Well this blogger found out information that is important, but will make sure that those reading this blog can understand it, in a format that is in plain English.

Please Do Not Panic , learn and understand it.

Since welfare reforms under the Tories came to being, it has been punitive and with catastrophic consequences in some cases. However understanding and education has always been part of the disability movement to empower those affected.

Universal Credit Managed migration is now underway and some small areas are being test beds so the DWP learn what works and what doesn’t before rolling it out Nationally. Understandably there is a lot of fear in the disabled communities re- managed migration and I hope that I can take some of the fear away but explaining what will happen and how this process will work. Knowledge is power to disabled people if we let it be, instead of running around like headless chickens in fear of the processes. The image below shows the phases of the process as we now enter Phase 3 in spring 2023 before full rollout in winter.

What did disturb me, although I’m sure they already do this is the fact they are monitoring claimants journeys for ‘evaluation’ purposes however they also track claimants via their phones .

We will monitor each individual from the point at which we ask them
to Move to UC to the point where they make a UC claim. We will track
that claim and ensure that payment is timely and accurate, that
transitional protection is applied accurately.

People needs fluctuate along the claimant journey and DWP claim the want to be ‘responsive’ to changes

In-depth interviews, tracking claimant interactions using Smartphone
Apps and larger scale surveys will be undertaken with a variety of
claimant groups in order to capture the full range of experience

Interviews will be undertaken with a wide range of claimants at all points
in the journey from their current benefit and onto UC. Interviews with
claimants will be prioritised around issues of policy and delivery interest
and concern, such as those with health conditions, lone parents, carers
and those with complex needs.
This research will aim to ensure that the Move to UC communications
that have been used reached the claimant, the language was clear and
fully understood and the claimant knew exactly what was required of
them to make a UC claim.
We will explore claimant responses to those communications, both in
terms of the timeliness of their response to the instructions. We will draw
upon any learning as quickly as possible to address any emergent
concerns and make the claimant journey as smooth and stress free as we

That little word ‘Research’ popped up again too which is not peer reviewed research by others outside of the dept. The App used according to this information is called ‘App Life’ a Russian based company which I plan to deep dive into. (Lets not forget the Russian connection and its implications mind,given we sanctioned the country and it political connotations) This gaming software company will need to be looked into.

In-house research and analysis will be used to support the evaluation
wherever this is feasible

Today I spotted on Social Media, is announcement from Maximus that the Remploy brand name is being dropped and will be known as Maximus. Many of you will remember it being closed and dismantled. I said at the time when Maximus bought these places they would be used to set up ‘specialised employment support opportunities’ getting disabled people working. I happen to think I am correct in my assumptions, while others will disagree. Large chunks of cash being thrown at Access to Work funding will enable the DWP under the guise of the Work and Health Program aka Health Transformation to shove disabled people with severely complex needs into work under the UC punitive regime of Claimant Commitment process. So Remploy factories under the name Maximus as a rebranding exercise, no doubt passed off as training courses. Time will prove me right or wrong.

Meanwhile see my previous blog https://blueannoyed.wordpress.com/2022/04/01/dwps-sleight-of-hand-managed-migration/

I have posted many blogs on the UC implementation but people really have to read stuff to enable themselves have some degree of control with this Government, panicking isn’t going to help, but reading and learning may help your protect yourself from some of the pitfalls and protect your income, what little it is.


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