Well folks you have all heard Amber Rudd talk about Specialist Employment Support for those who need it and are furthest away from the Labour Market. Well bless my soul here are more documents to read at your leisure because if you go on Universal Credit you need to read all these .


The support comes from a new £40 million fund and is expected to benefit 10,000 people.

The Intensive Personalised Employment Support programme will provide highly personalised packages of employment support for people who are at least a year away from moving into work.

People will get coaching to help build their independence, confidence and motivation, as well as work experience to help boost their career prospects.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Amber Rudd said:

Everyone, no matter what their background is, should have the opportunity to thrive in the workplace, and having the right support in place for disabled people is one of my greatest priorities.

To truly help people transform their lives, there can be no one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why this new programme is designed to offer people, who may think they will never move into work, tailored support to help them overcome any personal barriers they may have in the first instance, and then to focus on boosting their skills.

There are also huge economic benefits to improving disability employment rates. More than half of disabled people are in work, but in order to realise the full potential of disabled people in Britain we want to go further and see one million more disabled people in work by 2027.

People on the scheme will get a dedicated key worker who will work with them to overcome complex barriers which may be preventing them from entering work, ensuring they have a personal support network in place.

The voluntary scheme will be rolled out across England and Wales in 2019, and applicants will receive support for up to 21 months, including 6 months of in-work support for those who get a job.

Neil Heslop, Chief Executive of Leonard Cheshire, said:

Many disabled people with complex needs face significant barriers in accessing the workplace. It’s crucial that specialised employment support is available and the government responds to the challenges people often encounter.

A more tailored approach can help reach those who are not currently receiving any employment support or skills development. The experiences of disabled people must be central for this support to meaningfully build confidence in an ongoing way, reflecting their individual circumstances and aspirations.

The Intensive Personalised Employment Support programme will support people living with a disability who are unlikely to move into work within the next year or longer and may need additional support.













In this blog we will look at Provider Guidance for the Health & Work Programme. This information is for you to read and understand how this all works  as part of Universal Credit Programme as very few are talking about the structure and behavioural ideology behind it all. I will load slides and links to documents for people to download. Please read them ….




The following links are to the Guidance Documents






Well Folks as with my previous blog on Universal Credit there are 4 stages to this training programme so I am just going to put the shit shows on this blog so you can see for yourselves the behavioral science behind this horror of a policy. Apologies for its length.



About Me;

My 4 Steps;

My Values;

My Action Plan;












The Government has now turned it’s attention to the poorest pensioners. With the introduction of Universal Credit people in this group could face losses of £140 per week and over.

Please click the link below, then click send an email to your MP and post onto pensioner sites so that they know what is going to happen after May15th this year 2019.

This is a must read!













Well  folks they done it again…… For many years I have been entitled to the Warm Home Discount to help those on struggling to cover utility costs to the value of £140 off the Electric bills. Many Suppliers have different criteria with Pensioners  coming first as rule of thumb.

So this year I dutifully filled in my application to be told all of a sudden I wasn’t entitled when I had checked that I was. I challenged this with the supplier only to be told that it was because I was on Contributory ESA  you have to be on Income Related to qualify and that the DWP had told the supplier to the contrary.

Now I knew I got CB ESA plus a IR top up should have made me eligible. so I call DWP as suggested by supplier for letter of proof, that I was indeed eligible and posted it off to my supplier on arrival.  Lo and Behold  today I received my supplier letter stating that indeed I was entitled to it and my account will be credited in February.

How many more have the DWP denied is the point because not everyone knows which type ESA they get. So folks don’t give up challenge it !










Do you ever wonder what you would do if you found yourself in dire straits, facing eviction and debts coming out your ears with the DWP breathing down your neck and the kids needs are being a casualty of something you cant control as a parent?

Well I personally have been there and thankfully my friends pulled me through some of the toughest times, and without that support I would have gone to the wall and I cant thank them enough for what they did for me, and on occasion still do! Which is why I am finding myself today trying to help another disabled person who is so distressed that their world is falling apart, and unable to function properly due to their disabilities ,whose family is falling apart and whose kids are finding out what Tory Austerity means in the real world. For me this isn’t about charity its about helping others survive, an act of humanity if you like.

This is personal as I know this family well and are good souls and has been a longtime individual fighting austerity and getting the truth out to wider public who now faces the stark possibility of losing everything they have,while trying to sustain self employment who has seen a decline in income. and struggling with mental health &  complex disabilities. I am not about to stand idly by and watch this family go under while others close their eyes and thank god its not them.

Anyone of us could be in their position, we are all a pay packet away from poverty and to make things worse social services are waiting to pounce ,rather than help a situation with this family and seriously people need to wake up to the abhorrent attacks affecting so many in society. While the rest of society vilify or display hostility to anyone that needs state support because they have some idea that this only happens to others, that in their minds are undeserving  because they work hard and resent paying taxes justifies their disdain to the working class poor.  Soon the so called Middle England ‘Jams’ will from July find out that their tax credits and sanctions ,housing benefit top ups due to low wages and other cuts are heading right to their privileged letterboxes to bite them on the arse! This is not something we should be proud of , in fact every man, woman and child should be filled with horror at the way so many are being penalized for being born in the wrong class, who get blamed by the have’s for being lazy and feckless when the reality is it is those at the top who keep them that way. Disabled people have been affected 9 times worse than any other group in society.

Going back the family I’m trying to help,  please I know lots of you struggling but if you can, donate  via this paypal link https://www.paypal.me/welfareweekly?locale.x=en_GB&fbclid=IwAR2-bPLzGXkQ4GnIofEJfjvSUSh3-tTJPPVWNIfN4zRmXuSdFpOv_QK7uIM


So I beg you to help your fellow citizens and check they are really Ok, because out of pride many will say they are fine,while going back to a cold empty home with no food in the cupboard and sinking into despair. It most certainly could be YOU!

No More Deaths From Benefit Cuts!














I have to say when I saw this I spat my coffee all over the place, I laughed so hard at these delusional fools who believe their own version of bullshit,while MP surgeries are full and food banks are overflowing unable to meet demand. Charities & MP’s alike are screaming for this carbuncle policy to be lanced once and for all, yet they continue to roll it out regardless and their next victims of managed migration will be the most vulnerable groups in society. after Numerous debates on this policy, it has caused untold distress to many claimants , leaving them penniless  and struggling to survive on food bank rations over Christmas and made many peoples health and well-being  worse than before on Legacy Benefits. Story after story is told regularly in MP surgeries , in Parliament and the media yet rather than admit this policy is causing harm and distress and pausing it to fix it,  the governments position is to deny all knowledge and promote it as ‘getting more people into work’ and its ‘working well’ rhetoric.

Recently when one Danielle Rowley MP for Midlothian  had the audacity of requesting call centre scripts in a FOI which was denied, but Tory Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd’s department have failed to provide details of what it called “supportive lines” while claiming “there are no scripts”.  Anyone who claims Universal Credit and many MP’s know fine well this is a blatant obstruction of democracy and transparency by a government who repeat the same lines week in and week out from the scripts they have memorised verbatim. Catch them out with a question they don’t expect and they get all flustered and go into free fall, hopelessly looking for someone to rescue them as they don’t know what to say. well it will be interesting to see what they make of this scripted little gem provides makes the headlines so share this blog on whatever platforms you use.












DWP Dirty Tricks










Are the DWP up to Dirty Tactics again?

I’m not a great believer in conspiracy theories generally, but we have exposed them before playing dirty tricks to deny claimants their entitlement and we have a government department who has gone rogue with corrupt practices so instructions must have come from the top and filtered through to managers to instruct staff on procedures, or is it that the staff think they are administering Social Security Payments as if it was coming out their own pockets filled with prejudices instilled in them by the wild claims that people are fiddling the system and must be stopped at all costs? Given the recent damning report By UN Rapporteur Phillip Alston the Government are not happy bunnies.

I have heard numerous stories the last few months ,where people are being denied their claims only to win on appeal, with catastrophic consequences for claimants. Leaving them at risk of Debt, Homelessness,  Housebound, and tales of the Disastrous Universal Credit Project leaving many unable to pay their way and heading to food banks in their droves, and worst still some having their children removed because they are deemed unable to meet the child’s basic needs due to sanctions or income removal and leading to death in some cases.


I am now finding myself in the same position after many years claiming ESA and PIP find myself looking into the abyss. Many Claimants are now in process of being transferred to PIP from DLA or ESA to UC.

I had my letter informing me that I was now subject to a DLA/ PIP transfer so dutifully I rang and started the process and was sent a PIP form to complete which had to be completed by a set date I wasn’t too concerned with my medical problems.

I was diagnosed with a rare type of angina (Prinzmetals ) earlier in 2004 which was also causing me massive problems when a neighbour found me in the garden on the floor amongst washing I had planned to put on washing line. I am in and out hospital like a blue ass fly due to attacks ever since. I have been half blind since 2008 after Cataracts came on very suddenly after major abdominal surgery later in 2004 and other 4 subsequent major surgeries and recurrent sepsis to rectify my first surgery botch job which almost cost me my life more than once. This left me chronically disabled. In 2005 I had my first TIA ( Transcient Cerebal Isachemia) so you know this is serious shit, and I have had others since. I was diagnosed with Congenital Bilateral Hip Dysplasia in 2014 after years of complaining about hip pain which was impacting on my walking ability. I have a list other medical issues on top of all this which  are sensitive that I don’t want the whole world to bloody know about. Against all the odds I’m still here fighting my corner and being a pain in the governments arse.

So I can hear you all yelling get to the fucking point!


In September 2018 I suffered a Retinal Eye Tear which thanks to the quick thinking of my Opthalmologist was sent for emergency surgery the same day  to save my good eye which had been fixed in 2008 with a new lens and becoming temporarily totally blind it was a bit of a shock I can tell you. Anyway in October I had my assessment  and this ATOS assessor (Nurse) was obsessed with my ability to still legally be able to drive and I challenged her thinking during the assessment. Yes It is legal to drive with one eye if you pass the visual tests to DVLA standards . I hadn’t been driving of late much as I broke my wrist in Feb and was in plaster for 6 weeks and the retinal tear also held life back a bit and had to get friends and neighbours to ferry me to my eye appointments. I requested a copy of the assessors report 3 times during October and I didn’t trust this assessor one inch, call it gut feeling.

Lo and behold I get a compliance interview after someone reported me maliciously about my mobility issues, which was dismissed and not first time this has happened and immediately I felt it was likely to be this assessor this time because I had challenged her, not that I can prove it as they can accuse you of anything and you have no right to know who and defend yourself against these malicious lies. Then suddenly by some miracle after numerous attempts to obtain my report it lands on the mat.  Well as I read through it I began to feel absolute rage that it was full of inaccuracies and assumptions based on the unqualified assessors own prejudices .

When I emailed them for all info they hold I received a message left on phone saying anything over 6 years is destroyed. My award was for 10 years – call me a cynical old swine but this is bullshit!

Naturally I will fight this all the way however the consequences of the report are far ranging, it will likely result in No Award being made for either mobility and care although that’s still pending the decision notice has not arrived yet. It will mean a huge drop in income and removal of my only means of getting out my mobility car,and paying others for the things I cant do myself, but it could also affect my ESA award with removal of SDP and disability premiums which will be another significant loss of income and most likely lead to a review of my Support group status on ESA.

If this happens that could trigger a new assessment (likely)and change of circumstances and removal of Transitional Protections moving me onto Universal Credit which has just gone full service in my area while I try to fight these bastards , plunging me into debt and destitution and unable to pay my way or eat.


So my question is this a deliberate way to target claimants to remove Transitional Protections and SDP so they pay out less long term and shift as many as possible onto UC?  There certainly something fishy about this given I’m a leading activist for last 10yrs I don’t believe this was coincidence? If you have been affected same way recently or by other deceptive means by DWP or their providers get in touch  send me message and your Identity will not be revealed lets collate our evidence.
















BBC  Panorama Highlighted some of the issues with Universal Credit  with the focus on Housing Benefit Direct Payment process. While this may have been a overall a shock for those who watched the programme who may have never even heard of it, It wasn’t a shock to Disability Campaigners and those who need to make a claim!  The Media has been in full swing recently highlighting the many issues this controversial benefit failings, forcing the Government to make significant changes to the managed migration process as MP’s,charities,many DPO’s including CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) and SSAC (Social Security Advisory Committee) all advising the Government that changes must be made before the next cohort is transferred Secretary of State Ester McVey made considerable concessions to appease the outrage,which combined with fact the UN Rapporteur Philip Alston was visiting the UK looking at Welfare Reform and Poverty felt like a PR stunt to fend off recent criticism.

They focused on 3 Groups of the many that will be affected Unemployed,those who are Sick, and Low Income families. Using Government rhetoric of ‘making work pay’ more than benefits which the government has successfully ingrained into the mindset of many in society through the scrounger rhetoric since 2010.

Anthony the first  man lost his job is 63 so found that while he thought work was out there couldn’t secure employment and had 4K of rent arrears and had had been sanctioned losing 200mth just because for whatever reason  he had failed to comply because no phone or computer skills to manage his claim, and facing eviction, and even when he did make contact was sanctioned again as the advisor was not in the Jobcentre. One can only assume while he was doing everything required to look for work this was due to failed appointments which are generally online or via text notifications. Many in society will most likely exclaim well he was smoking roll ups and not attract much sympathy such a sly move by BBC to present him in this manner, saying well he can afford fags although I’m certainly they will defend this as usual.

Second Guy James Dade was single dad reliant on the food bank for survival but very little was said about his circumstances.

We then saw a Councillor state when people have limited choices they will choose to feed their kids and stay warm than pay their rent  nugget dropped into the programme implying reckless budgeting decisions. even though across the UK the average rent arrears is £663 compared to £263 on legacy benefits which on average is 2 and half times higher and recently over 1/2 claimants found online process difficult hinting yet again that its the claimants fault rather than a design fault.

The next couple Richard and Rita  claimed the benefit as Richard had a car accident  and consequently lost his job telling the public they were forced to sell things in the home to manage due to the fact the design features within the system were paying them less than they should have got, and being taken to court for council tax arrears while they tried desperately to sort their claim out leaving them in debt. they both eventually found Jobs.

Keith  the next claimant was a fellow suffering depression who admitted he was hopeless budgeting relying on the local food bank had lost his job, and faced eviction in November,due to rent arrears and without support unable to cope with system.

Professor Paul Hickman was interviewed  saying that direct payments to claimants rather than landlords as the previous system did was ignored by the DWP. Alok Sharma from the DWP was then interviewed spouting the same Tory script they must have learnt verbatim just like the actors they are, and displayed typical indifference to the plight of those on the receiving end of this vile policy claiming 90% of social sector will soon be signed up to the Landlord Portal which is being rolled out.

With 5821 evictions in the UK and many already homeless on the streets struggling we then had the council highlighting cuts from central government have left councils UK wide unable to pick up the slack and find homes due to lack of Social Housing properties that the country so desperately needs. Councils have seen their landlord lists plummet as many private landlords  refuse to let to those on social security and those needing Alternative Payment Arrangements such as Domestic Violence  victims  unable to get this arrangement and councils unable to help as the agreement has to be done via the landlord not a third party.


This programme really barely scraped the surface of the design faults within this policy, many things are changed as an after thought because the policy wasn’t properly thought through and administration is so bad and training is so bad that even those who should be helping haven’t a clue about the constant changes and are mis -informing claimants causing further chaos with long waits on the phone which campaigners call the ‘Vivaldi Line’.

In July 2019  as the Government rolls out a pilot sample of approx 10,000 claimants with many transferring in November 2019 in tranches this chaotic policy is only going to cause considerable harm to many families across the UK. The government knows fine well many of these  families will face hardship and tells them to stand on the beach looking at the wave that is a reality a tsunami waiting to hit them and their children. Yes done properly with support people could transition more easily hence the CAB contract of Universal Support recently announced will help many navigate the complex process of doing so, but support is soon going to be difficult to get appointments due to the volumes involved.

The most severely disabled will if they don’t have change of circumstances will start this process in 2020.

One thing is for certain is the noise about Universal Credit will get worse and louder as this government tries its best to hang on bloody mindlessly instead of scrapping it and admitting this policy should never have been introduced without making sure it was robust,practical to implement and the structure was sound. Now it is only fit for the waste basket of many government projects which has wasted Billions of Taxpayers money while UK citizens find themselves back in Victorian times and seen by the elite as undeserving and feckless poor who situation is their fault, absolving themselves of any responsibility for this total failure ,while the architects have long since retired with a golden peerage  and a hefty financial handshake.

If you missed it here it is;


Image result for Cab

When I first read this was going to happen I questioned the motivation  apart from the obvious to the effect this would have on those reliant on services like the CAB. Universal Credit affects those ‘in work’ as well as those unable to do so .

Would they be ‘gagged’ from attacking Government Policy? Well I decided to call CAB and find out myself asking some probing questions and to my surprise apart from their press statement in which they quoted;

“At Citizens Advice we’ve always provided support to people who have problems with benefitsfrom JSA to Tax Credits, Housing Benefits, ESA , PIP and now UC. Last year we helped 600,000 people with welfare benefits issues, helping them understand what they are entitled to, navigate the application processand to challenge Government when they get it wrong. We will continue to do this important work. This funding agreement does not stop us from raising problems with Universal Credit publicly and it does not compromise the impartiality or confidentiality of the advice and support we give to peoplethese are red lines we never cross, including when it comes to funding.

We’ve always said we agree with the aims and principles of Universal Creditto create a benefit system that is simpler to access and easier for people to understand. Fixing Universal Support is important and very welcome, but UC still has many challenges. Ahead of the Managed Migration regulations and the Budget we will not hold back in sharing our evidence to support the people we are here to help.”

These to me were fundamental questions that needed answering to allay fears that claimants and those seeking support to claim Universal Credit needed answers too . This would also stop Campaigners being worried  that claimants would be compromised.

So it is hoped that these answers  will do that, and make those needing to use the service less worried about using it and enabling them the support and help they so badly need. Colin Baker from CAB press office stated the responses below:

I asked if this has meant they effectively been gagged by the grant process  and they say they have not “Nothing in the grant agreement we have with the DWP prevents us from continuing to raise our evidence publicly about Universal Credit”.

Secondly I asked  about  way their operation worked and the money will go to CAB HQ and then their hubs bid to get a slice of the cake , so this doesn’t mean everyone will!

I then asked how this pot money would be spent “We will now offer support through every step of the process of making and managing a Universal Credit claim. This will be in addition to our core service of offering advice on welfare benefit issues. Our new service will be available across England, Scotland and Wales – online, over the phone and in person.”


Yes I did ask for copy of the grant contract which was declined, on the grounds they are only released to public bodies that need it. IE DWP


I was sent a blog link for readers  https://wearecitizensadvice.org.uk/universal-credit-whats-next-b377828a767e

Universal Credit is a ideologically driven  policy, and many MP’s have raised concerns over the vast amounts of public funds being spent to administer it, let alone the problems that have arisen and caused chaos for those needing state support. The government has presently got a consultation on the managed migration of millions more of those individuals it promised to protect from any fall in income due to severity of their needs.

So have CAB sold out, I don’t believe they have. With many services offering advice already under extreme pressure this can only be a good thing  that a trusted service by many is now getting funding to support more people through the ‘whole process’ to ensure they get correct advice and make it less painful to a already brutal system when it goes wrong it can leave claimants penniless for weeks. This will be done via Universal Support Scheme which is part of Universal Credit’s Programme.

Link to DWP announcement https://www.gov.uk/government/news/citizens-advice-to-provide-support-to-universal-credit-claimants

Further Reading ; https://blueannoyed.wordpress.com/2017/08/03/universal-support-universal-credit/

It is likely that they can use such funds to open more often or recruit more trained advisers to deliver the service. Helping Claimants manage their claims when Internet access isn’t always available or affordable can only be a positive move in the right direction as it is unlikely the government will back down on the roll out of this policy.

Increasingly a flurry of articles by the Huff and The Times  and others are doing their best to undermine the credibility of CAB  and the only loser will be those needing support. Anyone doing work with the government are required not to disclose contract details it is standard contract law practise to safeguard both parties. It isn’t anything sinister as it is being purported to be!


So it is safe for claimants and those who need support to go to CAB for assistance on Personal Budgeting and fill in online claims reducing the amount of serious problems  this process causes so many.

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