A Letter to IDS


Dear Iain Duncan Smith

I am appalled at the way citizens of the UK are treated under your government. While many who can work should, you are targeting the many to catch a few fraudsters with your pernicious welfare reforms, leaving people without the support they need which we were promised would be protected. Many lives have been lost due to the fear you have installed in those with serious health conditions, and many terminally ill people have had to fight to get their monies restored due to the sheer incompetence of those instructed to carry out your policies in your department and failure to apply the legislation correctly. The underhandedness of your policies and department know no bounds to cruelty inflicted on those who struggle daily with their health.

Let’s be frank, compassion and honesty is not your or your parties best attribute is it?

The deliberately misleading language used by yourself and your department to turn the public against those genuine claimants has caused many to be subjected to assault and abuse in the street, wrongly being accused of fraud by jealous neighbours, believing your untruths. Children left in poverty because their parents they were found to be overpaid by your department in error yet made to feel criminals. What children will remember is that this government is cruel and heartless and lacking in compassion and how many nights they had no food until mother called in at the food bank, which saved them from starving yet still not providing them with a healthy balanced diet a child needs to flourish and possibility of ill-health in the future due to their diets. Children will remember how cold they were due to no heating.
Many disabled people do work, yet you are taking away their cars under PIP and cutting Access to Work for many and this is not going to get more people working. The sanctions regime is out of control by power crazed JCP staff to meet their performance targets or face disciplinary themselves. Even JCP staff are suffering from Mental health issues such as stress and anxiety in the workplace which doesn’t bode for a happy workplace environment which is also counter productive to cut down on sick days, with some eventually being made so ill that they end up becoming reliant on social security payments themselves adding to the vast numbers already claiming.
You are not creating Long Term Employment and apprenticeships of real value it is all done with use of extreme coercion or you will strip their financial lifeline from them for not working hard enough, beer budget schemes to hide the real statistics as they move from one benefit to another.

Your government is punishing those who did not create this mess at the expense of a tax cut for those who refuse to pay their fair share taxes out of pure greed. Lets face it they wont miss a few extra quid many of them spend that in a fancy restaurant over the weekend. In your speech you gave a personal story about your family and about the work ethic they instilled in you, well that’s the same for many other families too, nothing wrong with that, but for those who through no fault of their own cannot work or those who cannot find employment to, make sure their basic needs are being met, you have chosen to beat them into submission and deprivation with the proverbial stick.
That to me is a bullying someone who you and your ilk deem of less value and worth than you and your cohorts. You play the victim card and bemoan those who verbally attack you as bullies often do, when people stand up for their rights to have a fair ,just, equal chance to aspire as any other ,there will always be some who cannot work due to the severity of their disability or chronic health conditions which in many cases, there will always be a person who had poor start in life that fails to thrive and gain meaningful employment due to inability to understand what society expects, but most hardworking citizens in this country do what is right ,they work hard ,pay their taxes to provide for families and bring them up to be fine upstanding citizens who contribute to society. Many of these people paid into the National Insurance Scheme over their working lifetime,  god forbid they find themselves needing a helping hand and some point in life’s journey and the clue here is ‘insurance’ which like many believe that insurances taken out should be honoured when they come to cash in their hour of need.

Generations to come will remember the harshness of this government and the poverty they endured while your party are in power and hopefully will ensure never to entrust your party again with the Conservative way of thinking.
I’m old now but my pension has not only been cut but I have to wait longer for it providing I live long enough to collect it, I cannot get the help I need from social care and have no family close by and im still classed as working age so are subjected to the humiliations of constant reassessments due to ill-health from a botched operation. I did not choose to be on social security as this benefits nobody, life unfortunately deals you obstacles we have to try overcome best way we can.
Unlike you Sir I don’t have money in the bank from family or any that I could have saved for a rainy day as soon as I had paid my way and brought up my family on what I had, the only thing left was my bus fare to go to work the following week. I didn’t mind living on the breadline because I accepted that was my lot in life. This government does not fill me with aspiration but exasperation at the lack of care and compassion for my fellow human being’s, who, like me live in poverty that has to skip a meal to make ends meet.
May god forgive you in your blindness to the suffering you are causing to the many and to those left behind because their loved ones are no longer with us because of your governments vile, destructive, dehumanizing policies which help only those whose greed knows no bounds.

You are a clever master of deception but  many of us are no longer fooled.

Comments on: "A Letter to IDS" (3)

  1. Fantastic, though I do have one minor point of contention with;

    ‘While many who can work should, you are targeting the many to catch a few fraudsters with your pernicious welfare reforms…’

    While officially, that is the rather crap excuse for their programme of mass-starvation, the actual purpose behind it is to discipline the workforce. It is the equivalent of a gangland kneecapping, a message. Continue to accept whatever conditions we dictate; work longer hours for less pay (aren’t the Chinese industrious?), watch as we incrementally abolish pensions and outlaw strikes. Your jobs are already precarious so you don’t want to end up on the dole queue where we will wage war, often arbitrarily, on your physical and mental health.

    These people aren’t just callous incompetents. They are evil.


  2. There are few words that can truly describe just how low you and your party have stooped to penalise the worst off in society. You and the rest have not the slightest idea how it is to have no money for food or heating. If you were as concerned about paying the billions in unpaid benefits to those who need them first then I might accept you looking for benefits paid in error.


  3. That was a good letter, I understand all that because I’m disabled and can’t work, in May because my wife works I no longer get ESA, I was on employment part of it I can’t work in agony, then I tried to get into the support group, then next thing they took my ESA away, it took a year to get it, I applied for ESA, did the medical, I get told I’m not disabled enough to get it, so I appealed it. I had a tribunal to finally get approved. Then lost it and then a few weeks later lost my housing benefit, but that thankfully got reinstated, but we they pay £20 we have to find the rest along side council tax which we can’t afford and other bills. It is a piss take, I think this government are evil a holes who doesn’t care, I think they should make sure disabled shouldn’t lose there money even if there other half is working. I do get DLA but biggest part of it goes on our car I get £85 to go on things for our animals etc. I think instead of helping them selves getting richer, they need to look after our own people like disabled like myself and homeless and elderly. It’s so sad there’s been loads of suicides because this shit government have pulled what they have. It’s horrible that were suffering, my wife has been doing over time to make ends meet and has made her self bad a few times it’s not right and is horrible to see that. I wish I was able to work but can’t because of constant pain. NO disabled person should have to go through added stress and shouldn’t be forced to go to work or go to a job club to keep there benefits, I had to keep going to a job club in agony couldn’t hardly walk, when I didn’t go in I was threatened that if I don’t goto next appointment I would lose my ESA, we should have to go through that, that’s what made me apply for support group part of it. Then they took my ESA away, and they keep sending me appointments to goto prospects, I just through the letters away because why should I go if I’m not getting ESA money part. It’s stupid. I called and got a letter to say I get ESA credits which I am not getting any money but it’s saving for my pension which is fucked. No wander there’s so many suicides. Luckily I’m Not suicidal.


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