Are they the most Reviled Government Ever?

Well word on the street say’s they are!

This Government has without doubt actioned the most heinous cuts on its poorest for centuries, and they have hardly begun. The Rich 1% are filled with disdain towards it perceived poorest in society, while they rape and pillage our country not seen since the Vikings landed,and avoid their own responsibilities to Taxes and Justice with Impunity. Since well before 2004 this hideous plan of action has been sitting in the Archives of Democracy,waiting for a dictator to arrive to implement them. In 2010 they arrived in the form of the coalition Condem Government.They looked at a blueprint many feel is comparable to the horrors of the 1940’s in Germany, and gave it the go ahead, in the form of Welfare Reforms. The country already into a recession thanks to banking industry failure to act on their bad debt they bought,saw the Golden Cash Cow called the British Public,and thought that’s ok they can pay for it!

They knew fine well that Middle England wouldn’t buy the deal so they chose to target the most vulnerable in society, those with less than most,namely the reforming of the Benefit System, whom many in main three political parties feel is a drain on taxpayers and began the drip, drip, drip of the well-known phrase ‘Benefit Scrounger’, ‘Fraudster’. First they started with the Travellers,followed by,Immigrants, Lone parents knocking out babies to get the council home myth ,followed by the Job seekers (‘Workshy’),then launched into Sick and Disabled’Fakers’ with no doubt Pensioners will follow as the ‘live too long’ . With the help of the Media they launched scathing attack after attack until those hard-working middle Englander’s bought the hypnotic words into their psyche and joined the 1% in sticking the boot into the less fortunate,although we all know this rhetoric was going on long before they took office.

With a divided nation of the deserving and the undeserving in place half the job was done, what they didn’t realise was many astute campaigners from all walks of life were preparing to fight back. Boy did this government get a shock when Sue Marsh,Kaliya Franklin who formed the Spartacus Campaign on social network sites such as Facebook,Twitter,and came up with a document called ‘Responsible Reform’ produced by disabled people for disabled people. It gained momentous support and launched the fight back through parliament with many small victories in the House of Lords after a Twitter storm helped also by Baroness Tanni Thompson and Baroness Meacher amongst others.

Week after week campaigners fought vehemently to stop this with various different things such as demonstrations and petitions and lobbying Mp’s. The Government so threatened by this onslaught wheeled out the Magna Carta to use a old law of financial priveledge which they used to overturn everything campaigners had fought so hard for. Well this battle rages on via wonderful campaign groups such as Spartacus,Black Traingle,Dpac ,SWU, and many many more all doing their bit with what little energies they have between them, with a huge membership of followers who are bearing the brunt of it all.

Many People have lost their incomes through heavily weighted assessments in the favour of the government cuts to remove as many as possible ,people lost their jobs and homes & businesses through the lack of growth to tackle the economy, and many have lost their lives in the fight to get a fair and just deal. A compassionate society, and most of all one which values democracy they preach to everyone around the globe, Britain was a just and fair place which we are known for until now. They keep readjusting the assessment criteria when their plans dont give them enough of YOUR cash,yes that’s YOU the working,the disabled (after all many did before becoming ill),the jobseekers,(who worked prior to being assaulted by jsa regime and recession),not forgetting all the remploy workers who now find they have no jobs or adapted workplaces,and our nurses and dr’s who are being sold off to the greedest highest bidder,and Hate Crime has risen to 65,000 in 2yrs.

The rich and powerful 1% have never been so rich and this is shown in many statistics around the world, their wealth has doubled yes doubled,while their people suffer and while Britain isn’t as bad as Spain,Greece etc yet, we soon will be. This is a global phenomenon,not just the UK

Many now face further cuts with the governments Localism Bill aka ‘Bedroom Tax’ blaming the poor again for lack of housing which (incidently his predecessor Thatcher sold off council houses again to make cash) ,has left us with a large housing crisis of not enough homes for those who need them. Story after story shows a immigrant family in the Big Smoke(London) in well off areas to fuel hatred towards those claiming help,when the reality is many large houses in London charge extortionate rents,or are owned by these familes who have fallen on hard times through losing a job. Social Cleansing of the poor out of london to other counties in UK who are already in poverty,with high unemployment etc will without doubt create ghettos for the poor. Those who survive this will be left without homes,food,healthcare, and disease will be rife as those who have the biggest slice of the pie, feed their greedy faces,pockets with all your hard earned spoils, and of course while they also dont have you on their doorsteps making the place look untidy. Stay at home with mom and dad they yell to our young,while denying them the opportunity to explore their world on their own, your home is too big , downsize they say or we will take a bit more cash off you for daring to live in a place that is suitable and adapted in some cases,why should you live in decent home.

Next they plan to take away your human rights by abolishing the European Conmmision and ECHR ,and scrap the minumum wage so you will work longer and have no say,with the UK Bill Of Rights .

This my Freinds is time to take notice and fight back like never before,some of you reading this will remember the Poll Tax riots of the 80’s well this is a worse threat to you than that. Your world and your childrens/grandchildrens future is at stake and it’s time to act to stop this in whatever way you can!

Comments on: "Are they the most Reviled Government Ever?" (5)

  1. Fabulous post, can say no more other than I’m with you all the way, Thanks x


  2. Paul Lowne said:

    Govt huh! Bunch of Bullingdon two faced lying hypocrites. Could not agree more with your analysis of current policies and reasons for attacking poor to protect the aristocracy and petit bourgeoise. Paul


  3. The Tories and Liberals (now called Lib Dems) are doing what they did from the mid 1800s with the Workhouse and the New Poor Law, that made it a crime to feed the starving left penniless on the street.

    Labour began this as far back as 2005 with welfare reform, bringing in Atos and inventing the Bedroom Tax. Labour just supported the welfare benefit cap. Labour, including Ed Balls, did not vote enough against the Bedroom Tax, so the vote was lost by just 26 votes, when 47 Labour did not bother to come and vote against it.

    All the current political class believe in Austerity and Welfare and Pension Reform.

    A Pension reform that will leave an 80 year without as new claimant a small pension, with the end of Pension Credit and SERPs and S2P.
    See if you lose most or all of your state pension:


  4. I’m just longing for the dam of anger to burst all over the country and put these vile neo-nazis of a government where they belong


  5. Diesel Cummins said:

    The closest we’ve ever been to being a Fascist state, these Nazis even make Fatcher (sic) look almost an humanitarian, only things missing are the death camps and the gas chambers!


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