UNUM the Government and the Flawed WCA








Well many blogs have been written on this topic by academics, but I’m going to try to point you in right direction as to why nothing is going to change no matter how much you want it to happen. Firstly Unum have been around a long time advising the UK governments ,with what I believe to be the ultimate goal of raking in a nice juicy profit from selling us all Insurance policies for Income protection ,Critical illness, Employment packages etc and even recently the Apprenticeship Scheme and a partnership with Maggie’s the Cancer Centres across UK who support those with Cancer. This company has had many a run in with law  in the US and elsewhere, but what sickens me to my stomach is the long line of those within the UK who just seem to pop up everywhere, and there is no national outcry or any questions asked by those MP’s in the house who we pay to represent us. They have also had some negative press too.Fact is Unum have their feet firmly under the Government table and the WCA contract with a provider can only be changed by the Secretary of State at DWP.

One Man has consistently popped up Professor Michael O’Donnell, he was with Unum, Atos, and now is at Maximus the new provider for WCA. (Work Capability Assessment). Now I’m no Einstein but I smell a rat miles off, another  one is Bill Gunnyeon ,Leslie Wolfe connection  with DWP and Centre for Health and Disability Assessments, and Maximus, lastly the communications person Mario Dunn  for Maximus  was a Special Adviser in Government between 2005 and 2010 working at the highest levels of policy making and communications across four Government departments covering business, health, education and the Home Office. While he was at the Department of Health, Mario was listed by the Health Service Journal as one of the 50 most influential people in health in the U.K.

Now if you ain’t figured where I’m going yet I will spell it out, “we have been shafted” Maximus  have got it all covered so as IDS, which is why he laughs his bollox off every time a debate comes up on welfare reform and why he still got his post. Maximus  will do not just WCA but also In work Fitness, and work placements, they have healthcare stitched up too including the Pharma Companies ,GP Records the whole caboodle, including a prominent disability campaigner Sue Marsh who has just got the job of Customer Services at Maximus.  I will give links to highlight this at bottom of the Blog.

In a Nutshell they are dismantling the Welfare State right under our noses and we are powerless to stop them exacting what they want even if we vote the present Government out. Their links go way back including a labour government and the previous tory one too.

Now you have picked yourself off the floor and made yourself a cuppa to recover from the shock, it has been bugging me for some considerable time and I have spent long hours  trying to link all this. We have had some brilliant researchers and journalists comment quite thoroughly on the subject and I hope that you will finally take your blinkers off and realise they didn’t just snatch a catchphrase out of thin air it was well planned and executed “They are all in it Together” ! Plenty of reading for you all

































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