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Campaigners Will Be United And Never Be Divided

After seeing so much going on over last few months with various campaign groups using various tactics to get highlighted the appalling welfare measures being metered out by the Coalition, the one thing this government would like is to divide and rule us.

In fact they depend on us fighting amongst ourselves ,and many do,but then most resolve differences to pull together as one force. Many online groups have individuals infiltrating us who are determined to help this government to another 5 years,  causing discord,among groups and individuals. The sad fact is we all  fighting for one aim to get this made a  fair and level playing field  and get this abhorrent bunch of posh boys out.

This government has continuously ABUSED  its power,broke many Human Rights in the name of Austerity and a deficit which doesn’t exist. The bankers toxic debt caused this crisis in the economy not the people who are suffering by the ‘IDS Hand of God’ your cured, miracles occur syndrome. It continues to mislead its people,and uses language which incites hatred of various groups of individuals who are the poorest in the country, and hate crime which has risen rapidly since they came to power. Workshy,Scrounger, Lazy,Many are fit for work,scream the headlines this is just a few of the outrageous remarks to come from senior ministers who should know better.

The Career Politicians we now have are damaging our country, dividing its people,and worst of all politics in UK is at an all time low, and in crisis. The polls  low turnouts according to statistics for the new Police Commissioners  lowest in British History.

So what do we do I hear daily, allegiances to one party or another also leads to public spats which really  shouldn’t be happening. So are we all going to get change from splitting votes, hell no, we only achieve change by sticking with the one party who can realistically oppose, which in the present day  is Labour,given the other two joined forces,yet many feel angry with Labour for introducing the Benefit Cuts that this Government changed to suit and is now imposing causing untold decimation across the poorest ,and many others.

Lets put something straight, many core Campaigners are very Sick and Disabled themselves they work tirelessly to get the information, so many need into the public domain to enable them to fight back against this brutal regime,many are facing the awful Atos Assessments and fighting for their own survival too,while thinking of others distress and making sure support is out there in whatever format people choose to use from, Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,etc plus websites and forums,telephone lines and each other.That takes all the energy they have,while some are vilified in the public domain for trying to do what is humanely possible. This can only lead to a stronger oneness and using whatever it takes to gain momentum to the campaign we all take part in,to highlight the injustices,the deaths,the barbaric cruelty, whose lives are made into a complete hell by an Elitist  Government. Many Global Multi Nationals who dont pay their fair share in taxes to ensure fairness for all.

Wouldn’t it be better to channel all that into something positive than allow a few to divide and rule us. Of course it would,  we should march on in whatever way we can to get the information out there and enable the poorest in society a voice so loud they cannot ignore us any longer,that those who have been selectively deaf and blind to the suffering of many of their fellow citizens. Many people are on the edge of a precipice desperate for help because they can’t take anymore of this blatant cruelty raining down upon them,losing their homes,falling into massive debts because their monies have been stopped or cut,children not having enough food daily because a parent can’t afford enough food/heat the home, we have to have Food Banks,  teachers feeding kids in school, workers have their rights denied to a safe workplace and to fair pay and conditions,job seekers sanctioned for up to 3yrs without a means to provide for the family, or the dreaded Workfare regime I could list much more but I wont.

Next year the Bedroom Tax comes in followed by more Benefit Cuts under the guise of simpler ways to provide for those who are the most vulnerable ,while reality is many of those will slip through the net with tougher descriptors which will remove the bare necessities to survive with basic food which is full of fats and other nasties that will harm their wellbeing. The streets will start to fill with those who lost their homes, Crime will go up as usual and this government will blame them all over again for what is not their fault. What kind of society does this , a Totalitarian one. We must have all stumbled across a time warp and been transported to the 1700/1800 ‘s. this isn’t about individuals ,it isn’t about personal ego’s and groups, it about all of us in a really bad nightmare and we have to stick together.

Many will die amongst us but for the sake of future generations we must continue a United Front and an Undivided Front and work as one,for if we don’t ,they will blame us for not standing up for them,for not  giving them a future where they can prosper.

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