, were our elderly are abused violently in supposed ‘care’ homes, and our children abused by sexual predators or abused violently by their parents. This is Britain today, once based on fairness and compassion now based on hatred of each other, divide and rule games encouraged by governments and media alike, society has become a pack animal who attacks the weakest groups in society and blames them for their misfortunate circumstances they find themselves in. I have in past spoken to homeless men and gave them a sandwich and drink who were once respectable business men but lost it all by making the wrong choice in life which resulted in their downfall.

It is time to stop this vile behaviour and return to our principles of fairness and justice for all and show those less fortunate than ourselves the compassion and dignity and humanity  afforded others  better off, that is what makes Britain ‘Great ‘.



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  1. Nice one – speaking as someone who only this morning had it pointed out to me, to me that with the date for PIP reassessment for people with DLA indefinite awards getting nearer, that I am lucky to have had what I have currently got. Now an ex friend.


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    Maybe we need some Uni Grads on benefits on TV before the reality begins to sink home & around a little more.


  4. charmaine said:

    society has become TOO unequal.when someone can claim underwear on expenses and others are denied everything ! going to sunny climate saves on fuel so whats the problem.


  5. […] Benefit Claimant Bashing- The New Bloodsport. […]


  6. Here is a List. A Shocking List.. Are you next on the list?

    Due my SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES and to ABUSE because of those SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES I almost joined this LIST..

    Will: you, your friend, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your husband, your wife, your neighbour, the person who sells you the newspaper full of Propaganda ?? Will it be an Uncle, an Auntie a Nephew or a Niece???

    Would you also be kind enough to share this Petition with your friends etc


    The list is too big for YouTube to publish here.


    Dear Mrs. Fatou Bensouda

    We are aware that Mr Samuel Miller has written to you to ask if it possible to file an ICC complaint against several British Ministers—namely, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and Maria Miller for their role in the draconian welfare reforms and the resultant deaths of our society’s most vulnerable.

    We, the undersigned, are adding our voices to Mr Miller’s request for answers to the following questions:

    Are austerity deaths of the sick and disabled in the U.K. considered a crime against humanity by the ICC?

    Would the UNCRPD be taken into consideration by the court?

    Do you believe that the sick and disabled of Britain have a justiciable ICC case?
    Why is this important?

    I am sure many of you are aware of the measures that the Govt has introduced to root out the supposed fraudsters claiming Disability and Sickness Benefits. This is being carried out by a company called Atos, based on a system produced by an American Insurance Company called Unum, which has been declared unfit in the US.

    The result of this decision by the Govt is the deaths of approximately 70 people every week who have been declared fit for work by Atos. It is alleged many of these people are dying in poverty, and many more are forced into poverty after being declared fit for work because they can’t get work, or cannot complete the work fare element of JSA.

    While you have your health, none of this matters. But one simple mishap could mean you finding yourself on the receiving end of this, and I am convinced you would not have to look too far to find someone in your social circles who is also suffering at the hands of this system.

    The letter written by Samuel Miller has a long list of links to support this, and if a Canadian is going to put the effort into helping us, surely we need to speak up with him.

    Would you also be kind enough to share this Petition with your friends etc


  7. Here is a List… A Shocking List. Are you next on the list?

    Too big to post any other way and this is NOT a complete list


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