Funded By the Taxpayer!



Well quelle surprise, I woke this morning to find all those getting free prescriptions will now be made to feel shame, guilt, and more demonization  by the present Tory government. They plan to place “Funded By Taxpayer” on all medicines from your chemist to cut waste! Well irony is most medications that are returned to chemists, due maybe a change in medication, dosage, are discarded and incinerated even when they haven’t been opened or are in blister packs, but hey that’s not counted as waste? Only the ones you take back will be classed as such, while they sell most profitable parts of our NHS which is on its arse  because their chums are skimming the cream of profits off the top. This government are such bloody hypocrites to put it mildly. So this infuriated me so much I thought I would make my own list.

What you the Taxpayer funds;

MP Wages/Expenses

Personal protection/police

Wages of employed family members

Office department running costs inc staff wages and perks

Second Homes & running costs

Second Home Furnishings

Chauffer driven cars

Fees for turning up to HOC/HOL

Subsidised Bar and Food

Taxis for taking their kids to school

Failed IT projects

Failed policies which have to be reversed

Bank & Company  Bailouts which they sell at a loss


This is just a few off the top of my head, and while I can understand we need to stop waste of any kind, to streamline and make cost effective the running of the country, no one is more wasteful than this government with fag packet policies that usually cost the taxpayer far more than they bargained for and that any claimant who happens to get free prescriptions or benefits will cost you. Why are you not up in arms and on the streets  yelling for all your worth at this wastage?

Why are we not asking the right questions as to how can they not be forced into being “transparent, honest and responsible” like the expect the rest of us to bear? Have they cut back ,have they hell this government has borrowed more money in its lifetime than any other government since WW2.

All on the back of the Austerity lies which Joe Public have swallowed hook, line, sinker because they are all just as  greedy and part of the problem in this country ,where only the fittest will survive at expense of those who are at the bottom rung of the ladder and especially those who have the misfortune of becoming ill. Never mind, they also have that covered with ATOS & Maximus who will find you fit for work even when your dying! Next we will have the poorest in society on the street because they cant afford housing once they have sold off what’s left of social housing, people will be dying in their millions as they are seen as burden, and the elderly knocked off via better care pathway and if you expect a pension on retirement like your parents and grandparents forget it, unless you have private insurance or pension you face nothing but squalor and your life expectancy will be cut short considerably, while they fill their pockets off the profits they make  and fill other corporate mouths with gold to participate in the worldwide biggest scam-Austerity, run by global fascists.

Hope you are happy funding this with your ‘hardworking’ dosh and find some ‘aspiration’ while working yourself into a early grave, leaving your loved ones behind to find nothing but destitution, no care & compassion in a heartless society who only think of  ‘self’ .

Here’s to the possibility of a workhouse of the future if you are extremely lucky, and at best a early death out of the misery and ill health caused by the parasitic leeches of the 1% living off the backs of the ‘hardworking people’.

Remember without you they have nothing! Time to Unite and to stand with your fellow man on the streets and say NOT IN MY NAME!








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  1. Great blog. People tend to think of ‘taxpayer’ as paying income tax. We all pay hidden and indirect taxes whether we are retired, or unable to work – VAT, Road Tax, fuel tax, stamp duty on a modest home over £125k, interest on savings if you are lucky to have any. Tax on alcohol, (the highest of all being £350 per 100 litres for sparkling wine. We all know where that is quaffed at the taxpayer’s expense). No mention of the individual tax avoiders or the corporations. I have had free prescriptions for over 20 years for a life threatening condition. It costs just £1 per month for the NHS to keep me alive, and for many of those years I paid income tax.

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