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DWP Dirty Tricks










Are the DWP up to Dirty Tactics again?

I’m not a great believer in conspiracy theories generally, but we have exposed them before playing dirty tricks to deny claimants their entitlement and we have a government department who has gone rogue with corrupt practices so instructions must have come from the top and filtered through to managers to instruct staff on procedures, or is it that the staff think they are administering Social Security Payments as if it was coming out their own pockets filled with prejudices instilled in them by the wild claims that people are fiddling the system and must be stopped at all costs? Given the recent damning report By UN Rapporteur Phillip Alston the Government are not happy bunnies.

I have heard numerous stories the last few months ,where people are being denied their claims only to win on appeal, with catastrophic consequences for claimants. Leaving them at risk of Debt, Homelessness,  Housebound, and tales of the Disastrous Universal Credit Project leaving many unable to pay their way and heading to food banks in their droves, and worst still some having their children removed because they are deemed unable to meet the child’s basic needs due to sanctions or income removal and leading to death in some cases.


I am now finding myself in the same position after many years claiming ESA and PIP find myself looking into the abyss. Many Claimants are now in process of being transferred to PIP from DLA or ESA to UC.

I had my letter informing me that I was now subject to a DLA/ PIP transfer so dutifully I rang and started the process and was sent a PIP form to complete which had to be completed by a set date I wasn’t too concerned with my medical problems.

I was diagnosed with a rare type of angina (Prinzmetals ) earlier in 2004 which was also causing me massive problems when a neighbour found me in the garden on the floor amongst washing I had planned to put on washing line. I am in and out hospital like a blue ass fly due to attacks ever since. I have been half blind since 2008 after Cataracts came on very suddenly after major abdominal surgery later in 2004 and other 4 subsequent major surgeries and recurrent sepsis to rectify my first surgery botch job which almost cost me my life more than once. This left me chronically disabled. In 2005 I had my first TIA ( Transcient Cerebal Isachemia) so you know this is serious shit, and I have had others since. I was diagnosed with Congenital Bilateral Hip Dysplasia in 2014 after years of complaining about hip pain which was impacting on my walking ability. I have a list other medical issues on top of all this which  are sensitive that I don’t want the whole world to bloody know about. Against all the odds I’m still here fighting my corner and being a pain in the governments arse.

So I can hear you all yelling get to the fucking point!


In September 2018 I suffered a Retinal Eye Tear which thanks to the quick thinking of my Opthalmologist was sent for emergency surgery the same day  to save my good eye which had been fixed in 2008 with a new lens and becoming temporarily totally blind it was a bit of a shock I can tell you. Anyway in October I had my assessment  and this ATOS assessor (Nurse) was obsessed with my ability to still legally be able to drive and I challenged her thinking during the assessment. Yes It is legal to drive with one eye if you pass the visual tests to DVLA standards . I hadn’t been driving of late much as I broke my wrist in Feb and was in plaster for 6 weeks and the retinal tear also held life back a bit and had to get friends and neighbours to ferry me to my eye appointments. I requested a copy of the assessors report 3 times during October and I didn’t trust this assessor one inch, call it gut feeling.

Lo and behold I get a compliance interview after someone reported me maliciously about my mobility issues, which was dismissed and not first time this has happened and immediately I felt it was likely to be this assessor this time because I had challenged her, not that I can prove it as they can accuse you of anything and you have no right to know who and defend yourself against these malicious lies. Then suddenly by some miracle after numerous attempts to obtain my report it lands on the mat.  Well as I read through it I began to feel absolute rage that it was full of inaccuracies and assumptions based on the unqualified assessors own prejudices .

When I emailed them for all info they hold I received a message left on phone saying anything over 6 years is destroyed. My award was for 10 years – call me a cynical old swine but this is bullshit!

Naturally I will fight this all the way however the consequences of the report are far ranging, it will likely result in No Award being made for either mobility and care although that’s still pending the decision notice has not arrived yet. It will mean a huge drop in income and removal of my only means of getting out my mobility car,and paying others for the things I cant do myself, but it could also affect my ESA award with removal of SDP and disability premiums which will be another significant loss of income and most likely lead to a review of my Support group status on ESA.

If this happens that could trigger a new assessment (likely)and change of circumstances and removal of Transitional Protections moving me onto Universal Credit which has just gone full service in my area while I try to fight these bastards , plunging me into debt and destitution and unable to pay my way or eat.


So my question is this a deliberate way to target claimants to remove Transitional Protections and SDP so they pay out less long term and shift as many as possible onto UC?  There certainly something fishy about this given I’m a leading activist for last 10yrs I don’t believe this was coincidence? If you have been affected same way recently or by other deceptive means by DWP or their providers get in touch  send me message and your Identity will not be revealed lets collate our evidence.






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