What will it take for the people of the UK to wake the hell up? There is hell of a difference in a british stiff upper lip to standing idly by, and getting shafted right up the rear end. The Government openly shows it contempt for the people time and time again and all you do is shrug your shoulders and walk on by those less fortunate, and blame them for the countries ills. Today Budget is for the wealthy yet again while most of the population is crawling on its knees to survive. Angry doesn’t come close and you should be angry too.

Without workers ,nurses and doctors,teachers,emergency services and many other professions this country would not be able to operate, the machinery would stop, yet you all seem content with having your faces rubbed into the mud, or your palms crossed with silver  while the wealthy fleece you and take the clothes off your back and food out your child’s mouth or for some bizarre reason think you are part of a class you are not. You work, your Working Class! 

Globally we are a laughing stock  and productivity is low while this shower of traitorous fools laugh in your faces while asset stripping our country. You want to take your country back well get off your high horses and do something about it, stop ignoring the reality. We are not a poor country and these ideological policies are designed to make the poorest pay for a crisis they created by their constant mismanagement  for decades and the constant crises would have removed any other Government from power forthwith, so who is pulling the strings besides the obvious global barons and media corps?

Now they want to invest in technologies that make you redundant and driverless cars, while not investing in solar power  and address the climate changes that are killing us all, including the animals we share it with.

We have families surviving on food banks , diseases long gone returning,malnutrition a potential public health timebomb building,rising numbers of homeless people on our streets , disabled people denied their rights and a basic income, our elderly freezing to death or being cruelly beaten in care homes  and suicide rates escalating around the globe and worst of all a total disregard for human life unless you are productive  and this is progress .What fucking planet are you on?


This social engineering project needs to stop!  It is time to remove this Government from power before it is too late for the many,not the few.


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  1. Helen Pickford said:

    Yes I’m asking the same thing , when will people wake up ???


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  3. Florence said:

    Perhaps the 12% lead Labour have, shown by private Tory polls, as opposed to the 2% in the public polling is reporting, is that sign? We are now so unequal, and peoples’ experience so different between the favoured and the “undeserving poor” created by eviscerating the welfare state, there will always be some who will try to protect the status quo. But as inequality now has to draw in more and more victims to keep the flow of wealth upwards, we can expect the balance to flow in favour of Labour. It won’t be long before the worm turns.


  4. I don’t think anything would make the majority rise up.They’re not interested in politics,think it doesn’t affect them and feel they can’t change things anyway.The main stream media collude with the establishment to present this rosy picture that bears no relation to the truth nor to most people’s personal experiences but they still accept it as fact.Tens of thousands dead,the constant harassment endured by the disabled and unemployed,the rise in homelessness,zero hours contracts,workfare,sanctions,the run down and sell off of the nhs,the disaster of universal credit ,scandal after scandal etc.etc .Any one of these should have people on the streets demanding change and yet all we get is apathy.


  5. I am beginning to think that the British people must be some kind of sado-masochists. I share your incredulity and anger at the complacency of the elite in this country who take for granted their inalienable (and this is how it appears at this moment) to asset strip the country whilst literally laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwjile the population, or a large proportion of it, happily watches strictly on the telly and posts what they have eaten fornrinnerbon facebook, because we don’t do revolution in this fountry do we bro! Well we do, we have done, and we need to do again. Cruella and mates will not go quietly, she paid too much to cling to,power, so If you want a LIFE worth living get off your a###s and do something. Stop blaming your less fortunate neighbour and start fighting the ones who are destroying not only your lives but the futures of your children. Never forget WE ARE MANY BUT THEY ARE FEW.

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  6. kevin lee said:

    Hi get the message to every union in the land to down tools and have a general strike forget the we’re British stiff upper lip shite grow some balls and bring this country to it’s knees Stop all buses trains taxi’s vans lorries couriers and block every street in and around central London never give in to these Tory bastard’s All Out

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  8. I’m a bit too old to be out chucking petrol bombs but I’m surprised there haven’t been more Riots yet. If they tried this shit in France they would Riot, the Jobcentres would be ransacked. Tories need to GO!

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  9. mili68 said:

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