This report from Disability Campaigner Gail Ward is a must read for all benefit claimants and those claiming  ‘in work’ benefits claimed by millions in the UK. It has plenty of references and downloads contained within the document and it will alarm many, it should, as this government is targeting the poorest in society at the expense of saving the rich. Some of those already transferred will know the horrors already highlighted recently by Citizens Advice (CAB),but the majority do not. This blog doesn’t have the capacity to embed the entire report to enable reading online ,but you can download it from the link below in the hope that this will help many prepare for the next onslaught by this barbaric government whose sole purpose is to hound claimants, and save money for the state putting profit before people. If you thought WCA (ESA) was bad this will make it look relatively tame.

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  1. […] Source: Universal Credit Report -Hidden dangerous policy decisions that will cause harm […]


  2. Joan Frost said:

    Excellent report on the terrifying consequences of UC. Working in a food bank I see the effects of this policy every day. No longer do people come just for food as their needs have become far more complex as more and more of them are moved onto UC. Food, clothes and fueĺbanking are just some of the basic necessities of life that we try to provide. Along with these are a job club and a drop in centre from mind. We need to have Mind to provide another listening ear which might be able to suggest hope and even life-saving strategies to our visitor. Then the is the confusion and fear as to how they are to manage to survive for the next 6-8 weeks ( minimum ), until their first payment arrives. How are they deal with rent arrears and other debts, how will they feed and clothe their children. We are fortunate to have advisors from the Ancora project working with us to give advice and practical assistance. Then there are the sick and disabled. I could go on and on about the desperate people who come through our doors every day and our anger and frustration at how little we can do to help. My anger at the conscious cruelty of this shameful ideology is all-consuming and drives me on with my political activism to try to win a change of government which we all need. I myself live in daily fear of the brown envelope arriving as if I lose my mobility car I will, to all intents and purposes, become housebound.


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  5. juliette Gazzard said:

    Is it possible for you to point me in the direction of details on the comment regarding seeking 48hrs work per week if part-time. If I have read it right this should be a particularly vicious move on the part of this government. Thanks


  6. Liz Douglas said:

    Here’s the latest Committee meeting on Universal Credit rollout Frank Field chairing Lord Freud in the hot seat had to watch a few times I couldn’t believe what he said. They commissioned extensive studies prior to the rollout of any policy so are fully aware of the negative consequences they don’t need educating. Feb 2017 Freud asked ‘What he would change about the design of UC if he was starting again today’


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