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Universal Support-Universal Credit



Universal Support is part of Health & Work Programme contained in the government’s Green Paper and Universal Credit. So here is the outline of what that entails . These pernicious and dangerous decisions could potentially cause considerable harm to some very fragile people all done with subtle questions which on surface appear harmless. This will be done via HWC (Health & Work Conversation) and Claimant Commitment.

Universal Support
This part of Universal Credit is intended to be well-meaning but it also is potentially intimidating for claimants.  Work Coaches need to identify those with need for extra support such as ;

• Mental health issues
• Learning difficulties
• Drug or alcohol addiction
• Homelessness
• English language limitations
• Literacy difficulties
• Prisoners & Detainees
• 16 and 17 year olds
• Non EEA – including refugees
• Physical disabilities
• Working abroad
• Domestic violence victims
• Sensory disabilities
• Severely indebted

• Over 18 care leavers
• Gambling addiction
• MAPPA claimants
• Numeracy difficulties
• Supported by the Troubled Families programme
• Rural isolation

then refer them to the appropriate service which will help them move to be independent from the state and managing their money till the next payment, and move closer to the job market through government holistic support.
78% claimants according to the government survey are familiar with online claims. Those who are not, will be supported to digital services, learning, but for those where that isn’t possible there will still be a service available. This appears to make it part of conditionality process when they have the health and work conversation which is mandatory when the claimant signs their claimant commitment. This is the ‘Nanny State’ in action and must contravene the Human Rights Act as well as possibly the Equality Act. This is using coercion which will dictate income and sanctions on a claimant’s behaviour to nudge them in the direction the government sees fit. This removes choice and is deeply concerning.


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