Many times the Government has denied this is happening and continue to do so, yet the real truth has been written by many Bloggers whom  attacked the record of the two successive governments the last 6years by campaigners within the disability movement.  Campaigners have tried many times to have their voices heard,  out on the streets and on social media they have taken direct action and shouted from the rooftops, some have been threatened  to have websites taken down because they tried to highlight what is happening to disabled people across UK  and globally around the world. Our rights are being denied and subsequently crushed little by little. With the Brexit vote opening the door to remove the last bastion of decency ‘The Human Rights Act’, leaving us all at the mercy of what can only be called a dictatorship of government, with no redress.


One of the leading researchers in highlighting these issues Mo Stewart has produced many reports which highlight the overwhelming evidence of the dismantling of the welfare state as many of us grew up with and relied on when times got tough,which is going to be denied to those who follow behind us, many unaware that a vital safety net is being removed at an alarming rate. Mo is soon to publish her book which has taken her the  best part of 8 years work. Below are tables and links  to this research which will no doubt be denied/cast aside by a uncaring Government.


WCA Deaths






Table 3:1 Source: DWP report: Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients 2011 p6


DWP: Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients: published 9th July 2012  p6

WCA Deaths 2













Table 7:2 Source:DWP Mortality Statistics Dec 2011 – Feb 2014 157 p5


DWP mortality statistics: ESA, IB or severe disabled allowance, released August 2015 p5:

WCA Deaths 3







Table 7:3 Source: Combined DWP mortality totals, created by MS

                           *DWP: Published July 2012: Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients 160 p6

                          **DWP:Published August 2015:Mortality Statistics: ESA, IB and SDA 157 p


The only ones not shocked by this are the Campaigners themselves, who have lost friends and loved ones, while Joe Public is left in the dark  completely oblivious to the harm caused to disabled people by a government some elected to carry out these atrocities in the name of Welfare Reform. Brainwashing the public into benefit bashing, and turning worker against those who cannot work. This abhorrent  assessment is literally killing people. In the 6th richest country and 21 century this should not be happening to the poorest in society ,it is the hopes from those in power  disabled people wont fight back but we do  often to raise awareness to what is happening to us all and that Joe Public will remain oblivious or ignorant of the truth. In recent months with stories  about disabled people’s rights being violated it has been buried in the media frenzy of political party fallout in both leading parties,whom have backed these reforms with a few exceptional MP’s who didn’t,or abstained. Disabled people do have friends in Parliament who have stood up for us,joined us and given us a voice. It is however not loud enough if most of the public either agree or have not a clue that this is happening. Demand for support of welfare advice agencies being swamped with requests for help as this pernicious flawed  and dangerous policy is enacted by Government Contractors.


The Government has since said it will no longer keep statistics as they try to hide what this policy has done to many, some of whom are no longer with us. They deserve Justice and society should call for this vile policy to be scrapped forthwith and go back to the drawing board. Disabled people are not adverse to be subjected to assessments of their entitlement,but the way this has been carried out is nothing short of inhumanity.



Courtesy of:  ‘CASH NOT CARE ~ the planned demolition of the UK welfare state’

by Mo Stewart

New Generation Publishing, to be published Sept 2016

ISBN: 978-1-78507-783-8 [paperback]






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  1. aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado


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    The truth about the massive death toll caused directly by the uk government taking welfare away.


  3. Thank you.


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  5. I personaly knew 6 young people who died after either being declared fit for work or reduced to lowest rate PIP benefit.

    I have just had my disability level, im bedbound from several Chronic illnesses, downgraded from needing highest rates to lowest rates overnight, which means I have also lost the ability to upgrade my very old, not properly fit for purpose, wheelchair. I was extremely unlucky to have an assessor who lied through his teeth, even claiming that we had grab rails and a shower seat in our bathroom. We have neither! He also claimed I can walk 50 metres repeatedly without issue when my own doctor told them via letter that I can only walk a few steps to transfer from my wheelchair. He claimed he did a leg examination when in fact he did my arms and back and then said “are your legs kind of the same?” To which I answered “no not really”. He ignored this entirely and went back to his computer yet he has detailed statistics on what my legs are apparently capable of! Its beggers belief! It goes on and on like this.

    I have severe chronic fatigue, meaning im more than 70% bedbound, severe chronic obstructive sleep apnoea that tests showed I was waking more than 34.7 times an hour and after enduring 5 bouts of non-viral meningitis and 1 of encephalitis due to a rare genetic condition my cognitive abilitues have been effected. Whose wouldnt?
    Yet my friendly, trusty assessor states that I ” dont ‘look’ tired” and “seems to have ‘adequate’ concentration” so they have completely dismissed one of my biggest problems that I struggle with. He didnt even list that im diagnosed with Severe Chronic Fatigue.

    Naturaly im taking it to independant tribunal. If nothing else im doing it for all those I knew who died, who were screwed over by the system.

    If you are due your PIP assessment be prepared for anything, take as much evidence with you as you can, record the appointment and dont be bowled over by the assessor cross questioning you, which they do!

    With love to all those out there whose lives were taken by this cruel and unjust system!

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  9. Sharon said:

    I have tried twice now for pip and twice I have been turned down .I don’t get any money at all as I don’t no what to claim for I feel terrible as my partner works he doesn’t make a lot of money we pay the bills and get some groceries I do without things so he can get as I don’t have money to help


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