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The 2 yr Job Rule for Disabled on Universal Credit is not True!


In the last few days it has been widely reported by various bloggers that those disabled claimants claiming Universal Credit are subjected to finding a job within two years or face a 1 year sanction. This is utter fabrication and feeding many claimants fears which could potentially cause harm. So today I called Welfare Rights ,who called DWP while I remained on the phone, they denied that this information was correct and was downright alarmist and dangerous. That doesnt mean I trust DWP and have submitted a FOI too given 7 years of shenanigans. So you see folks, you can take the fear project and destroy it with Facts!

Those who will be put on Universal Credit (UC) will have to sign the claimant commitment regardless, some will be subjected to full conditionality some will have their conditionality limited depending on the circumstances, and subject to sanctions if they fail to comply with the agreed commitments they agreed with work coach via the Work Plan,My 4 steps,My Values documents.  (Document links provided at bottom of the blog.)

As promised last night, the SKWAWKBOX has been looking further into conflicting reports from DWP insiders concerning the WRAG (work-related activity group) category into which the government, more or less arbitrarily, places some disability benefit claimants and the possibility of sanctions after a fixed period of two years under the Universal Credit (UC) system if claimants have not found work.

Some activists insisted that this was part of the UC system and this was initially confirmed by long-term DWP employees. Others subsequently disputed it. The only thing all were agreed on was that the rules are ill-conceived and extremely confusing.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted a PCS union official who specialises in UC for clarification and received this response:


I’ve been looking at the regulations and I can’t find anything that refers specifically to a fixed time limit in which to find employment.

That is right, because no fixed time limit exists in the regulations


The ‘disabled’ argument, as I’m sure you are aware, is notorious because ultimately the Department through the provide contractors are essentially able to define who is fit or not for work.

For example, a claimant maybe moved from ESA to UC on the back of a WCA [Work Capability Assessment]. The claimant may disagree with the decision but they are stuck.

If they are adamant they are not fit for work, they could refuse employment in an environment they believe will affect their health.


If they have been found to have no Limited Capability for Work, they cannot refuse employment. The fact that claimants think they are unfit for work has been the main issue with the flawed WCA since 2008


This is where the sanction process comes in – a 13wk, 26wk and 156wk sanction could apply (although similar regs existed prior to UC and the 2012 Welfare Reform Act if not as harsh or severe).


In this case you’re looking at failure to apply, not accepting work or leaving on one’s own accord. Their argument is they aren’t fit, the department will still look at sanctions.

The circumstances described here apply to somebody who has not been found to have Limited Capability for Work.


The sanction regime is clearly arbitrary, deeply unfair and dangerous – but there is no rule mandating a fixed time-limit for a claimant to find work.

Again no time limit


However, another PCS/DWP source warned that while the rules don’t include such a limit, the way they are applied may not be as clear cut:

I can tell you that we have received complaints from WRAG claimants about having their ESA revoked after two years. And now they are treated as JSA claimants because they are ‘fit for work but not necessarily their precious occupation(s)’.

ESA cannot be revoked. It simply cannot be claimed after a claimant has been found fit for work. Previous occupations are not a consideration. That has always been the case.


Sanctions have been applied because the claimant has not fulfilled their requirement to find work. The purpose of the WRAG was to enable people to return to work despite being disabled, but this component has now been removed as WRAG claimants are now treated as jobseekers.


WRAG claimants under UC are described as having Limited Capability for Work.. They are not required to search for, be available for and start work, and cannot be sanctioned for not doing so, but they are required to accept work preparation requirements within their commitment and attend WFIs



Other WRAG claimants have been booted off ESA or the sickness element of UC after a period of two years because they failed their WCA – deliberate decision to bully them back to work.


Some claimants will fail their WCA after 2 years. Others after 6 months, 12 months  etc.

2 years is actually a prognosis period, meaning a number of people are reassessed at this stage. Unless there is any evidence of a pattern, this period of 2 years is meaningless


Thanks too to Anita Bellows who has worked with me on this 🙂


So you see folks, you can take the fear project and destroy it with Facts!


Read Frank Zola Blog below;

Update…….. “The Article originally produced by SKWAWKBOX. Claiming to that Disabled Persons could only claim UC for 24 months, is a mishmash of quotes from Gen William Taggart, who was actually talking about an Early ‘Draft’ of the Welfare Reform Acts. At no time did Gen. T directly associate this with Disabled Persons, in fact it was just a heads up for activists/advocates etc, to remember not to get complacent about the Statutory Instrument placed within the Welfare Reform Acts. “


Further confirmation from DWP to my FOI

My FOI response

“Claimants on JSA or UC, who are expected to look for and be available for work, must do all
they reasonably can to find and take up a job. However, the DWP sets no specific time limit for
how long a claimant is given to find a job.
Sanctions are only used in a minority of cases when people fail to attend work-search reviews;
fail to meet the work-related requirements they have agreed in their Claimant Commitment;
fail to apply for work or take up an offer of work; or leave a job, without good reason.
The DWP does not have any statutory powers to sanction or reduce benefit payments solely on the basis
that a claimant has been trying but has been unable to find work within 2 years.”


I havent blogged for a while, but this has slightly irritated me somewhat.

It seems in the UK and USA  Facebook is censoring it’s Users  by blocking them with their spamming tools,when they are just very active users of their accounts using the pay to go algorithm whatever that maybe?  I have since the Christmas break fell foul of this nonsense, which when you use the network as it is intended to be used  ,make friends and share information with each other across the globe.

So why have Facebook done this I ask myself…  I’m aware many countries censor their people but have the UK Users fell foul of this malpractice of making a social network unsociable! Then I found this.

I first came back and logged onto my account as usual to catch up with stuff I had missed over the festive season. it was sluggish but soon got stuff posted and shared amongst the groups I help administrate and  the odd picture I thought that amused my sense humour.  I had hardly posted maybe 20 items when I get a message flash up that clicking the share button to share a news article was seen as misuse of it purpose……I’m am sitting looking rather puzzled at this message then thought as im an activist against the barbaric cuts of the Welfare State in Uk maybe  I had annoyed the Authorities, then I sent feedback/complaint to Facebook asking why this was happening.

Silence is all I have had and numerous warnings, so I decide to set up another temp profile  till this glitch is sorted I thought, within mins of my friends being added I was warned on that too for adding too many friends. I’m like  is this a joke you just cant make up can you ?

A social network that doesn’t want users to network and share information!

“We need your help piercing through Facebook’s pay-to-share algorithm! Help us reach as many users as possible by posting about the FB Declaration of Independence on your walls, your pages’ walls and any other walls you can! To avoid having your messages inappropriately flagged as spam, make sure you change one or two characters in your messages each time you post.”


Only thing is no cancel button in UK

warning box

In the digital age we live in where people are glued to their smart phones and other means of communication with Twitter, Stumble, and more than I care to list, how can’t we use the tools without interference from neo libertarian rulers controlling every aspect of our lives.  The Sinister side of this are just a few examples here ; Store cards track what we buy , bank cards track our income,taxes,purchases,governments lose data like water down the drain,we are told what and when and how high to jump through hoops just to live our daily lives yet we accept this generally as the ‘norm’, when it comes to free speech though I draw the line.

Why do these people think they have a right to have free reign to bully its people without some consequence,why can a countries people not criticise it government,or challenge  their practices or say to a company providing a service they are wrong,unfair etc. The people of any country should be able to say ‘hold on a minute ‘ !

We do have a choice whether to use this media source of course,but when something has what you need all in one place why should we be forced to use another service that doesnt meet our needs.

Atos-Saint or Sinner?

This company was paid a handsome sum of money to carry out the Work Capability Assessments (WCA) by Labour in 2008. A pilot scheme was set up (after an impact assessment ) and carried out and a review showed serious flaws which Labour were in the process of addressing when they lost office. The Condem Vilification of the Sick and Disabled went into full swing like a drunk in charge of a vehicle under the supervision of Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) . A car crash was about to ensue. The WCA was changed by IDS to the cruel ,biased test we know now.The Atos contract was changed and regulations are being changed consistently to ensure his introduced targets are carried out as exposed by Dr Steven Bick,and Joyce Drummond the so-called   ‘Atos Whistleblower’. So the disability community have always thought Atos is their enemy ,when the reality is that enemy is DWP and the Government. They blame Labour for introducing this, which they did,but no way was it as cruel as it is now it was in fact fairer. Were the deaths so high under Labour they were not!

I was lucky to meet with Shadow Minister last week who told a delegation of campaigners (inc myself)  what I personally had suspected for some time, Atos are the governments scapegoats for failure, rather than the Government/DWP taking responsibility for an assessment process which was already flawed, being made worse by someone at the helm who threw caution to the wind, ignored the need for an impact assessment and by any means necessary was going to remove the vital support that people needed and who change regulations like they change their underwear. Atos Dr’s ,Nurses etc are not able to use the skills they trained years for,but are now Disability Analysts. The welfare of the Sick and Disabled do not come into it, if you can work one day a week then this is what they will say,this process  IS NOT A MEDICAL that many believe it is in fact a programme to work regardless of levels ability to do so,where it is possible. I know many will be outraged by these comments but that is the stark truth,I’m not going to dress it up or give you a sticky plaster for it. It is now costing more in appeals than to implement the test itself, a 9 month wait on DLA alone for appeals.

Atos are no angels they are banned in 15 countries for mismanagement so they are not off the hook entirely and are culpable in the suffering of our community but it seems what they took on,  in many places around the globe  were factors that lead to their failures also. The Sick and Disabled know it is fair to have assessments to make sure the genuine get the help they deserve, and work where they can,but this brutal regime will only get worse with the coming changes and more cuts next year with the introduction of Universal Credit,Bedroom Tax, PIP.

Now is the time to start laying the blame where it truly lies firmly and squarely on the doorstep of our present government,and realise the fact that unless we get behind Labour the only credible alternative we will be socially cleansed out of existence. I can hear you all screaming  ‘what Labour are you kidding me’, actually no I am not,while they made an attempt to make sure disability was taken into account and their original idea was flawed they are not to blame for the last two years destruction,we have suffered under this bunch., or for the harsh changes to the WCA or the constant changes to Atos contract and the hidden targets to get 7 out of 8 off benefits.

On reflection I can honestly say hand on heart that Atos are not the real enemy like any business they are fulfilling a contract what is being asked of them and struggling to do so because the staffing levels are not up to scratch to deal with the volumes the Government/DWP are pressuring then to achieve which is why the whole thing is a catastrophe.

I like many others blamed Labour for introducing it, which is unfair of me,it amazing when you get that lightbulb moment and you open your eyes  and realise that Atos also are scapegoats and the Real Culprits are laughing all the way to the bank as they asset strip our welfare system to keep the banks and themselves afloat at our expense. I asked why the deafening silence from Labour, the reality is they do not have majority on committees, the Tories and Lib  Dem’s do, hence the lack of perceived progress from Labour, who are fighting our corner in the background with Human Rights Abuses being lodged in EHRC.

I ask everyone to rise up against this let us get this lot out of office ,LETS KICK SOME BUTT!


Not Since  WW2 and the creation of the Welfare State has Modern Britain seen such Poverty until the Tories came to power. I’m not saying it wasn’t there, it’s just reached such alarming levels since the last election that even the elite cannot continue to ignore it.

Why is this happening I hear you cry, well since this Government took office and introduced the Welfare Reforms which cruelly deprive the poorest the basic levels of sustanance and unemployment levels through the roof, and a economy about to snap in half caused by a Banking  Euro Crisis, that is why we are seeing such levels of food poverty. Unless your going through it no one seems to care in the 1% who rule this country,while the others  face the crippling realities of no longer being able to put food on table is hitting Britains familes like a Tsunami .

Not only do they face problems getting a job ,they also face the cruel assessments of entitlement to benefits  that help the most vunerable in society(which are almost impossible to get due to tightening of rules and regulations) . How do you tell your child sorry I have nothing to give you,or the baby crying for milk they dont have money for cos they need to pay a bill? Naturally I’m not suggesting babies go without because parents would miss the bill and rather sit in dark or cold. I myself have often had to do without or scrimp by on one meal a day till the next payment is in the bank,cos cash is tight.

This is the new picture of Breadline Britain created by a Conservative Government and is indefensable, where they are rumours they are telling supermarkets not to give the surplus food they arent allowed to sell because of the sell by date for H&S reasons,so they can implement their heartless voucher scheme,where people are humiliated into going cap in hand to issuing authorities to a local foodbank should you be lucky to have one within your area let alone money to get there and back. The sell by date is a guide not exacting and much of this food could be donated to help those in need locally. Most people know with certain foods it not possible but for many it is a case of it could actually stop people being seriously ill, how long before the UK is back to levels of Consumption(TB) that fill the hospitals if they are still around after being sold off to the highest bidder. Hospital Wards are going to be rammed full, levels of TB are rising now and we have Ricketts back too diseases not seen in this country for decades.

So what are we going to do about it I hear you ask,well one could grown own veg etc if you have garden and share costs and produce with neighbours like they did in the war but society today is no longer like that, we live in the ‘ME ME ME’ society where most people dont evn see ,know or talk to a neighbour,let alone tell them their personal business for fear of being dobbed in to DWP malicious call unit and scroungers and such like rhetoric from the likes of our Government Officials and the Media who have all played a part in fuelling the Hatred of the Poor.

DAVID CAMERON WELCOMED food banks is a happy emboidment of the concept of the big society

His Secretary of State for Environment said it was an excellent example of citizenship.

There is a 233 per cent increase in kids fed by local charity in london kids charity. 2 children in every class are hungry, the problem getting worse, in last 2 years, children has no idea wheere next meal is coming from.

The Trussel Trust which is a Salisbury based charity, co ordinates all the foodbanks through out the UK, as of May 2012, there are 201 foodbanks in the UK.

The foodbanks are served by local churches and local community groups, a third of food is from supermarkets, near to the end of the line produce, and the rest is from indiviudals donating, something the supermarkets need to hang their heads down in shame only a third and the money they make.

In 2011-12 40% of foodbanks clients were experincing benefits payments delays.

In JAN/FEB there are a rise of people using food banks because of high
heating bills, and the cost of  Christmas

In Jan 2010 young couple with 18 mth baby, dad off sick, no sick pay, delay in benefit payments, face eviciton from home, no money for food, living in one room and sleeping in it too, could not afford heating with ice on the windows,  the food bank helped them.

Primary school boy, skipping school lunchtime, no money for lunch, father left family, benefits in his fathers name, informed of father left, all benefits stopped because of change of circumstances, 2-4 months before money sorted, to claim free school meals need to be in recipt of benefits,no help, so relied on foodbank support.

Nutmens carried out a survery of 1146 parents this was carried out on
behaf of NSPCC and Princes Trust, 2,000 children are fed every week and in 2011
they saw 30 famiiles a week needing thier support their only meal of the day,
in 2012 its 70 families a week needing theier support as the only meal of the
day the charity were providing.


62 per cent of people know local familes where children are going hungry as there is not enough to eat, and are way under the breadline. The school meals serving are being cut and portions are tiny even though costs of meals are rising. Plus school milk has been universally cut unless you pay for it in a few places

These are just examples of what people are facing in our country NOW!

Cumbria alone has seen a 600% rise in need for assistance alone this is a national disgrace see link below.

This is an appalling legacy which has got lost in the ether because of Olympic Fever,so why are we not telling our government to stop wasting taxpayers money on such ridiculous piecemeal schemes they keep trying to tell us is for our benefit and feed our own people or do we have to put out a call to the UN for Aid?

“Falling incomes and welfare spending cuts have triggered an explosion in demand for emergency food parcels as Britain’s poorest families struggle to put a meal on the table, say charities.

FareShare, a charity that supplies millions of free meals to charities, food banks  and breakfast clubs using food donated by supermarkets, said it could not keep pace with demand, which it expected to continue growing for at least five years.

“We are experiencing ridiculous growth. The only brake is how much food we can get out of the industry. We have the operational capacity to deliver more food and the charities that want to take that food,” said Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of FareShare.

FareShare said the food it distributed in 2011-12 contributed to more than 8.6m meals, benefiting an average 36,500 people a day via 720 organisations that deal with people in food poverty. Its long-term plans are to triple the numbers of people and charities it supplies. Along with charity shops and payday loans companies, food banks have become one of recession Britain’s high growth sectors. Originally set up to support homeless individuals, food banks report they increasingly serve families hit by benefit cuts or unemployment, and low-income working households who can’t make ends meet”

The Guardian’s Breadline Britain investigation revealed last week that up to 3.6m UK households were at risk of slipping into poverty as a result of spiralling living costs, shrinking incomes and welfare benefit reforms. Britain’s biggest food-bank network, the Trussell Trust charity, reported in April it had doubled the number of emergency food parcels issued over the past year and was opening food banks at the rate of two a week.

Chris Mould, director of the Trussell Trust, said: “Every day we meet parents who are skipping meals to feed their children or even considering stealing to stop their children going to bed hungry. It is shocking that there is such a great need for food banks in 21st-century Britain, but the need is growing.”

says the guardian article

It is time to get rid of this ‘Shower in Power’ and society needs to show some compassion for it’s fellow man,not hatred,which is being permeated from every corner of the media and our government ministers  who dont need to worry where their next meal is coming from and get our country back while we still have one left. you can even do your bit by just asking a neighbour are you ok can I help,or check on Old Billy down the road to make sure he has a meal!

Lastly thanks to Paula Peters who helped me collect some of the information here.


Update :

Benefit Breakdown of the Governments Spending

42.3% Elderly
20.8 % Low Income
18.4% Families
15.5% Disabled
2.6% Unemployed

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