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The culprit!



A sick & disabled man attends Newcastle JCP to use the phones to make an enquiry when he was attacked by G4S guard for using his mobile when they refused his request. How is that acceptable?  The JCP’s are now removing telephones which is another obstruction claimants now face, not every person has a mobile or a landline. It is now policy that you are intimidated BY G4S security to turn off your mobiles after many used them to film maladministration of JCP staff. So how are they supposed to get the information they require, when JCP staff are too busy to deal with a basic inquiry?  They are supposed to be there to assist claimants with their enquiries and help them seek work. This should outrage most people and this man should apologise to the complainant and the claimant should be compensated. At the time of writing this blog a complaint has gone in to the manager of this JCP and the police have been informed and we will update you of the outcome. We cannot allow claimants to be continually bullied just because they happen to have fallen onto hard times in life. His story of being made homeless due to a error in bedroom tax has already hit press and now he is no longer homeless thanks to generosity of other claimants donating to a fund managed to find a flat to ensure his health is stabilised. The stress this man has endured in recent weeks with two hospital admissions for what they think is a heart condition due to him being homeless, on top of all the stress of being on the streets since last October, only to be subjected to this also is totally wrong on a humanitarian basis alone. Britain should hang its head in shame !


His story in the press : http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/06/life-limbo-what-it-s-be-one-britain-s-hidden-homeless


Here is the claimants  video https://vimeo.com/103182251

Comments on: "Disabled Man attacked by G4S Security at Newcastle Jobcentre" (2)

  1. Richard Johnston said:

    Absolutely the recording persons fault, signs on the door clearly state no recording devices allowed and they have been in place since the early 2000’s. Why would he blatantly flaunt the long standing rule other than to provoke a reaction? What was the guard ment to do? Just let him record against the rules he is paid to enforce??


    • Actually there is nowhere in legislation that forbids recording in a public place which the jobcentre is as such. The way claimants in the UK are mistreated and branded liars and cheats, falsified assessment reports why would anyone not try to make sure it was recorded correctly either on paper or my any other device?


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