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Armageddon Is Coming So You Need To Act Now!


I have pondered on this for months now, but I cannot think of a more poignant time to get on my crippled knees and beg every voter to do the right thing for the sake of everyone in society not just the privileged few, but more importantly for future generations to come, who will either die or live in squalor. We are on the precipice of a historic moment as many of us prepare to go to the polls for Local and General Elections. Since Thatcher decided to change the course of society, the working man & woman have continued to suffer, we  have had brief moments of light through broken windows of opportunity and a few small victories,but the last three decades have seen Thatcher’s plans come to fruition damaging the very fabric of society where extreme wealth is the sole objective, and the working classes & immigrants blamed for everything that was wrong in society,when they didn’t cause it in the first place, our masters did.

It was the scheming wealthy individuals who rule us ,that lied, cheated their way into powerful positions to rule over the masses infinitum, and none more than those who rely on state assistance for basics to survive in the last 7 years, disabled people have been at the forefront fighting against the brutal machinery that has seen their lives destroyed with welfare reforms and care services removed leaving them alone and frightened with many believing the only way to escape the pain & distress is to commit suicide or their health has taken a turn for the worse or starved to death while the world carries on without even noticing their demise.

We live in a uncaring world where human life is no longer valued. We are on the brink of leaving the EU with Brexit, where those on Social Security are seen as having less worth than the dog on the street, and subjected to the most disgusting vilification of  sections in society not seen since 1930’s Germany, and the jewel in the crown our NHS is sold off to the highest bidder with the fattest wallet.We have the world powers selling arms faster than McDonald’s sell burgers and trying to lead us into wars that will lead to the total destruction of humanity with nuclear bombs. If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you then you are living in a parallel world.

Reject the individualism that has spread like a cancer in society, think not just of self, but as a collective of human beings ,and inject some care and compassion back into society for the betterment of all. I believe still that most people in society do care, but many are not aware of the suffering caused because the media denies them the information, which is why ‘I Daniel Blake’ was such a poignant breakthrough because it gave us a voice, that thus far has been silenced through ignorance of the facts. If the Tories get back in after the election the catastrophe that will unfold on us all will set us back centuries, back to victorian times of  the film Oliver, which will make  ‘I Daniel Blake ‘ look like a satire

We have children going to school hungry,and tired , public services stripped to the bone, charities starved of funds to prevent help and support , social care almost non-existent. zero hours contracts are rife  and food banks becoming the norm and the elderly’s most basic needs neglected and the young are forgotten altogether. Long term I cannot state the huge costly implications of these measures for every one of us. We are lining up more homelessness, more absolute poverty, and poorly educated children,elderly people dying in their thousands along with disabled people, and a healthcare system that is broken will be of catastrophic proportions as the only winners will be the wealthy,funeral directors,and insurance companies who will profit from your miserable existence,while selling you insurance policies for almost everything, if you are lucky to survive in the first place. We are seeing that anything and everything is being sold off for profit, if it isn’t nailed down this government will sell off the family silver and more just because you allowed it to happen.

Our political system is broken and corrupt but unless we return a  working class government to power we are doomed to a life of absolute misery, and are condemning future generations who do not have the skill set to survive such traumatic times. We face more cuts which will make the journey so far feel like a walk in the park in comparison

History repeats itself ,thats for sure, but unless we ‘really’ learn lessons quickly we are about to make the biggest mistake in history. If we really do want change then it is up to each and everyone of us to stop and think when we go to the polling stations in the coming weeks, to give our children and future generations that we have made the ultimate sacrifices to ensure they have a future, which is completely radical from the past mistakes. If we do not, then we are flawed human beings who probably need some serious  Gestalt therapy, even animals learn from this whereas humans don’t seem capable of self sacrifice to help the collective and secure the survival of human race.


For those who think the present administration is doing a good job, just stop and think about the bigger picture, not just you & yours, and the world will thank you for making the hard personal sacrifices needed to change the world ,which will be your legacy to humanity of which generations to come will admire you for. We each have a personal responsibility to get out there and ensure we get the change we need.

Lets vote for radical change, that’s the real revolution!


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