Struggling with Humanity

Over the time I have been involved in WRB campaigning, one thing has been consistent the struggle between Humanity and the Ideological society everyone says they want.  People say they want a fair society  for all ….but is this really true?

I thought we wanted fairness for the Sick and Disabled in society,fairness not to be forced into Workfare ,Jobs for the young people, a better future for our children, and to be looked after in our old age by kind, caring, compassionate individuals. A society where crime is almost non existent, and those caught punished fairly and lesson taught to enable them to engage back into society as a productive person.

However this is not what is happening and while when I was young it wasnt ideal, people were courteous,polite,showed respect,helped each other in any way they could and while acknowledging there was still crime, it was generally a better society, and any major crime shocked the nation after all it wasnt yet a decade after WW2 and all the atrocities that  showed the world humanity must change to ensure this never happened again.

Then came along a few great people like Nye Bevin, Joseph Rowntree to name just two and between them changed society for the better one introducing The Welfare State 1948 which wasnt the first reforms by far as those had been going on since Victorian  Poor Law ,but it was a step in what was said to be right direction. From then till now  Cradle to Grave we paid our Dues and if we fell on hard times we was guaranteed the right to support. So back to topic as I have wandered a bit. Since I was small I was told it was my duty to help my fellow-man, be it the old dear across the road or fetch shopping for them,give up my seat on a bus etc, look after the relative who was sick and oh boy I done that most my adult life, or looked after a  neighbours kids the whole works on one level or another. I was told to respect my elders,be polite,don’t speak unless your spoken to,work hard you know the score if you’re an old bugger like me.

What I have observed is the  escalation since the Thatcher years and maybe even before that, is the breakdown of Humanity!

When Maggie  got elected she told people they could be anything they wanted and she was going to enable them, provide opportunities for them to do so and build a better future as ‘Labour Wasnt Working’ . well what was created was a monster that just got bigger. This government is T Rex  while Maggie could be described as a Diplodocus in comparison.

What subsequently happened is we got a Parents who bought their own homes for some the first time it was possible if working households, by selling off Council homes,creating a false sense of security and things seemed to be rosy and their little Princes and Princesses got more and more material things leading us to a ‘me me me ‘ society of spoilt brats who think the world owes them something. Now I know that sounds a bit harsh, but it remains partly true but we also created more pressures to succeed at all costs and fuck anyone else attitude, while setting them up to fail and their children to fail.  Followed by Tony’s Blair Witch Project, setting them up for a bigger fall, after the fiasco of further fiscal problems looming which he kindly handed to that poor scot and best pal Gordy ‘the fall guy’ Brown whom bore most the flak for the present crisis if you believe the present Government.  So you will be thinking what the hell has this got to do with Humanity?

Well I will tell you it set people against people,man against man,man versus earth where it would have previously been inconceivable in a good old tactical game called ‘Divide and Rule’.

I joined the WRB campaign  a bit later than most,  because it was affecting me personally as a disabled person whom in the last 10 yrs had life take a turn for worse following a botched operation. This really made me very very  angry and still does.While I tried to live by the rule of showing kindness and compassion to my fellow human being, which I practise(d) and still do. What emerged even before this ,was the horror I felt at way people behaved like pack of wolves to those less able to defend themselves,amongst many others issues and morals of a sly old fox  slipping into the night having just raided the chicken coop. The stage was set for ‘Game On’ situation where anything is fair game and may the fittest,slickest win the prize, and sod anyone who got in their way. This is where the Cameron Clegg coalition struck Olympic Gold. This didnt happens overnight hell no, this was like a creeping plague emerging from decades before  it first hit the headlines in the media with  a Class War namely the affluent and those in Social Housing in what became named ‘Chav City’ all one needed was a shellsuit to blend in and the game had begun by attacking the poor for societies ills.  Prior to this our black and ethnic communities had felt the backlash of this, but I digress, so back to business.

This ‘Chav’ label stuck and spread like a dose of Spanish Flu from the Middle and Upper Classes deeming themselves worth more than those on the bottom rung of the ladder and lead to programmes like Gavin And Stacy being the PM’s favorite programme as this probably gave him the ideas he has so he needs more input to inflict more pain. Then the Immigrant population then came back into the frontline for the ills of a few extremists of the atrocity of 9/11, so now we had every non UK born person as a potential terrorist and although naturally this is still a threat after the London bombings etc the knee jerk reactions you all know so well followed with a relentless assault on playing the race card creating a grip of unfounded fear amongst the people in UK and the World’s Leaders,though they were all guilty of going to war against Iraq and then pursuing the Taliban in Afghanistan in what was an unjust war anyway, which had it own casualties like David Kelly. The plan was working the media had a field day yet ppl still didn’t see what was coming next because the war was unpopular people stopped supporting briefly the soldiers who put their lives at risk , so the spin started to rally support for them.We then had the backlash against the Travelling Community and the Dale Farm scenario from the Nimby’s around UK, followed swiftly by Single Teenage mum’s fiasco who then became the main focus of attack. which brings us to present day politics and welfare and Nazi style attacks on the Sick and Disabled, such was the vitriol towards us  from the likes of Middle England and the Elite, while the founder Sue Marsh and a few other people of Responsible Reform was already working on the now famous ‘Spartacus Report’ we sat  in astonishment at the outpouring of hatred to follow. this was misinformation fed to the already baying populus of the term’ benefit cheat’ culture they perceived as the real reason we had a deficit. what they failed to grasp was and still do is it down to mismanagement of bankers and corporate business after our government owed them after selling the UK down the river.


The government manifesto was all lies that was becoming clear as they have so far decimated  democracy,decency with such vigor you would think they were operating Plan B not  Plan A.

Disabled  people were under fire from those defending Capitalism and the ‘Big Society’ we were to be excluded from not included in  along with the aforementioned groups of ‘The Unworthy’. We fought tooth and nail with those who saw through it and who became our allies especially those while extremely ill gave so much time and effort and gave us a voice which until now had been silenced with media blackouts the lot, shows how scared they are, and still are of people who fight back, yet we lost the battle but not the war.

While all this is going on I was suffering through ill-health which included a mini stroke but I fought on because it was the right thing to do not just for myself but for my fellow-man and sick and disabled comrades who were enduring the daily ebb and flow of ill-health combined with daily struggles of unfair medical’s,financial hardship with loss of benefits, and the numerous people who through the stress and desperation are sadly no longer with us because they couldn’t cope no more and have taken that desperate step of committing suicide. We are now seeing the elderly being victims of inadequate care,carers without support,disabled children being included in these despicable acts of crime against humanity by the ‘We dont give a Fuck Party’ we have in power whom seem to be acting at will and without reproach or accountability so far. Recently it has even been suggested that lifestyle factors are also in the pipeline setting people within our own community against each other from the for and against camps  which is in effect another divide and rule situation .

The simlarites to Nazi germany pre 1936-45 is glaringly obvious.

So lastly I ask again do not waste your energy on fighting within our own community (yes I have seen it) or attacking each other because you differ in viewpoints,lets remain strong together and hit them where it hurts, whether that’s in local elections or trying to expose this uncaring lots lies and remove them from office.

Lets show them we still have some HUMANITY left if everyone else have lost sight of theirs!

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