The Evil Within Power

no nhs cuts cam

It is evident even to the  blindest of people that our present government is out of control. In 2010 the Tories came to power saying they were best, alongside Lib Dem’s as a coalition to run this country and that ordinary working people would be better off. I will post all links at the bottom of this post so you can see for yourselves rather than litter this blog with them.

What a pack of lies that has turned out to be, however I’m sure they have convinced themselves like Maggie did, that they are doing the right thing and have managed to hoodwink the public for best part into believing this LIE.

What has happened since they have come to power is a stain on our country and our political system is the laughing-stock of the world where justice and fairness for all has been almost crushed and the people enslaved to what is reminiscent to Germany in 1930’s when Hitler came to power. While as yet it has not committed the atrocities Hitler did, there are parallels so similar it is frightening. They targeted the high unemployment in this country caused by the Banking Crash of 2008 . They decided that welfare reform needed to be addressed to make sure those who needed it would be provided for and to make it simpler and to cut those who were abusing the system. In doing this they also targeted our NHS, also affected were Housing Benefit, Care for it citizens. It became apparent very quickly that it wasn’t just the jobless but also the disabled and sick claimants and those who dared claim any benefit from the state, based on lies of demonizing the  workshy, scroungers, who were frauding the system from the taxpayers hard-earned cash. However time and time again they have been proven to be designed plans to eradicate the Welfare State from those who have worked hard and paid their National Insurance Stamp in good faith that’s should they need a hand up on ladder when life was tough this safety net would be there to help them till they were able to contribute again. Some severely disabled people will have never been able to work and should be supported in a civilised society yet daily they are vilified and demonized , a drain on the state bank and society according to the Condem Government. They brought in the WCA (work capability assessment test) which under a new contract Atos where those to carry out these so-called medical to assess someone to make sure they were indeed fit for work or not. Before everyone goes blue in face I know Labour initiated that relationship but this was seen as too soft so both contract and WCA was redesigned (Anne McGuire MP) by the Condems into the most brutal of regimes this country has ever seen since Victorian Times.

While those in Westminster  claimed expenses they shouldn’t have done which is after all TAXPAYERS money and a few have been jailed for good measure most got a slap across wrist and were told to pay it back. Bankers Bonuses were another scandal and it is still going on, while they plunder the treasury coffers to ram through cruel policies on its people and paying their cronies in honours list and have vested interests in IT software companies,and healthcare, inc care home providers too yet  Tax evasion is rife and the people seem to ignore this matter, so they turn on those who are at bottom of the ladder THE POOR! It’s ironic that some of those tax evaders are the Government’s Workfare providers, the likes of Vodaphone, Costa coffee, Starbucks  (who coughed up) and many many more.

Now we have those in power determined to erode your power and your  human rights by pulling out of Europe under the guise of terrorism. While we cannot deny some terrorist activity in UK,  on the whole idea we are under imminent attack is ludicrous yet people have fallen for this bullshit and fear a 9/11 event ,we only have to see the over the top reaction when hosting the Olympic games where anti tank weapons were placed on top of the rooftops of London while forcing those living there out of their homes to accommodate. The austerity measures are based on a lie that Labour ran us into so much debt we have a deficit that justifies these measure when actually, this government has borrowed more than any other government in recent decades, and is based on a global lie. Well as a campaigner I can’t sit by and watch this country be systematically destroyed by those in power and keep my mouth shut. People are fooled by the blame game and the right always use this against the more left leaning opponents. They have made so many mistakes that have cost the hardworking Taxpayer millions far more than they actually so far have saved , and continue to waste more money on failed projects or ideas as the wheels on train fall off bit by bit.

Where I draw the line is a Eugenic ideology which comes in various forms from mild to extreme as history has shown us, and that readers is where we are heading, with todays announcements that they will withdraw NHS drugs to our elderly population who fought hard in WW1/2  to stop this ever happening again and many lives lost too in both wars, to be treated in such a disgusting way at the end of their lives. Recently the Dutch Government voted to force a Eugenic programme on disabled whom they feel are of no worth, followed by a few other  countries who are thinking of adopting this idea.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH all life is worthy !

The elderly have also been targeted by Pathway to Care Programme in Liverpool where food and drink were removed from a dying patient and that’s another scandal in itself when it broke into news. We have people who have died because of this government, we have working families who are reliant on food banks  to make ends meet, we have thousands of children in poverty, the list goes on  and on and those in power have a consistently and continue to milk the gravy train.


It is time we all derailed this train and stopped it on the tracks and help those who are the poorest in society ,as they saying goes a country is judged by the way it looks after its people. Don’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening in your name ……ACT and put a stop to it!



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