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Social Prescribing -Whats Next at your GP Surgery





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Social Prescribing  in the NHS is a part of NHS 10 yr Plan. How will it affect you?

Well here is a video and documents to explain what it is  but one thing it is leading to is Privatization on  ‘speed ‘ as the Government  implement  STP and ICS throughout NHS  and a reworking of the GP Contract. will it affect us all of course it will under this regime who are flogging the crown Jewels of to leave us with an Americanized welfare system of two tier. The insurance lobbies are waiting patiently to make a killing while many wont be able to access quality health care as under the NHS that was created as part of the Welfare State delivered to us by Nye Bevin.

Below is the Video of Tim Owen Jones in Bromley









Link to Making Sense of Social Prescribing



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