We all know the suffering enacted by this twisted excuse of a man to those who claim benefits, but the only person benefitting from this is him and his cronies and Tory voters who think it is acceptable to batter into submission those at bottom of the ladder because of some ideological superior thinking of that they are more deserving than the rest of us at the bottom. The top feeders are bleeding this country of its wealth of resources in the name of a Lie…That lie is Austerity and Deficit. Recently we have had UN come over to investigate the violations of disabled people’s rights and in 2013 the un visited regarding the housing crisis and the bedroom tax and now they are investigating him again on similar matters to the first. We cannot continue to let this happen if we love our people and our country? In recent weeks the rhetoric has become so dangerous to those claiming social security benefits it become more than life threatening as the deaths caused by the welfare reforms are growing week by week and will continue to do so until this lunatic and this government are stopped. it has become a case of deserving against undeserving, the worker against claimant, the able bodied against the disabled/jobseekers in the eyes of the public, with media blackouts to truth both within press and on television. Every part of society is blind to this mans evil games while they scrabble around for crumbs off the table while they all blame each other these bastards are selling the family silver off right under your noses, while they use oppressive legislation to silence those who stand up to be counted or change the law to suit, and human rights abuses are sprawled all over place with the idea to rid us of them by removing our country from the EU to remove the Human Rights of its citizens.

Its is time to expose this government and IDS in particular  in any way we can before it really is too late and we are a few steps away from that happening, when will you all wake the fuck up!

IDS now denies all issues with welfare reforms causing deaths, homelessness, child poverty and so much more and he is such a slippery character he hoodwinks the nation by appealing to the brainwashed to support these lies. Mental health claimants have come under considerable fire due to stress and anxiety caused by the constant reassessment, target driven sanctions, the bedroom tax ,and workfare alongside their counterparts in the Work Related Activity Group who are deemed to be working towards the return to work once they have been through this dreadful process, those In the support group haven’t had easy ride either and they now have to deal with DLA to PIP transition where each benefit is used to deny any of the support they promised to protect. This government is now going to roll out another IAPT /CBT Programme to get those in WRAG to return to work telling them they are fit even if their GP or consultants say they are not, even cancer patients are being targeted by this vicious lot as if they don’t have enough to deal with, complicitly helped by GP’s who are being brow beaten under another of his schemes of ‘in work fit note regime’ if they are off ill, besides chop the amount people get by £30 a week in line with JSA. If you are not shocked now you should be, but the outcry this last week in the Lords over tax credits because it starts to affect workers was deafening, while the silence for those at bottom the last 6yrs has also been shamefully deafening  because it doesn’t affect them -YET!

Food banks have risen under this government by an alarming rate with many on low wages or on minimum wage frequenting them often as more and more hit that line where they can no longer sustain their families basic living. He now has come up with another hair brained scheme of duplicity not only to attack those with Mental Health into IAPT/CBT programmes but now wants to place welfare advisors into food banks under the guise of help ,which while in ideal world wouldn’t be bad thing, in this case it most certainly is as this will cause mistrust of food banks therefore driving down the need for food to back up his ludicrous claims people are going for a free lunch, while collecting lifestyle data and then deny them benefits until they comply with his next scheme of lifestyle changes to those with addictions or obesity issues. The evil of this scheming swine know no bounds at all, but I am on his tail and I can see right through him like a pane of glass, and I will scrutinise every mortal thing he does or says to unravel his deceit to this nation and expose his lies for what they are! He punishes the young for something they were not to blame for, he punishes the disabled for being so, he punishes the job seeker without creating many jobs, he blames immigrants for being in country, and blames workers living on poverty wages for being poor, while his government and cronies get richer off the backs of all taxpayers and rewards the guilty bankers with bonuses and tax deductions for businesses, and finally blames labour for the global economic crash. This blithering idiot spent 8.5 billion pounds on a CGI animated  fluffy cuddly monster called ‘Workie’ to tell people about pensions before he snatches their pensions away. The recent announcement that advisers in foodbanks will only feed into his data mining of peoples lives and lifestyle to deny them any support, people will not attend food banks due to fact advisors linked to DWP in situ, this in turn  will reduce food bank use to help him prove a point that people are onto free lunch and not getting jobs while the taxpayer picks up bill. It a case of told you so, that is what this is about sleight on hand.

We need to call time on this government and those who support this lie to account before it is too late. Bevan created the welfare state to support you in times of hardship creating a safety net for all and a NHS to make sure the nation’s health was bettered, yet in it function of 70 yrs long this government has dismantled it  in less than 6 yrs in the name of capitalist greed for the few while the many die like flies, and our elderly are left to rot in a cash starved NHS or Care Home or denied treatment because they live too a country which has always seemed just, this is now a fight to survive, and survival of the fittest will be victors.

If you the people allow this to continue then you have blood on your hands as well as this government. It is time to act and stand and support each other and put your differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for what little is left before it is too late!

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  1. Hard working; Good. Not Working; Bad. That is the Tory mantra and it is that simple.

    Is it that simple?

    Your boss says ‘do thi’s? So it must be right and you do it. Right?

    Hard working Good. Not working Bad. Easy

    What do you do, if they ask you to do something wrong? Morally. Is it OK because you are working hard, doing as you are told and keeping your job?

    Hard working; good but doing bad. Not working; bad but not doing bad. Who now is good? Who is bad? Who deserves to eat? who deserves to starve?

    Can you live with yourself when each day you have to do bad things to get money to live?

    Does it take it’s toll? Do you feel good? Is it enough to be hard working;good? Or does it make you feel bad?

    Does it make you ill? A little crazy even?

    Dare you take a break? Get your head straight? Dare you say no to doing bad things? Dare you try to make changes? Will you get sacked for caring?

    Maybe you never worked for a psychopath, or a person driven by greed and profit, or someone just trying to stay in business? maybe your boss never asked you to with hold money from poor people, or do a shoddy job, sell shoddy goods, skimp on cleaning and hygiene at the expense of your customers heath to squeeze a little more profit? Maybe you never had to make a stand against wrong doing because your boss was good and kind and noble and wise? Maybe I was very very very unlucky? Many of my bosses were messed up, mentally, emotionally. They had habits, chain smokers, an Alcoholic, a paedophile, a bankrupt,They were mean people, cruel people, scared people and the paedophile was one of the kinder people. It isn’t always easy to judge by a label whether somebody’s heart is wholely white or completely black. Or a bit of both.

    When you work should you be owned too? Do you hang your conscience on the coat stand by the door? Is that OK to simply be moral on your own time or do we need everyone to play their part in society all the time?

    Work is not good or bad it is simply work. It is not an indicater of good health. It can’t be.

    To be usefully occupied doing something good, creative, caring, decent that could be a healthy choice. To feel worthwhile. To do none harm.

    To be able to say wait, I think doing this may cause harm, let’s discuss the consequenses. Let us take care. Think about it. How many people on Statins have been given this years Flu vaccine already, by surgeries who know that the vaccine will not work but are using the patients to make up the numbers to get paid? Is that worrying? Is it wrong? Does it make you reconsider who you should trust? Do you feel sorry for the GPs who face this moral dilemma? Does it make them sick?

    Is hard working good? Is not working Bad? Should we be allowed to judge without asking for more evidence?

    We should stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow humans. We should not stand by while the weak are picked off one by one, secretly glad that we are safe. In this game only the strong and powerful will survive. Heaven help those who weaken or lose their power.


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