Bash the Campaigners!

You are being lied to by your government  is the battlecry because the general public are being smokescreened from what is really behind the campaigner of 2012.

In recent press releases campaigners are being subject to  childish behaviour by our goverment because they are not happy about not getting a free reign to do what they like when they like without campaingers throwing spanners in the works and exposing the untruths being fed to the UK population. MP Chris Grayling,IDS,George Eustace to name a few amonst the tory fold. it seems we have become the new bloodsport to give the fox a break. This week the usual culprits  have bashed  the campaigner free gratis with such silly remarks in the following links

Many Campaigners Are from all walks of life and various political persuasions, ordinary people are appalled and disgusted by the Austerity being forced upon the Jobless and Sick And Disabled who have become the whipping boy for such rhetoric  bordering on libellous remarks because we dared to speak out against such measures,such as name calling, and making veiled threats that those campaigning should ‘mind what they say’ as they are undermining the workfare scheme, whilst our government can say what  they want.A falsifying of reports by ATOS the company associated with doing the medicals , but the carte blanche of finding people fit for work who are not on appeal.

Now also highlighted this week has been the A4E tsar Emma Harrison who quit after it been under investigation for alleged  fraud .

Campaigners have been active over the Workfare Schemes, and rightly too 2.6 million and rising out of work and no real jobs for those on JSA let alone all those being forced onto it from the sick and disabled community. we are told it good for us, well if you count being paid for a good days work I would concede that point, but time after time we hear stories like the Poundland student Cait Reilly etc being forced to work for nothing with no ‘real’ job at the end. Is this just a revamped YTS from the 80’s of course it is. this one though also is mandatory even though the goverment deny it. Following excerpt taken from pdf below;

Jobcentre Plus advisers will also have access to new tools for helping customers into work. For JSA customers, where advisers believe a jobseeker will benefit from experiencing the habits and routines of working life they will have the power to refer the recipient to 4 week mandatory work .

What makes me smile is in the name of this Workfare ‘Scheme’ and like flies many of these contractors are pulling out after being alerted to such concerns Tesco,Waterstones,Maplin,Sainsbury,Burger King, yet some still remain although say they are looking at the concerns raised  and have gone back to goverment . Now we see the likes of Mc Donalds being hit not only by protesters, where stores were closed and police called but also with a scandal where they confess to not ever employing anyone out of all those who passed through when accepting goverment money to get people trained  to work;

What a Debacle I hear you cry and yes it is waste of taxpayers money, which those being fed the  Scrounger debate are scurrying working their little asses off for Goverment to waste as they wish . Now that is what you should be screaming from the rooftops about, mismanged money by bankers, the avoidance of those corporate businesses not paying their taxes which amount to millions of taxpayers money, Goverment ministers on boards of the Insurance companies like UNUM who have been banned in US and yet allowed to sell Income Protection Insurance to those in UK  while still linked to ATOS,to my mind that conflict of interest on many levels. So they employ a company to deny benefit so their other allies  sell you insurance, seems like win-win situation. Why would you need such Insurance=they are selling off the NHS so how else are you going to afford to pay for medical care in such a profitable market as private healthcare, thats besides pay your everyday bills.

We see day after day reports of the fraud supposedly committed, lord above we even have dedicated programmes such as Saints and Sinners, Benefit Scroungers while the press run amok with reports of such people calling them workshy, chavs etc yet while no one should condone such actions of falsely claiming what you’re not entitled too, this only feed and fuels unrest between the working and middle classes while the rich and elite roll around floor with laughter at their divide& rule tactics, which sadly many sheep believe it . Yet they do not publish their own mistakes. They have to be found out like the Major ‘F**** UP’ of possibly 79million overpayments by DWP which have been attributed to benefit cheats, cheating the system to the electorate, I would laugh if it wasnt so bloody serious! see link below for full story.–31m-overpaid-benefits-ll-back.html#ixzz1nVB9YuhI

Then we come to Andrew Lansley calling Campaigners all and sundry and attacking anyone who dares oppose his plans such as the wonderful Polly Toynbee. see link

So now has come the time to say Stop this isn’t correct and provide you with the evidence we have gathered so far via links to press stories and the like. We are also trying to save the NHS from this elitist government with the’ drop the bill’ which has achieved the e-petition goal of over 100,000 signatures.

We have been deliberately silenced by the media and government over welfare reform in particular so we took help from where we could get it  via social networking and Twitter to get the word out about the train crash waiting to happen including the |Nations favorite and probably the Goverments Achilles Heel our beloved NHS.

The only people destroying things here that I can see and for most part abusing the system are those who are controlling it!

Well finally I come to this conclusion

Yes the press and media blackout was something else after all they didn’t want the general public to know the truth just fuel the hatred to those who are unemployed and too sick to work. They added both groups and stirred the pot so sick &disabled people were also labelled workshy, lazy, scroungers to gain public support. The rise in crime against the sick and disabled has risen by over 40% in last few months and also brushed under the carpet are the unprecedented deaths (31 last counts) lost due to those who decided taking their own lives were the only option from their new found misery. Who was it that said they wanted to get people to take responsibility, yes this government, so step up to the plate and take responsibility for these deaths too and a sincere apology will do for starters for all those who have died and to all campaigners who are in a desperate place not knowing how they will survive the Austerity measures being forced into place.The right wing press and media are being mislead to spread such malicious lies about people daily who are already on the bottom rung of the ladder which some have generously funded the present political party in power just to achieve their goals while making no adjustments themselves for ie; cutting high bankers bonuses in half, chasing tax evaders in big business, looking at their own pay considering 23 of 29 are millionaires in their own right.

Many are already falling into high debts, without the care they need, amongst many other things in what is morally wrong and bankrupt on many levels, if this is protecting UK citizens you could have fooled me. You made promises to protect the most needy=you failed, blamed the previous government for the mess we are in rather than those who are really to blame which are bankers and those at the top of the pecking order, so the taxpayer which includes all of us normal people at some level, working or otherwise to foot the bill you have accrued, whilst still borrowing more than the previous bunch which wont still get us out of the imaginary mire. The public are not as dumb as you think given the odd few million sheep here and there. We woke up and we aim to make sure the public get the truth even if it a case of you lose your already privileged positions which most people didn’t vote for.


Lastly lest not forget those who we know additionally have died besides the 31 we know about thanks to

5. & 6. Christelle Pardo and Kayjah Pardo and Kayjah Pardo
10. & 11. Mark and Helen and Helen Mullins
17. Appeal Too Late To Save

Comments on: "Bash the Campaigners!" (20)

  1. Steve said:

    I was lucky enough to be able to read this before you released it. Great blog and thanks for all of your help and support. People need to be made aware of the injustices that are being cause by this very injust Government. xx


  2. It seems that Cameron knew about the fraud accusations but still took on Emma Harrison.. Crony capitalism!


  3. magda said:

    really well put together
    thank you


  4. RE: “Lastly lest not forget those who we know additionally have died besides the 31 we know about thanks to

    I tried to access the link to be greeted with the following: Message Reads: “a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site”

    Designed to warn off or actual???


    • i dont know why it is doing so tbh as this is my first blog unless dlahelp site has been taken down for some reason or it content because the powers that be want to silence the stats


  5. Double Karma said:

    Link works fine for me


  6. Carol Edgington said:

    A very well thought through piece which I appaulled. We must fit this every way we can or we and future generations will suffer for ever. Right now I feel I’m living in a nightmare. I guess the jews did in 1930’s Germany. How soon people forget how those horrors started, drip,drip,drip the propoganda putting one against another just like the government are doing today. Divide and rule.


  7. Hi Gail!

    Very clear and well written. Thank you for everything you’re doing. Us Spartaci must stick together! KEEP FIGHTING!

    Lots of love,


  8. Great blog, Gail – you’re a tireless campaigner


  9. Your mode of describing everything in this piece of writing is truly fastidious, all can easily understand it, Thanks a lot.


  10. Great post, I’m getting sick of being labelled a militant left wing liberal elitist or whatever they are calling us now just because I disagree with the government’s policies.


  11. Great piece 🙂


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