Olympic Fever reaches Climax while the world turns a blind eye to suffering of Sick & Disabled

Here we go Olympics are over for the able bodied athletes who stuck gold in last two weeks and next we have Paralympics where disabled men and women will compete, so what is wrong with that I hear you say, well I will tell you what’s wrong with it!

Atos Healthcare one of the sponsors, they are responsible for the government’s sustained attack on Sick and Disabled people via the flawed and cruel assessments (WCA) to remove many Sick and Disabled people off benefits, so that’s has got to be a conflict of interest for starters. This is all part of the negative scrounger rhetoric we have heard from many over last 18mths on TV and in all our National Papers, Disability Hate Crime has risen 40% ,you aren’t ill you just think you are, is this governments ideology! The general public are encouraged to shop the neighbour and this has led to malicious calls to DWP to rise which causes distress and loss of money while it is disproven. Overall the fraud rate is 0.8% for ALL benefits, this government dept DWP made 0.6% errors themselves. Forget the Bankers and Tax Avoidance that costs the UK   more overall than any supposed deficit.

The UK spent millions on this event and Queens Jubilee while the media and our government has systemically denied people access to the support that Sick and Disabled people rely on to remain independent, while promoting the Paralympics with a sponsor who is denying people benefits and making huge profits out of doing so, bearing in mind these athletes who are also claiming will be denied as they will also now be found fit to work. One cannot deny these athletes have worked hard to succeed and overcome many obstacles their disabilities present, they have also just hung themselves without even realising they have done so. We have gold post boxes springing up all over Britain and Stamps to be printed by Royal Mail celebrating their achievements, will the same be done for disabled athletes I don’t think so!

This will just lead to a full on attack on many Sick and Disabled people around the UK with tightening rules of entitlement, the demolishing of our NHS, and all that welfare involves will be denied to those who are too sick to work, lest not forget that fact there are no jobs for able bodied 2.67 mill and rising so, when they close adapted factories like Remploy where are those who could do some work with right help get a job?  Where are these so called jobs, where are the employers who will pay to have the workplaces adapted, give a person time off for sickness etc. The truth is they are not there. Employers can’t afford the adaption’s and support needed, time off means less profit for these driven money making companies.

Lest not forget those 32 people a week who die due to the Dickensian measures being metered out on the disabled be it through being forced to work or stress of assessments which send those already on precipice with mental health over the edge of the cliff out of fear because they ARE TOO ILL to work. Many people do not understand being disabled incurs extra costs; accessibility is faced daily by many and employers don’t want Sick & Disabled people due to extra costs it involves, besides health and safety issues. This bastard government now want to make it impossible to claim unless your dead on on verge of dying.

So when is someone in our media going to grow some ….. BALLS  and stand up against the government for the Sick and Disabled so we can be heard and stop the general public being hoodwinked by this negative portrayal of the sick and disabled as workshy, scroungers. THEY ARE GENUINELY ILL!

Comments on: "Olympic Fever reaches Climax while the world turns a blind eye to suffering of Sick & Disabled" (3)

  1. Very Good, is it ok if I can link to your blog in mine?


  2. too right chick.. good piece. angers me.. not every disabled person is sick.. this is the difference. xxx


    • contd: theres sick and disabled person and the disabled person.. theres a massive difference… this is the point that should be pointed out with the paralympics.. no doubt a rise in disability hate crime again grrr x


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