By Blueannoyed and Paula Peters


Spelling it out in the only way possible it seems the many have not grasped the nettle that the Welfare State is on end of life care.

Many of my followers and fellow campaigners have been screaming into a echo chamber for the last decade as people went about their busy lives the best they can. Disabled people in particular have been aware more than most, to the agenda of successive governments since 1982 pushing the neoliberal policies that was about to launch a deadly attack on the most precious thing that made our country great after WW2.

The socialist values united a country that saw war and destruction every where they looked, we were skint , but the country got behind Nye Bevan plans to transform Britain into a major powerhouse on a world stage. it gave the many free healthcare and a financial safety net should they be found unemployed or poor or sick. As a country we prospered from building social housing so families had a place to call their own , rather than room shares etc which were breeding grounds for disease with decent sanitation etc  lots of things that used to kill  could now be tackled including the huge gaps of inequality which lead to all this in first place. Don’t think for one minute we did not have a welfare state prior to this from the various stages of the Victorian era we did, but even that was minimal and only for the deserving poor and protectionism so the elite wouldn’t catch something deadly like TB, Smallpox,  Polio,Rickets.

For decades many working class families benefited hugely from this amazing project described as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ envied around the world.

Step forward a few decades to Thatcher and her free market agenda and ‘no such thing as society’ -‘Individualism’ agenda and that’s where the rot started. The Tories have always hated the poor and seen them as feckless,  lazy good for nothings living off their backs, when the truth is the have exploited our hard Labour for centuries. The rich have always exploited the working class poor, we have filled their pockets from day one only now they fill the private sector mouths with gold to keep them silent.

Now we have Psychological Tyranny inflicted by a Government who sole aim is to remove the Welfare State from everyone who needs it, and a media that pushes the Government Propaganda Machine to convince the working class to hate each other or blame other sections of society so they don’t have to take any personal responsibility for their policies or actions.

They should all be in prison for Crimes against Humanity starting with Mansell Aylward & Gordon Waddell, Lord Freud,Iain Duncan Smith,Frank Field and the many capitalist profiteers  like ATOS,Unum Insurance,Capita,Maximus,G4S who know fine well that the state is killing people and who fail to act to prevent it from happening yet are happy to take contracts funded by blood money.

Link below Malingering and Illness  and Deception

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