#ProtestLetter: We Are Not ‘Far Left Extremists’ or ‘Militant Campaigners’ for Opposing #Workfare

Dear Reader,

This open letter is in response to the inflammatory and unfounded remarks made by the Employment Minister Chris Grayling MP, as well as others, in relation to anti-workfare campaigners and protesters.

We strongly object to the remarks made by Mr Grayling and other commentators, which attempted to label ALL those who oppose the Governments Workfare scheme’s as ‘far left extremists‘ and ‘militant’ members of the SWP (Socialist Workers Party).

Before we go into the crux of this letter we would first like to address the Governments ‘workfare’ scheme itself.

The Work Experience scheme, also known as Welfare To Work, is nothing more than an ill-conceived and badly disguised attempt to thwart the National Minimum Wage Regulations by mandating people on benefits to work for free. At the same time this provides free labour for employers and big business so they can avoid having to employ paid workers.

Workfare is a  scheme which offers no real evidence of in work training, job security or a wage that replaces, or becomes part of, the basic rate paid to Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants. A thinly veiled attempt to create an underclass of free, cheap labour for a labour market already flooded with unemployed people trying to find work.

These schemes have already created cause for concern regarding there affect on overtime on both temporary and permanent jobs, as well seeing workfare placements reducing the number of both permanent and temporary employment opportunities available to unemployed people seeking work.

A potential issue around equality between work experience participants and permanent staff is apparent. Work Experience participants are required to work in their placement for up to 30 hours per week, and so overtime paid to permanent staff has the very real probability of being reduced,.. or worse removed completely.

Research commissioned by the previous Labour Government in 2008 found that;

“There is little evidence to suggest that workfare increases the likelihood of finding work. It can even reduce employment chances by limiting the time available for job search and by failing to provide the skills and experience valued by employers.”

and that;

“Subsidised (‘transitional’) job schemes that pay a wage can be more effective in raising employment levels than ‘work for benefit’ programmes.”

Evidence that the coalition Government appear to have completely disregarded.

The research also found that ‘workfare was least effective in weak labour markets’, which I am sure everyone reading this would agree is the current situation faced by the UK Government and by those seeking work.

Workfare is a proven failure in countries highlighted in the commissioned report. The fact that the coalition government are adopting workfare is against the advice of researchers, and implies they are either naively unaware of the problems involved in returning the unemployed to work, or perhaps more sinister, influenced by big business with invested interest in continuing the workfare programmes.

Some claimants on sickness benefit Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) are being told that they will have to claim Job-seekers Allowance whilst appealing a decision to stop payments of ESA, and this in turn will make those people available for workfare. Particularly if those people were previously in the support group of ESA which does not require claimants to partake in work related activity. This draws attention to ill-performing work capability assessments ( WCA), but something we will not go further in the course of this letter as it has already been heavily reported. Some of these vulnerable people may have been wrongfully denied ESA and may be seriously sick or severely disabled. If recent figures are anything to go by,… where around 40% of people appealing a decision to stop or suspend ESA are having the decision overturned, then making sick and disabled people available for work experience schemes is something we should all be deeply concerned about.

But the crux of this letter is to object to the language that ministers, the press, and wider media are using to describe those of us who are against workfare. They insist upon cruel, inaccurate and defamatory language to discredit the bulk of anti-workfare campaigners. Vile slurs against campaigners are a blatant attempt to hide the negative attention the Government’s controversial workfare schemes have attracted, and should not be used OR encouraged.

The vast majority and those helping in raising awareness of the exploitation of those taking part in workfare schemes ARE NOT ‘far-left extremists‘ or ‘militant campaigners‘ and are certainly not ‘Job Snobs‘!

Those are but a few examples of the language being used.

Despite what some commentators have said we are not against the idea of allowing those who wish to take part in work experience schemes the opportunity to do so. We do however, believe that such programmes should not be to the benefit of big business and greedy employers. It should, at least reward those taking part with a paid wage as a proportion of what they already receive though state benefit. This may in fact give them greater incentive to seek permanent employment, and provide them with a sense of pride in what they have done because they are making an honest income. A position that researchers of the aforementioned report also support.

We are firm believers that it is a individual’s responsibility, and right, to question their government when they see something being done that they do not approve of. Campaigners should be free to do so without the potential of becoming targets of a desperate government that is more interested in vilifying campaigners than addressing the concerns that we and others are attempting to raise. This lack of protection for campaigners invoking our right to protest, and the media frenzy caused as a result of slanderous remarks, has proven that the Conservative led government are complicit in the vilification of anti-workfare campaigners.

Furthermore, when these tendentious remarks come from those in a position of power and influence it becomes more than just a political issue but also one of a defamation of character. A deliberate and blatant attempt to turn the public and workfare providers against those who are well within their right to campaign and protest by labelling us as something we are not!

We are simply trying to raise awareness of an issue with the UK Government and the public whilst standing up for something we believe in.

I ask readers this:

“If workfare is a fair, and just way of helping unemployed people back into work why does the government and others feel the need to discredit campaigners by resorting to underhand tactics?”

For this reason, and to give those responsible the opportunity for redress, we rightfully request an apology from all those who have vilified and falsely portrayed the majority of campaigners and protesters. Those responsible for these defamatory remarks are also invited to acknowledge that the majority of campaigners against the work experience schemes (workfare) are NOT ‘communists’, ‘left-wing militants’, ‘members of the Socialist Workers Party’ (SWP) or as also claimed, attempting to destroy the prospects of those seeking employment.

Those responsible for the language used against campaigners know who they are,.. and so do we!

Yours Faithfully,

Anti-Workfare Campaigners.

The Letter Above Has Also Made It Into The Daily Mail.

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You are welcome to copy this letter and share it with others, but I ask that you direct readers to THIS blog should they wish to add their support by signing.

Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope that you add you support.

Comments on: "#ProtestLetter: We Are Not ‘Far Left Extremists’ or ‘Militant Campaigners’ for Opposing #Workfare" (12)

  1. I strongly protest the governments various ‘Workfare’ styled work programmes. I do so not only on a principle of morality but on the basis of well documented evidence that these schemes simply do not work. Instead of using the tax payers money to hound and persecute the unemployed and provide an exploited workforce for big business I demand that the government invests into meaningful schemes of voluntary experience that incorporate recognised training and education. I believe that it should be within the remit of government to seek to help the unemployed into meaningful futures rather than a succession of low grade jobs. If the government holds no greater aspiration for our unemployed other than to shoe horn them into low rung placements within big corporations (many of whose CEO’s are far to linked with individual members of government to not raise questions of conflict of interest) then I believe they have failed not only the unemployed themselves but also the electorate.

    I am not in any way a ‘far-left extremist‘ or a ‘militant campaigner‘ and am certainly not ‘Job Snob‘. I believe that all work is honourable, but only as long as those participating have autocracy over their employment choices and are being treated fairly.

    I call upon the government to immediately stop stereotyping both the unemployed and those who campaign against it’s policies with statements that have no basis in reality. I also call upon the government to apologise unreservedly for the defamation upon my character that it has perpetrated through it’s statements.

    Ian Warde. Stafford. UK


  2. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!


  3. creatorsnotconsumers said:

    Thank you for this, well said! I would very much like to add my name to the letter. Keith Lindsay-Cameron aka Keith Ordinary Guy. I write a letter a day to number 10, currently on letter No: 771. Website: http://www.keithordinaryguy.org.uk/ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/395504723842517/

    All the best, Keith.


  4. Completely agree with the content of this letter. I admit to being “Left leaning” in my views but certainly not Militant or member of any extreme left wing party. How does a party that promotes choice reconcile compulsory schemes such as workfare? Evidence for the success of which is very thin on the ground, unless you count success for the companies in receipt of the free labour, saving them the cost of actually employing someone to do the work and thus depriving jobless another opportunity of employment which are scarce enough already.


  5. Mim MacMahon said:

    I have nothing more to add to the points made above.


  6. Ann Mac said:

    Ann MacMillan
    Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland

    Not writing on behalf of organisation – but as a totally disgusted member of public. Words cannot adequately describe how disgusted I am at the present incumbent of Number 10 and his cabinet. Considering he has absolutely NO MANDATE for anything he does, he and his fellow MPs are a disgrace. Do they not know what it means to be an MP – they are SERVANTS of the public NOT LORD AND MASTER!!! Despite all the cruelty they have meted out the deficit is no smaller – why are we still paying these “people” expenses on top of a very generous salary considering the actual effort they put in??? Would it not cut public expenditure more if MP expenses were shelved?? And as for the waste of skin and organs that is Ian Duncan Smith – he has wasted FAR MORE than his despicable polices will EVER save! He should be taken to account for this – anyone else in work would have been sacked as more than incompetent a long time ago!!! WHY is he still there???


  7. I am not a far left extremist, I don’t belong to any political party, I am simply a person who stands up for what she believes is right and when I find things lacking I add my voice as is my right. I just dislike stereotyping, I am now a “scrounger” as I claim benefits, The way you spread these stories to make people hate the unemployed and less fortunate takes away the hatred from this Governments appalling policies that is is raining down on the weakest in society.

    Maggie Fitzpatrick-Reeves, Llanidloes, Mid Wales


  8. I fully support this. I am a candidate for TUSC (trade Unionist Socialist Coalition). Workfare is slavery pure and simple. If they get away with this then they will be introducing the work houses back next.


  9. Jayne Sylvest said:

    It’s irritating to be labeled as a “far left militant” for simply recognising that the Workfare scheme isn’t working and isn’t in the best interests of those forced into it.


  10. I support this letter wholeheartedly . To take peoples’ reasonable concerns about its dismantling of the welfare state , causing untold hardship and expecting them to take uo unproven workfare ( whilst still job searching or managing or recovering from illness, health conditions etc ) is unconscionable.


  11. Supported.


  12. Gina Michele said:

    i couldn’t written it better myself. Thank you for summing up how so many of us feel. The way the unemployed, sick and disabled are labeled and treated by this government angers and sickens me and many others i know. Something has to be done to stop this.


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