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Since this Government came to power people have been hoodwinked into believing the right-wing rhetoric spouted by the Tories and the Coalition before they gained power in their own right by the miniscule margins they cling too. Since the Election the Labour Opposition have failed miserably to oppose anything due to LLP Blairites of the party ,with some glimmers of hope from other left parties which isn’t enough to make a change.

The fact these swine’s went out to Auschwitz I said ages ago they must have a bloody blueprint for the Nazi policies of the past. People cry out they are not same,and to a point they are right, but the similarities can no longer be ignored as parallels are blatantly in your face . Hitler when he first came to power was seen as saviour it wasn’t long before they targeted groups of people in society and the rest you all know about from history. Since day one the erosion of the Welfare State (which includes our NHS) has been a target, I have blogged about most of the harm it has done to the poorest in society whilst the 1% elite put profit before people.

Disabled people in the UK have suffered greatly in the last 5yrs and now it time for the rest, those taxpayers who saw fit to follow the line benefit claimants are ‘lazy good for nothings sponging your tax monies’ while you work your fingers to bone, which was always a lie anyway. The general public supported such measures on the clamp down of the few fraudsters (09% inc dept error) while looking the other way as the tax avoiders escaped any punishment which if they coughed up would eradicate the deficit in one swoop .  The elite stripped away the safety net and your human rights they promised to protect should you fall on hard times and now they are coming for you with tax credits and many other cuts due next Wednesday in the autumn statement to hit Middle England. This was done in same way in 1930 they blamed others for their failings, then have the brass neck to talk about the public needing to take responsibility for making sure they work hard and save for old age as the state was  no longer going to do so while still taking your taxes and NI off you every month. This government  are corrupt to the core lying daily for the gullible to swallow ,but as disabled people started to fight back and take direct action and take the fight to the government directly and the UN, the public services that people need being no longer available, the public are awakening from their slumber to realise they have been taken in  ,or have they? Well in some areas yes they are getting rattled as it slowly permeates their lives or those of their loved ones but on other levels they are still asleep and ignorant to the master plan.

They have disabled people fearing the dreaded assessments, those with Mental health are especially at risk from this government with forced IAPT/CBT services being rolled out January 2016 to get those with MH into work ,where if they fail to take up the IAPT/CBT service they will lose their benefits or face a sanction, benefit rules are being strangulated to make it almost impossible to claim when you fall on hard times and those with MH  are the many victims of a brutalised society with now over 500 cases with proven causal links to welfare reform where lives are lost to suicide which I am certain with time will rise. We already are aware of more than 10,000,but many cases are slowly being heard by coroners  and it is only those whom now are being considered  as proven cases. Meanwhile the  government spends and wastes billions if not trillions on continuous failed projects which you the taxpayer are paying for and that includes disabled people. The government has ruled by fear and created that fear,  where neighbours are encouraged to dob each other in, where workers do the same to their boss, cos a work colleague is off work, where anything becomes a sworn enemy which is now spreading into the next phase of their warped agenda.





I hope by now you are following my thinking, even if you think Im crazy?

Since 2001 and the failed  Iraq war  which Blair took us into, against popular opinion,we left a void in its wake as they did not have a backup plan for after Saddam’s removal and IS with the help of many have filled that gap, full of hate and anger of anything they consider not Islamic, which is warped in itself, as  Islam does not advocate on any level the horrors they inflict. The recent terrible events around the globe have now fuelled the right-wing appetite for war (which was waiting in the wings for some time now) and power to control the oil fields in the middle east, which many in Europe have trained ,armed, funded, the weapons of destruction which consequently have fallen into IS hands and which they have stock piled  and used with such deadly effect on the innocent victims of this ‘terrorist’ regime, no way are they Islamic and should not be associated as such. Around the globe now we have calls for revenge, fueled by right-wing hatred of what many don’t fully understand, baying for more blood to be spilt with calls of ‘Bomb the shit out of them’ which more innocent people around the globe will die unnecessarily  and those who commit such atrocities will become martyrs time and time again. One thing Jeremy Corbyn the new Labour Leader got right this week was calling for sanctions and cutting  off supply, because the middle east has always been a hotbed and war hasn’t solved the problem yet and neither will it this time around. France reacted with onslaught of bombs, the media fuelled fear and in the following days  where the knee jerk reactions of evacuations spun out of control, whilst we have had other atrocities committed In Nigeria, Bagdad, Mali,and other terrorists alerts which have some substance. The world is going to hell in a hand cart as many close borders to those fleeing IS across the globe, or blaming refugees as terrorists for which they are not, and those in power wanting to unite in one breath to co-ordinate an attack say in the next breath they will ignore the will of the people and the UN ratification process to go ahead anyway, which to me seems like they don’t give a damn as they wont be the ones in firing line when this all goes belly up. The NF in France is gearing up it right-wing hatred and fascists around the world are ramping up their hatred also, we have immigration camps around the globe being torched ,attacks on Muslims who have done nothing wrong but go about their daily business but these often go unreported no outcry was happening when this was happening like the media frenzy now.  Back In the UK Dave is the first Prime Minister to get the authority to buy himself a getaway plane for when the shit hits the fan, while wanting to scrap the human rights for you but wanting EU rights re-negotiated, and snooping laws to invade your everyday life, while the global elite will cause WW3 because of the black liquid stuff they all want to control.

This is not really about religion, more often than not  religion is used as excuse to wage war, it is about power and control over the valuable resources we selfishly can’t seem to share with each other for the sake of all humanity. This is NWO , or the creation of a Super State Federal Europe which would be bad for everyone.

Where they control everything you do and think, in fact you wont be able to fart without them knowing and this needs to be stopped and the public need to wake the hell up pronto before it is too late,because very soon in the coming months you wont be able to protest, rise up when this shit is implemented here in UK and around the world because they will have you under control and you will become one of many who disappear overnight should you object. Make no mistake we are GOING TO WAR come hell or high water, they have decided your fate already and we are the point of no return, unless we the people force them to change direction NOW!

Scared you should be time to act now in any way you can! Some will call this blog scaremongering but it isn’t really, 1984 has come but it is really worse than we think if this goes ahead and we sit back and do nothing to prevent it on those generations to come.


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  1. Jeffery Davies said:

    About right aktion t4 the master plan ridding themselves of the stock even rtu ids spoke of this but untill the peasant wakes up to the fact it wasnt the poor who lost monies through the banksters but the rich we get to pay it back jeff3


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