In the Ghetto- A look into the Future

Today the UK Government stooped to its lowest level so far with it vilest attack on the poorer in society with Tory MP Frances (The Weasel) Maude and other MP’s rallied behind him, and the ‘80% of the public’ suggestions of creating Ghetto’s for the poor and so-called ‘undeserving ‘people of our nation. No longer should people be able to afford to live in nice area’s at the Taxpayers expense they cry! Well I cry for those who are suffering in our country,while the Elite dont pay the Tax they should.

Policy Exchange – once described as the largest and most influential think tank on the right – said in a report that selling top homes when they become vacant would raise £4.5 billion a year.That’s enough to build up to 170,000 new social homes and at the same time provide building jobs, the think tank claimed.Housing Minister Grant Shapps said the ideas were “blindingly obvious” and that only “a perverse kind of left-wing dogma” was discouraging local authorities from implementing them state the press.

Well many of those poor,low paid,sick and disabled and elderly were taxpayers for many years,before they found themselves at the mercy of the worst government since the Dark Victorian Era of our past ,so it seems that counts for nothing. The Government were happy to take those Taxes and NI contributions year in year out only to be denied assistance when they need help the most,and many pay taxes in other ways like food,clothing etc,one called VAT we all pay,so does that mean all those people are Taxpayers of course it does,particularly the low paid!

The Welfare Reform was promised to look after those who are most vulnerable by David Cameron and the Coalition when they had taken office which I hasten to add,they have backtracked on most of his promises apart from crack down on the poorest in society while he and his cronies have raided the coffers of our country and allowed those at the top to avoid tax at every opportunity,while lording it up at his bash and while his people suffer extreme hardships that he and his kind will never experience in their lifetimes.

This Government has launched an all out assault on the poorest and less affluent.

The Localism Bill (The Bedroom Tax) is now being passed over to an already underfunded cut ridden Local Councils who will dish out Local Housing Allowance (LHA). In an ideal world one could argue nothing wrong with that,except the Government are passing the blame to Local Authorities when there isn’t enough to go around in the first place ,which they are fully aware of. Many people are already being told they will have to move out of their homes of many years because they are under occupied or live in expensive area’s like London and South East/West. Many area’s do not have enough 1 bed properties to house those already on their lists let alone all this reshuffling. Families earlier in year in London were told they could be shipped to Derbyshire or Stoke on Trent or elsewhere in UK where homes are cheaper, when these are some most deprives areas with high unemployment and poor housing stock with lists whom some have been waiting years locally. This is nothing more than Social Cleansing of our communities of the so-called undeserving by those who take the high moral stance of feeling they are more deserving than their neighbour across the road. Sickening is what this is, have we all become devoid of compassion and morality for our fellow-man to a place where the fittest survive?

Homelessness has risen 25% since this bunch got in power says a lot, Crime I’m sure has gone up in some area’s,and will continue if this trend continues along with no go area’s for the wealthy,with food banks opening at 3 a week to feed the hard up and parish damned of society as austerity on the poor and the middle classes bite deeper and deeper,while the 1% at the top deliver blow after blow to the rest of us. IDS

This became a issue in April last year when changes were made,but the new ‘Benefit Cap’ introduced in Welfare Reform Bill (WRB) is likely to make matters worse . Families will be split up just like Thatcher did in the 80’s,Many who move will, if fortunate to have a min wage job, be forced to give up work when they are forced to move to a place they can afford. Many think this affects Social Housing Tenants only…..WRONG. This will affect many on HB who rent off private landlords too,and those who get a little assistance because they are low waged.

People really need to wake up and realise that once this lot have sold off UK PLC to the highest bidder there will nothing left for future generations to come, except extreme hardship and resentment which could lead to Civil Unrest in our cities which will make the Riots of last year look like a fairy story.

For those who are worried please look at link below to see how this will affect you.

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  1. Please Join our Facebook page – You have blogged about the issues that affect us Socially housed tenants so well.

    My blog –


  2. […] Today the UK Government stooped to its lowest level so far with it vilest attack on the poorer in society with Tory MP Frances (The Weasel) Maude and other MP’s rallied behind him, and the …  […]


  3. Yep spot on! we are walking into a very scary near future. Too shocked and scared to say anything, easily placated (its for our own good) and yet Im starting to hear people saying things that used to be taboo;

    Its like the Gov etc are saying…….. ‘Lets build walls around all the poor people. In them awful postcodes we dont want to live in, let them out once a day to work for their ‘vouchers’ but make sure they go back after dark. Keep them under constant surveillance because they are all criminals and fraudsters. Starve them into submission, and indoctrinate them with propaganda to make sure they know they don’t deserve human rights so they don’t drain the NHS or the Education system. And also ensure they wear state sanctioned clothes so we can spot them, suggest something comfortable, weather proof but with stripes for instance’

    Thank you for all the work you do to keep us informed


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