Planet Jackatory

Well we are all awaiting the Chancellors Autumn Statement of further cuts to those who need it most when the new Tory Minister for Disabled Ester McVey MP  comes out with another blindingly obvious piece of tory spin . Apparently while accepting some people with disabilities do work and some others could,for many that is never going to be an option, the daily grind of sickness and ill-health for mostmake it almost impossible even with support. Where are the jobs these people are supposed to be getting when we can’t find decent work for able-bodied people, especially the young disillusioned youth we now have in UK. Well probably via the already failed Workfare Programmes with very little support at all,given the fact most employers wont adapt the workplaces because of costs involved in an already dismal climate let alone be able to get insurance,should things go wrong. Unemployment is it highest since  the last Tory leader Maggie Thatcher was in power. According to  Guardian the  ONS figures and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development research show half the people counted as newly employed are on workfare, government training schemes, or are self-employed, mostly in part-time, low-paid jobs like gardening and cleaning, in which they may be worse off as they lose benefits. Unemployment was at 2.51m when this government came to power in May 2010. It’s now at 2.53m, even on their fiddled figures

Disabled people must not worry about the new assessment tests that could lead to their benefits being cut, the new Minister for Disabled People has said.
“I am saying, ‘Do not be fearful of this. This could be positive for you’,” said Esther McVey,

“I guess that will happen overtime and we just have to reassure people really.”

Some people would see their benefit cut, she said, arguing that the new payments are “not a static benefit”, adding: “People do come off it, people do get better.”

NOTE the words “Could” & “Guess”  they are  important ones,which means even she knows its going to be another Tory failure.

This Government stumbles like a drunk on a Saturday night drinking binge from pillar to post in the hope they get home safely,never knowing if they are walking in right direction.

This woman is sadly out of touch if she thinks these policies will benefit anyone else but the government, the national debt alone has risen by £150bn with nothing to show for it, money wasted  scheme on after scheme which like the workfare programme has failed abysmally,with more U-Turns to come . Even her own constituents are barracking her.

They Blame labour for the mess we are in,  but seriously if Gordon Brown had done this he would have been hung, drawn, quartered by public and press, yet people in this country continue to turn a blind eye to obvious failings and for something the ordinary public are not to blame for,while giving their rich banking chums a tax break,you couldn’t make this up! Gordon Brown must be howling of laughter in his front room at night watching them make mistake after mistake.

The Reality is MOST disabled people can’t work,are not scroungers,and those who do work do it with much-needed support,but with threats to Mobility Cars next October when PIP comes in and the savage slashing of Severe Disability Allowance in April 2013, which enables many to pay for extra costs for being disabled to enable them to pay for services they cannot do themselves,or someone to help them do their jobs this can only mean the outcomes for many are very dark indeed.

By her own admission they want to slash 20%  over next three years to disability benefits so how will this benefit anyone.? The most vulnerable in society must be protected they quote yet this slash and burn train crash policies the Government are doing will not help the economy,it wont give people money in their pockets to spend to enable growth,with other rising costs those on Minimum Wage are already scraping by,will go under financially causing debts like never seen before,and with the Benefit Cap and the Bedroom Tax come April 2013 and the rise in food banks and homelessness with continue to rise,along with the crime rates. It is time people of the UK united and got rid of this incompetent bunch and keep them on the political ‘Naughty Step’ for a very long time  .

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  1. thank you for this clarity, and a well researched article. though grim – the truth is always the way forward.


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