NHS- Safe in Our Hands,The Biggest Con!

One of our greatest assets is the NHS healthcare that is admired around the world.

I know that few things matter more to people  than the NHS and safeguarding it against the storms. When I think of my family  and our happiest and saddest memories, I think of the NHS.

From the incredible care and attention we  received in Cornwall when our daughter Florence was born almost a month early,  to some of the saddest times, staying on the wards where my son Ivan was being  treated,Ivan, who suffered from a rare combination of cerebral palsy and epilepsy  and died in 2009, aged 6

But while they were sad times, I always had  what I call the NHS feeling: knowing when you walk over the threshold not just  that your child is in safe hands but also that they’ve got access to some of the  best care and best specialists anywhere in the world. There is absolutely  nothing I would do to jeopardise that.

That’s why I made a big decision before the  election to protect the NHS budget. Labour called it ‘irresponsible’. The  Liberal Democrats did not protect it either. It was only Conservatives who made  that choice. Yes, these are difficult times – but we point-blank refused to cut  the budget of the NHS

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2213670/David-Cameron-Im-mission-make-NHS-better-ever.html#ixzz2CpVbz2ZM

“Today, the Conservatives are the party of the NHS. But talk is cheap. You’ve  got to back that with action

Read more:  http://www.metro.co.uk/news/807693-tories-divert-nhs-cash-to-deprived#ixzz2CpXAIfS3

Since the Tories came to power they have sold off most of our NHS to the likes of Richard Branson,Sodexo, Serco et al. What Gauls me is the public are not stopping this carve up, when so many MP’s  have got a vested interest in selling it off

http://socialinvestigations.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/nhs-privatisation-compilation-of.html  here is link to a long list of MPs & Companies.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AvPxCSAhNlENdF9fRVVSM085TFlpWDFjRzZZSjM1RkE&output=html Database of Donations to MP’s

Well we have a enormous amount of  of people using our NHS at home and those visiting the UK, the tireless efforts of our Doctors and Nurses ,plus many more who make the NHS tick over is nothing short of a miracle. They have my admiration making us all feel cared for and saving lives day in day out. working unsociable hours and poor pay and conditions for many. These people are angels who carry on regardless in a system being systematically asset stripped by repayments on PFI’s which they were encouraged to take up.  In 1992 PFI was implemented for the first time in the UK by the Conservative government of John Major .

By October 2007 the total capital value of PFI contracts signed throughout the UK was £68bn,[15] committing the British taxpayer to future spending of £215bn[15] over the life of the contracts. The global financial crisis which began in 2007 presented PFI with difficulties because many sources of private capital had dried up. Nevertheless PFI remained the UK government’s preferred method for public sector procurement under both Labour and the present coalition. In January 2009 the Labour Secretary of State for Health, Alan Johnson, reaffirmed this commitment with regard to the health sector, stating that “PFIs have always been the NHS’s ‘plan A’ for building new hospitals … There was never a ‘plan B’”.[16] However, because of banks’ unwillingness to lend money for PFI projects, the UK government now had to fund the so-called ‘private’ finance initiative itself. In March 2009 it was announced that the Treasury would lend £2bn of public money to private firms building schools and other projects under PFI.[17] Labour’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Yvette Cooper, claimed the loans should ensure that projects worth £13bn — including waste treatment projects, environmental schemes and schools — would not be delayed or cancelled. She also promised that the loans would be temporary and would be repaid at a commercial rate. But, at the time, Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats, subsequently Secretary of State for Business in the coalition, argued in favour of traditional public financing structures instead of propping up PFI with public money:

The whole thing has become terribly opaque and dishonest and it’s a way of hiding obligations. PFI has now largely broken down and we are in the ludicrous situation where the government is having to provide the funds for the private finance initiative.[17]

Read More  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_finance_initiative

With the Welfare Reforms taking hold  many Sick,Disabled,Elderly people are now finding themselves at peril,and homelessness is rising and will rise further under the proposed BedroomTax According to many Housing Organisations. Why …the stresses of Benefit Cuts on people’s physical and mental well-being is causing major problems in the Disabled Community, The Social Care Issues are also mounting with many of the most vulnerable people being slashed beyond recognition,and Care Packages being cut will only lead to the situation a few years back with bed blocking because they have no one at home to care for them. The costs of this will outweigh the benefits of any budget cuts. The NHS we all love is almost gone and definitely will be in 12months time,if not sooner. In the South East,Kent etc the first privatised hospitals have led to collapse and they have been placed into administration,so that’s the way forward is it? I do not think so!

We are all being told about CCG’s  (Clinical commissioning Groups) and the Healthwatch Groups will be beneficial to the patients where GP’s will be able to direct better care initiatives, if anything it will create more problems, some have suggested it will lead to it being as postcode lottery what services will be available and some treatments withdrawn,other’s have suggested that it will just fund new Surgeries or equipment rather than being spent on patient and rumours are abound signalling the possiblity that many of us will face charges or have to take out Private Medical Insurance like the USA style Medicare. we will watch with baited breathe. I  think the NHS was the only bastion of joined up thinking  left but it seems even that cant escape the Claws of Capitalism

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  2. benito, it comes with wordpress I didn’t design this


  3. jeffrey davies said:

    its the tories lies but until they wake up to the fact the nhs isbeing sold off bit by bit and our medical records already been sold to companys like Unum who have put people into placesready for the big day jeff3

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  4. All this dragging us along a time warp is simply about selling off the NHS ; The aim is to be completely; privatised US style by October; The Tories are a bunch of crooks.innit for the money;


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