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Are You Fit For Work-Employer Presentation Coming to the Workplace Near You!


The Government mantra of ‘work always pays’ or ‘work as a healthy outcome’ are two this Governments favourite phrases yet with the roll out of Universal Credit and the Health and Work Programme Combo many in work are now set in the governments sights. If you are on low income or zero hours contracts or just need a helping hand  form top up benefits cos you doing exactly what the government wants to get a job then here is your kick in teeth.  The sheer audacity of the ramped up roll out  will affect everyone. Many of the public believe that this benefit only affects those out of work,guess what it doesn’t. You can now be made to go back to work earlier than you ‘actually need’ all because of cuts to benefit top up or you simply cannot manage on what you have coming into the household to cover the basics of survival.




They even have other materials to hand to make sure they all dance to the governments tune





So considerate are they they actually tell employers what to tweet



Not content with that they also plan to make you pay for insurance  for those on contributory benefits, just when you breathed that sigh of relief that you were not included for working your ass off all hours godsend just for doing the right thing




So once you  you have watched this video explaining how to get employers to exploit you, you will be happy bunnies NOT!   It is time to say enough is enough the working classes have always been taken for granted but without us they wont make profit and you will be free of your chains. Yes I would like a general strike to be called from powers that be ,but I know that wont happen because people are so bloody grateful to have a job to feed their families.but while we accept the crumbs of the table, eventually even those will stop coming.


“Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number-
Shake your chains to earth like
Which in sleep had fallen on you
Ye are many-they are few.”





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