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The Tories have plans which will strike fear into disabled people, Let alone all the other groups who need state support because of Low Income top up’s which come under Universal Credit. Apologies this is lengthy one.

The Opposition sparked panic when Jonathan Ashworth tweeted the Tories planned to means test PIP a few weeks ago, which of course was politicking hoping people will vote Labour into Number 10.When asked for proof, that failed to materialise and the Tories denied it flatly just before the Autumn Statement.

There was good news, albeit crumbs off the table relief when Jeremy Hunt announced a rise of 10.1%in line with inflation, many who are all struggling to fend off the cost to living crisis as everything rockets upwards while income’s remained static. Many were also relieved that Managed Migration was delayed till 2028 for those left on the Legacy system. It wasn’t done out of Kindness or Compassion.

However when they released the Disability Green Paper ‘Shaping Future Support ‘in July 2021, after decades of demanding a fairer system disabled people may well live to regret it.

Mel Stride the New DWP Secretary of State faced his first DWP Select Committee grilling on Wed 30th November and announced that the White Paper will be published in early 2023.What was gleaned from his appearance is a Single Assessment Service (SAS) will be rolled out for PIP ,UC as ESA will no longer be an issue and 5 yr contracts are already up for grabs and will be in place in March .He also stated that this would be carried out by single contractor under the Health Transformation Program as they try to support people into work including those with health conditions or disability.

While he said they were trying different approaches, In the Birmingham Pilot they were using ‘Case Managers’ to support claimants with forms or questions around what was required for claims to move forward or offer insight to a decision they had received. The Green Paper also mentions testing the Severe Disability Groups, so we will have to see whats in the White Paper and whether it will actually face scrutiny in Parliament or it will be pushed through on Statutory Instrument without consultation.

When asked re the delay he said It was Fiscal and Staffing issues primarily and that some will naturally migrate due to changes of circumstances, so they expected Managed Migration numbers to fall in next 5 yrs. When the rise of sanctions were raised he claimed it was due to reintroduction of Conditionality which was stopped under Covid and many were due to be moved into Intensive Work Regime from September 2023 and that they would continue to rise before levelling out again.

Both Main Parties are focused on getting people into work and reduction of the welfare costs, so do not expect favours from either of them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to work and having a job and income, However they will still be held prisoners due to low wages to the UC system and conditionality, sanctions.

Stride said:

On the innovation that I have already raised, there is probably room for us to push further
in that direction. None the less, it is a Department that is staffed by
people—particularly our work coaches—who really want to do the right
thing. They want to get people into work, get people out of poverty and
support the most vulnerable, and that has come through to me loud and


There are 9 million people who are economically inactive in the UK. They
broadly split down into four groups, one of which is the over-50s who
have retired early.This might be somebody who is
asset rich, they have reached the time of their life where they have
ceased to be the mouse on the wheel during the pandemic, stepped out
of the workplace and quite fancy staying there and feel that they are well
resourced enough to remain economically inactive. The approach to that
group is clearly very different to somebody who is in one of the other
groups, particularly the long-term sick, who may have all sorts of serious
barriers to getting back to work.We have the mid-life MOT that
we run at the moment, or a variation on that. If you were born in 1971,
you have a 50% chance of being alive and healthy aged 100. That is an
extraordinary statistic. If I am 55 or 57 or whatever and I think that I
have everything set up for the rest of life, is that a rational judgment
given the facts? It might be that interventions of that nature are
important with that group. There could be other incentives to coming
back into work—flexible engagement with work is probably important to
that group.
For those who are long-term sick, we have to work with the Health
Department and employers and look at occupational health and very
different approaches.referred earlier to four different cohorts within this economically inactive group
and students and carers are the other two,but health among the over-50s is a component; it is not the main thing but it
is a component.

Nigel Mills pressed the Secretary of State re delays to migration.

Nigel Mills: Could you perhaps explain, Secretary of State, one of the
things in the autumn statement around the delay in moving ESA
claimants to Universal Credit? What motivated that quite lengthy delay?

Mel Stride: This is a delay from the end of 2024 to 2027-28. There were
two principal reasons for that. One is a fiscal reason—a financial reason—
which is that because of the fact that as claimants are migrated by
mandation from ESA on to Universal Credit and given transitional
protection if they are one of the 33% that are likely to lose as a
consequence of that migration, and that 55% of those who are being
migrated will be gainers compared to what they are receiving on ESA,
because of that effect being stopped because of the delay, there is a
saving across the scorecard period of about £1 billion.

The second reason is that a large number of people are employed by
DWP in executing that mandated migration, and they could be freed up to do other things.

Then came Desmond Swayne who asked the question everyone wanted to hear:

Desmond Swayne :Claimants who were working between 16 and 35
hours who are now going to be required to have an interview with a work
coach. Have you got enough work coaches?

Mel Stride:I think we had 13,500 work coaches. We then took on an additional 13,500 to get to 27,000. I am not absolutely clear whether we ended up with a full complement or
not, but we were recruiting up to 27,000. In a moment I will bring in
Peter, who will know more of the detail, but my understanding is that
that second tranche was on a kind of contractual basis and were not
intended to be there forever. My understanding now is that the figure is
about 15,000 work coaches in situ.You are absolutely right: that group now is going to
have the additional pressures of those moving from the light touch into
the intensive work-search group and that will need more resource. That
resource can come in the form of additional work coaches, which would
not be my preferred option and may be unaffordable, or it can come from
looking at the way in which the work coaches operate—in other words
through innovation and driving efficiencies.The average work coach, I believe
has a caseload of 115 claimants and under the future jobcentre
programme we have now raised it to about 130 or thereabouts.

The reductions from Social Security payments now has fallen to maximum of 25% deductions now

Chris Stephens:Sanctions were suspended during the pandemic. A very
hard line seems to be coming back and the Disability Benefits Consortium
has concerns. It found that sanctions are disastrous for claimants with
mental health conditions, so in what way is a claimant’s mental health a
consideration in the Department’s decision-making process regarding

Mel Stride: When it comes to sanctions, let me first say that sanctions
are necessary and right. Nobody wants to give a sanction, but at the end
of the day there is a contract that is entered into between the claimant
and the Department that involves the payment of benefits, which is
taxpayers’ money, to support those individuals, quite rightly, but on the
basis that primarily they are looking for work. If that contract is broken
by an individual, for example, not turning up for a face-to-face
appointment, which is 98.2% of the reason why sanctions occur, and that
issue is not resolved reasonably quickly, which it can be between the
work coach and the claimant very quickly—“Come on, come to the next
appointment” and it is all fine—but if that persists then it is right that
sanctions are entered into.In terms of the increase in the level of sanctions that you mentioned, it
was running at about, I think, between 2% and 3% of cases prior to the
pandemic. Then what happened was, quite rightly, we said there would
be a number of easements there to make sure that, for example, in the
absence of being able to come into a jobcentre for obvious reasons when
we were all in lockdown, benefits still flowed. What that led to was people
getting out of the habit of doing the kind of things that they were doing
before. In fact in April 2021 when we reintroduced the requirement for
face-to-face meetings in jobcentres, that is the moment you saw the
sanction regime beginning to spike up. Indeed, it is currently up at about

Chris Stephens: Secretary of State, we would be looking for consistency.
I tabled a PQ and the figure that has come back is that in August £36
million was taken off people in sanctions

Peter Schofield: On average, I think we are getting attendance rates at our best of around 75% of people attending
when they should be attending. As you say, the sanctions data that we
published in August was 6.37%. That gives you a sense that sanctions
are absolutely—absolutely—a last resort. I talk to jobcentre staff and
decision makers up and down the country regularly about this. No one
wants to give a sanction. At the end of the day, a sanction is not given by
a work coach; a sanction is given by a decision-maker reviewing all the
evidence. They will absolutely take into account if there is a good cause—
for example, a mental health issue should be something that is taken into
account.A good
cause is something that is considered very carefully and if someone then
wants to appeal against a sanction, there is then a mandatory
reconsideration process that is run separately from the decision-making
team that would then review the case again. There are safeguards in
place. Sanctions are a last resort.
We would absolutely take account if someone cannot come in because of
good cause but, as the Secretary of State said, over 98% of sanctions are
simply because someone has failed, without good cause, to come in for a
mandatory conversation in a jobcentre. This is at the heart of the way
that we try to encourage people into work, support people into work, help
them to find a job that is right for them and address vacancies across the


Siobhan Baillie: Yes, and Radio 4’s More or Less. These are smart
forensic journalists, with lots of researchers involved. They have
struggled to nail down the actual position. It has taken accessing a
password-protected website called Stat-Xplore for employment figures
and calls to the DWP press office, and the figures they have been looking
at still have a six-month lag. Before commenting on data, what do you
say about the figure of 5 million people being on out-of-work benefits?

Mel Stride: My view is that we do need to do more work on this whole
area in the economic inactivity. As I said at the beginning of the hearing,
there is lots to learn and lots of unknown. As I understand it, the 5.5
million, if that is the figure, is largely that component of Universal Credit
claimants that are out of work added to a remnant of those that are on
JSA—a small amount—and then incapacity makes up the difference.

Peter Schofield: The 9 million is the labour market stats that come out
on a regular basis. The 5 million is a proportion of that and the Spectator
have chosen to carve it up in a particular way. I think 1.6 million of those
were incapacity benefits, primarily ESA, so these are people who are
unable to work because of health conditions. You will have a considerable
number of people on Universal Credit who are in the same position.
Our best number of people who are unemployed, the old claimant-type
measure, which is primarily people in the intensive work search group in
Universal Credit and people on JSA, is around 1.5 million. But of course
none of that is not to say—it goes back to the conversation we were
having earlier about the importance of supporting people who are out of
work because of health conditions, to help them into work. Even though
they are not formally in the unemployment statistics, as we would know
it, these are still people who are economically inactive that we need to be
supporting into work.


Debbie Abrahams: I want to move on and talk specifically about the requirement that the
Equality and Human Rights Commission have put on the Department for
Work and Pensions. Going back to April, they notified your Department of
the need to enter into a section 23 agreement under the Equality Act
2006. That was based on evidence that had been supplied through
numerous disability actors and charities around the deaths of particularly
vulnerable claimants, although not solely.Then there was a report that was produced back in February 2021 that
made a recommendation, which was specifically on the health effects of
the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016, and it went into quite a bit of
evidence around that and made a recommendation to the Equality and
Human Rights Commission that these deaths needed to be investigated.
That is when the EHRC looked into what your Department is doing around
reasonable adjustments in relation to how you deal with vulnerable
claimants in particular.
There is even more evidence now. We know that in the summer there
was the Deaths by Welfare Project, which published some incredible
depth of detail. There were 140 claimants’ deaths that have been
investigated by your Department, and 39 cases of serious harm, so my
question is: where are we in relation to the section 23 agreement? Has
that been agreed now?

Mel Stride: I will come to that, Debbie. Can I just say at the outset that
any instance where somebody ends up in a situation where they take
their own life or come to serious harm as a consequence of an interaction
with this Department—this an “if”: if it is as a consequence—I take it
extraordinarily seriously? It is an area of what we do that is a very
serious focus for me as Secretary of State, and I totally understand the
responsibilities that this Department has in that regard.
As relates to the EHRC and the section 23 agreement, we are working
towards that in principle.

Debbie Abrahams: I wonder if the EHRC were here whether they would
have the same view; my understanding is that that is not the case. It is
seven months now, and I appreciate that you are new in the role,
Secretary of State, but you have just made a statement about how
important you take these issues. Seven months does not look as though
it has been taken seriously, particularly by your predecessor, but now
you have the reins in your hands. It is very much down to you. It is
simply not good enough to say we are making constructive progress. This
needs to be dealt with, with absolute urgency, and anybody watching this
who has been affected either as a family member or a friend—there are
hundreds and hundreds—will look at this and think you are not taking it
Why has it taken this time and when will it be agreed? It would be
reasonable to say that it would be concluded by the end of the year and
anything less than that will be seen as an obfuscation, an absolute kick in
the teeth to the disabled claimants, particularly, who have suffered
around this. But this is also about our equality laws. This is the equality
law regulator. What does it say about this Government? I thought we had
moved on from a Government that decided that some laws would apply
to them and others would not. This is just not good enough. These are
laws that are in standing. How can we expect anybody else in the
country, and other organisations, to take these laws seriously if our own
Government will not?

Peter Schofield: The engagement is positive and constructive and there
are things—I cannot go into the detail unfortunately; I am not allowed
to—but the engagement is positive and constructive. The other thing I
want to reassure you of, Ms Abrahams, as I try to do regularly, is that
absolutely everything you say in terms of what we are trying to do as a
Department, how we support vulnerable people and the learning-lessons
process that we put in place, things like the serious case panel and all
that we do through that work—we have set it out in more detail in the
annual report and accounts—we want to learn from when things go

Debbie Abrahams: We have been around this course before. Mr
Schofield, they are words and people now want action. This is one
example of how you can take action. I have other questions here but we
know that the 140 deaths between July 2019 and June 2022 are the tip
of the iceberg because you do not collect the data.

Why don’t you?

Why do we not have a real understanding of the scale of the deaths of disabled people?Your predecessor was a little bit reticent in recognising that the Department has a duty of care to protect
and safeguard particularly vulnerable claimants. I wonder what your views are on this.

Mel Stride: We do not have a statutory duty, but that does not mean
that we do not care and that we do not have very significant
responsibilities and processes to look at exactly these kind of very
difficult issues. The internal process reviews that you will be familiar with
look at individual cases where serious harm or death has occurred. That
is fed into the serious case panel that Peter has referred to, which meets
quarterly. Peter attends that serious case panel. It has all the directors
general across the Department. It is chaired by a senior non-executive
director of the board of the Department, and that is there to take the
information from the IPRs and other information, and to look at the
patterns, themes and lessons that need to be learned going forward.


Chair: Can you give us an update on progress with the health
transformation programme and the plan for a new single integrated
health assessment service?
Mel Stride: We have, as you will know, been piloting with London and

Peter Schofield: If you remember—we talked about this before—there
are two elements to this. One is the new contracts for health
assessments, which we are due to now put in place from the beginning
of, I think, March 2024. Those will provide a single assessment service
across all parts of the country. Bringing together under one supplier in
each place work capability assessments for Universal Credit on the one
hand and the health assessments for PIP on the other hand. That will
give us a single provider in each place, which will have some benefits,
and those contracts will last for five years.The work that we are doing in what we call these health
transformation areas, starting with the two places that the Secretary of
State described, will help us to inform how we can then build a different
service that is trying to do different things to try to improve the whole
process of the health assessment journey that people go on.I cannot remember whether I have talked to the Committee about this before, but one example is having a case manager for individuals, so
when you go through that health assessment process you do not feel like
you are being passed from one person to another along the line. There is
always someone who is working with you on your claim as you go
through, and we think that will have a number of advantages. We will
add cost to the process on the one hand, but the advantages are that it
will help claimants understand the process better, help them to produce
all the right evidence that they need up front so that we can make the
right decision earlier on in the process. We do not get the risks that
evidence comes down later and we end up in a mandatory
reconsideration or an appeal.Obviously it can also help people who perhaps have a condition that is
not appropriate for a disability benefit not to find themselves going down
a process and at the end of it they find they do not get a positive answer,
but to be directed to more appropriate sources of support. That is one
example of a number of things that we are trying.

Chair: That will all happen nationally from the beginning of 2024, will it?
Peter Schofield: No, the contracts that we are putting in place from
2024 are about bringing together—it is a more conventional service but
you are bringing together the two types of service in one place. Quite a
lot of people have a work capability assessment with Universal Credit and
also then apply for PIP, and they will find themselves talking to
completely different providers. This way you are talking to one provider
who may be able to better co-ordinate that service and that support.
There may be the opportunity to make better use of evidence between
the two different processes.

Chair: When would the fuller integration you were talking about a
moment ago take effect?
Peter Schofield: We will build it up during the course of the next five
years. The contracts that we are negotiating for 2024 will allow us to do
more of the in-house work that we have described in the two centres, to
roll that out into increasing parts of the country. As we develop that in
house, we can then play that back into new contracts with suppliers or
decide to do it in different ways more broadly. It is a long process but it
is a hugely complex process. I am absolutely determined to change the
whole experience that people go through when they apply for disability

So sorry this is long, but I have cut important excerpts from the transcript which was lengthy but vitally important to those on the receiving end of these policies. We now will have to await the White Paper to see what other monstrosities they plan to unleash on disabled people.


People may ask what the Gunpowder plot has got to do with England Today in 2022?

Well Anonymous might of taken Guidio Fawkes under their wing, as a symbol of someone who stood up against tyranny, but what people conveniently forget is he was an English Catholic Mercenary for hire.  He had fought for the Spanish queen, as a Catholic Mercenary long before The Gunpowder plot was even thought of.   

He was born in 1570 to a family that had been on the receiving end of tragedy his father Edward Fawkes died when Guy was young, his father had been Protestant, and had raised Guy as a Protestant until his death.   His mother was from a well to do merchant family, and she remarried into a Catholic family 9 years later.

His father was an ecclesiastical lawyer who worked for York Minster.  And his maternal grandfather had been Lord Mayor.    Guy attended St Peters School in York, and is believed to have converted to Catholicism whilst at the school.   Northern England never really excepted the reformation and many people were still militantly Catholic behind closed doors.

In 1552 The Second Act Of Uniformity made it an offence not to attend Anglican Worship.   By 1559 a family could be fined up to twelve shillings for not attending Anglican services.   The Third Act of Uniformity used church wardens to collect fines were recorded in The Quarter Sessions Records.  By 1581 fines for not attending Anglican services were twenty pounds a month.   So this can easily explain why Guy Fawkes decided to go and fight for Spain in 1591 he headed for what is now part of modern day Belgium (Then The Spanish Netherlands) to fight a Dutch Protestant rebellion.



By 1603 England had a Scottish King on the throne who had promised Catholics the right to worship as they wished, but in reality little had changed a Priest could be executed just for saying Mass, recusants could be fined or put in prison meanwhile Europe was in turmoil, and England seemed frightened of anything remotely Catholic or Spanish.


What has that got to do with us today?   Here in the digital age?  Nationalism and faith can be a very potent mix, particularly when facing the threat of a people more devout and loyal to their beliefs and traditions than your average, white Protestant, Church of England parishioner; it seems ridiculous that the organised left refuse to even contemplate a progressive nationalism that could be a complete antidote to likes of Tommy Robinson and Britain First?


 I am not a nationalist, but I can see the ghosts of Cable Street marching, I can see ’The Comrades of the dead battalions’ marching through Rochdale, Telford, Sunderland, and West Brom, or Tipton unless there is a major change in the educated classes attitude to your average white working class male.

(Ref:  ( The Melancholia of Class, Cruz,  Cynthia.   

 (The Tories, Brexit and English People ) Nov,14 2022

Their patronising attitudes to anything deemed ‘ Yobbish’ ….. (  A Yob is east London Market back slang for ‘a boy).    This slang is as old as London, and so is the complete contempt of ‘ The middle class champagne socialists’ for any marginalised group who dares to expose their collective teeth, and tell those who believe they have the power,  that in reality they represent nothing that is anything to do everyday life.

ref:.the glasgow   (May2015)

Lets not forget how The Labour Party elite as well as the Spanish Republican government, betrayed Internationalist Brigade volunteers, Clement Atlee was in Russia at the start of Civil war, The Labour Party itself was divided as to what was the best policy, the right wing of the party decided to support a ’Non interventionist ‘ stance this was wholeheartedly supported by the then Deputy Leader Arthur Greenwood, who despite knowing Germany and Italy were not keeping to the non interventionist agreement they had both signed, refused to listen to any Labour membership who disagreed with him.  He stated it was ’A very bad second best’ (This was on October 7th 1936)

The German and Italian Fascist leaders had been breaking the non Interventionist agreement since September 1936.  Proof power and position trump ethics and humanity even in 1936.

 The conference of the Parliamentary Labour Party betrayed the people of Spain and Scotland, the conference was held in Edinburgh fortunately  a Scottish Anarchist from Glasgow Ethel McDonald was able to document The complete betrayal of socialism and the Spanish people by Both Socialist Political parties in Spain and the U.K. between 1936 ~ 1939.

 (An Anarchists Story, The Life of Ethel McDonald) (Dolan, Chris, 2009)

The above is so easily forgotten by people of the organised left who seem to relish the memory of The Hammer and Sickle at any given opportunity.   Lets try to remember that Joseph Stalin, was not a socialist hero, and neither was Molatov.

And on the Conservative/Nationalist side Francisco Franco was portrayed as ’The Saviour of the Spanish middle classes, and the Catholic faithful’.

The the cause of The Falange was to a great extent sponsored by the English aristocracy, and The Conservative Party financiers of the mid thirties, whilst they pretended to loath Oswald Mosley and his thugs, who had been given a bloody good hiding by Jewish and Irish, and radical east enders, at Cable Street.  They plotted Franco’s return to Spain.

 Major Hugh Pollard, an MI6 agent flew a biplane to The Canary Islands, leaving The Canary Islands for Morocco, the same plane had another passenger Francisco Franco, on its return to Spain. Essentially The Spanish people were sold down the river by both the right and left, proof positive that party politics will always betray the people it claims to want to protect.

 On one side The Republican government persecuted working class and middle class Catholics, whilst also demonising the  C.N.T. and other anarchist unions, there by making Franco the only perceived viable option for many Spanish people who had traditionally supported the monarchy.

 The interesting part of the situation was that the grass roots supporters of the republican government had been brow beaten by a middle class clique who had fallen out with other left wing coalition members of the republican government, the whole government became dogged by corruption and scandal.   Thereby making  Franco’s victory more likely.


For as long as people feel betrayed by an aloof elite, that cheat, lie, and want to tell working class and the disenfranchised people that difficult decisions need to be made ‘For Our Nations Good’ then there will always be the potential for another Guidio, another Farage,  another Angry Brigade,  Another James Earl Ray… Another Mosley.  Another Martin Webster, another David Copeland!

Unless we organise, set up food co ops, have open mic nights, set up community allotments,  breakfast clubs, radical reading groups, learn first aid, teach each other to listen, cook for our families and friends, appose fascism in all its forms, then The iron fist of Fascism will crush us all, whilst wearing a velvet glove!

If we make the assumption, that you can only be racist of fascist if you are white, then we forget people like Iddi Armine  the notorious Ugandan dictator, who Braverman would do well to remember, after all how did she get here in 1976?    Not by inflatable boat or people trafficker me thinks she doth protest too much??


All I am saying is No Pasaran!!!!

 S. Freeborn.

After Jeremy Hunt gave the Autumn Statement yesterday many are spitting mad, and some breathe with relief. 

Employment and Support Allowance: delay managed move – The government is pushing back the managed migration of claimants on income-related Employment and Support Allowance (with the exception of those receiving Child Tax Credit) to UC to 2028. Employment and Support Allowance claimants are still able to make a claim for UC if they believe that they will be better off, and this will not affect the managed migration of other legacy benefits onto UC.”

This means 5 out of six will go ahead in April 2023 which include the self employed and the 16hr rule on legacy benefit is not available on UC.

The crux of Managed Migration:

So what does this mean in Plain English : Well once migrated to Universal Credit it means that both groups will be protected by Transitional Protection (TP) so you don’t lose any monies than what you already get currently under legacy system . However if you move from LCW to LCWRA that erases your transitional protection so there is no financial gain should you become more ill in the future. The legacy Support group (LCWRA) will retain TP as long as no change of circumstances occur any changes will erase TP. Just remember assessment periods are a month at a time not award length.

Don’t forget that moving to Universal Credit was a cut in first place to the amounts already paid on Legacy benefits with many losing as much as £60 week due to SDP (severe disability premium) removal and SDP is not part of the UC system.

As well as Standard Allowance of UC depending on age, The Disability elements in UC are currently  ( WRAG/LCW – £128.89) and ( SUPPORT/LCWRA group £343.63) respectively.(Pre Announcement rates)

This Gov are sneaky I just found in their recently released document,  some people will get caught up in UC.

“JSA and ESA households are included if they are (i) income based claimants, or (ii) contributory and income based. If JSA contributory claimants are also on Housing Benefit or Child Tax Credit they would show in Tax Credits or Housing Benefit groups. This is because JSA and ESA new style benefits remain for contributory and credits only claimants but if a household claim Tax Credits as well, that support will move to UC.”

Depending on family (Benefit Unit) circumstances other elements maybe added such as disabled child, Carers etc.

We also have the forthcoming white paper coming which is likely to cause further problems for many who may potentially being forced into some kind of employment schemes regardless of any harm it may cause as they are currently looking at reform of Access to Work (ATW) and ATW Passports so the employer knows they have access needs and may also need reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

“DWP under the Health Transformation Programme (HTP) are exploring the future delivery of Health Assessments with the objective to transform the health and disability assessment services provided for people with disabilities and health conditions.
The Health Assessments help by providing advice to DWP Decision Makers to determine eligibility for benefits paid to claimants across a range of benefits including Personal Independent Payments (PIP) Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Universal Credit (UC) and a number of smaller benefits.

For homeowners : To support mortgage borrowers with rising interest rates during periods of low-income, from spring 2023, the government will allow those on Universal Credit to apply for a loan to help with interest repayments after three months, instead of nine. The government will also abolish the zero earnings rule to allow claimants to continue receiving support while in work and on Universal Credit.


Finally one thing is the delay of the Social Care Cap In truth many with social care packages will have any rises taken into account when paying towards their care so this is not great news for those receiving it.

“The NHS performance also relies on the adult social care system, so the government will make available up to £2.8 billion in 2023-2024 in England and £4.7 billion in 2024-2025 to help support adult social care and discharge. This includes £1 billion of new grant funding in 2023-24 and £1.7 billion in 2024-25, further flexibility for local authorities on council tax and, having heard the concerns of local government, delaying the rollout of adult social care charging reform from October 2023 to October 2025.
£600 million will be distributed in 2023-24 and £1 billion in 2024-25 through the Better Care Fund to get people out of hospital on time into care settings, freeing up NHS beds for those that need them
£1.3 billion in 2023-24 and £1.9 billion in 2024-25 will be distributed to local authorities through the Social Care Grant for adult and children’s social care
£400 million in 2023-24 and £680 million in 2024-25 will be distributed through a grant ringfenced for adult social care which will also help to support discharge
Together with continued investment across the sector, including in training and technology, this will put the adult social care system on a stronger financial footing and improve the quality of and access to care for many of the most vulnerable in our society.”
Quote from a User:  “Much of the money comes with an agenda linked to integration, marketisation, and reducing services. Other ‘money’ also introduces a new layer of postcode lottery as well.”


Cost Of Living Payments announced to help those




Throughout history there have been arguments and theories about how the natural world is governed by certain truths, that cannot be denied.

Charles Darwin (1809~1882) was a geologist who developed The Theory of Evolution to try to explain the progression of our humanity,  he wrote a lot about the need for any  animal, bird, fish or insect to be able to do one of two things to survive, the main one being working together,  secondly the ability to change when living situations change  The Origin of Species first published in November 1859 said that animal , birds, fishes, or insects who learned the best way to survive and had the ability to adapt are usually the ones who survive and succeed.

His arguments regarding natural selection, have always been used as the basis of eugenicist arguments that keep telling the story that disabled people are a natural drain on a communities resources and time.   Political parties on the traditional left have always given the impression that they really care for the vulnerable in society.

But their words hide a sinister truth, several contributors to the birth of The Welfare State, and The Labour Party were supporters of eugenics, William Beverage thought ‘The Generally Defective’ were nothing but a public nuisance that should be denied civil freedom, the vote and fatherhood. (Freedland J. (Eugenics the skeleton that rattles the loudest in the lefts closet.

As Mike Oliver Author and activist stated “The definitions and experience of disability vary from society to society depending on a whole range of material and social factors. The crucial area to be discussed… is why is the view of disability as an individual, medical problem, and a personal tragedy been the most predominant view in Capitalist societies?”

Oliver (1990) P,25.

No political establishment, or socialist state can ever be expected to liberate anyone with a disability because the workplace, whether within the home or factory has never been fully accessible, to disabled people!

And for as long as we are seen as weak and defenceless the state will always make sure we remain that way… And profit from our poverty, no political party cares unless some politician can win votes by saying they ‘understand’.

So where does that leave us as a community facing yet another round of cuts to our standard of living, cuts to benefits, heating, and rising food prices.

As Peter Kropotkin said “The species that practices peace and mutual support as the rule, prosper, whilst unsociable species decay”.

(P.A.Kropotkin: Mutual Aid a factor in Evolution) (1902)

So what is ‘Mutual Aid’  and can it change the lives of disabled people for the better?  Okay lets look at the current situation in the U.K. we have got a Kleptocratic government (A government that has used their power to steal the nations resources).  They have made people believe that food banks are the only thing the poor might be entitled to.

But for as long as those food banks are run by charities and churches rather than the people that need them, then the Victorian myth of the feckless pauper and the deserving poor will remain embedded in the nations collective mind.

 The same stupid standards are not shown to the rich man who has inherited his wealth and the other man who has worked for it!

The very idea that the inherent threat of impending starvation can coerce a man or woman into wage slavery until ten or twenty years before death is an insult to everyone who fought against the indignity of fascism!

the State wants a person to prove beyond doubt that Now they are disabled enough to justify a basic standard of living.

Meanwhile The Catholic Church, of which I am a somewhat sceptical part, tells the poor that an anarchist carpenter, who was a thorn in the side of the Jewish hierarchy and the Roman occupation of his native land, suffered and died for their sins, and will bring them everlasting life.

 Provided that they give some of their wealth to the church, so the church that has its own bank, can give to the poor and destitute.   Unlike Said Carpenter who whipped the money lenders in the temple, and drove out the animals, symbolising a new form of individual sacrifice more profound than any other in history!

(The Gospel of John 2:13 ~ 16)

To quote The Catholic Anarchist Dorothy Day when quoting the English Dominican magazine Blackfriars headline in 1965

 “Who Baptised Capitalism?”

Duty of Delight, The Diaries of Dorothy Day Edited by R. Ellesberg

The well worth a read if you want a very different view of what it means to be a Catholic, and an Anarchist.

This same state lets the bankers use quantitative easing to prop up banks, these banks thrive on the lies of debt, Our money is little more than a promissory note used to buy other countries debts, the whole system is a bloody con, where G.O.D. is the thing that keeps the corrupt system going namely (Gold, Oil and Drugs,) 

  This in turn has plunged many people, particularly disabled people into more extreme levels of poverty, and as resources become squeezed, those seen as not economically resourceful or viable become the scapegoat for all that is wrong with capitalism.

This in turn has plunged many people, particularly disabled people into more extreme levels of poverty, and as resources become squeezed, those seen as not economically resourceful or viable become the scapegoat for all that is wrong with capitalism.

The truth is we have to work collectively to survive, we as a community are not invited to the table of the Kleptocrats, and political party politics are blatantly not interested in our rights or needs, unless their is political advantage in it for some politician.  So to change the situation we should refuse to take part in any oppressive decision making structures that profit from our or others dependencies on hierarchical power or solidarity that is not based on mutual aid and consent.

And we should smash all pre conceived ideas about disability and identity, the famous anarchist Alexander Berkman said that the state would always revert to fascism in times of austerity, therefore we should always be aware of red herrings used by the state as subtle forms of psychological violence.

A woman and a man should be able to identify themselves as a woman or a man without fear of being labelled “Anti Trans” because they do not agree with a statement given by one trans person, divide and rule is what the hierarchical state relies on to keep disabled people in poverty.

 Also the notion that if you acquire a disability through combat, you are seen as heroic, but if you acquire a disability from birth you are a medical curiosity that hopefully will be cured/rehabilitated needs to be challenged.

The other issue that needs to be challenged is the fact that once you are an adult disabled person you are no longer worthy of community support. The historic hierarchy of impairment needs to be exposed examined and smashed!

 The types of mutual aid that may suit disabled people are generally more low key, everything from a text to a cup of tea, could be considered mutual aid;  Sensory over load was something I experienced when protesting against nuclear weapons… It was nice to have another disabled person on the protest too who could relate to my situation, and frustrations when cold and tired without feeling the need to rescue me.    A very interesting blog on the subject

There are many other situations of subtle mutual aid that are invaluable to disabled people such as:

Loading software on a computer, reading correspondence, filling out on-line forms, being an advocate, or independent witness, explaining the layout of a room, explaining that the medical model of disability is no longer acceptable when dealing with a disabled persons intimate needs whatever they may be.  

If a disabled person needs mutual aid then the community of local disabled (and non disabled can help) but not without the full knowledge and consent of that disabled person (Nothing About Us Without Us!)


 When those who demand solidarity are not prepared to look beyond the divisions of mainstream politics we are doomed to be the perpetual “Charity Cases”.   Solidarity demands that we educate ourselves, and live without fear where ever possible, because fear makes spontaneity impossible and we might never be free in our bodies, but we must learn to be free in our minds.   Because mental freedom gives us all a chance to be creative.

Mutual aid depends on whether or not we believe we can work for ourselves together collectively using bargaining in exchange for what we need as a diverse and resilient community, without a lust for power or control over the lives of other disabled people?

For a disabled person to be truly free, they might need to give up any sense of ownership of anything!    Distributism is the idea that property of any sort should be distributed as widely as possible for the whole community to enjoy.

  Possessions are the bedrock of our collective oppression, no person or persons can force a person to give up what they have been taught is rightfully theirs, the community as a whole whether virtual or local can lead by example, the sharing of communal goods, and ideas, in exchange for support in daily living support could be a way to stop the carer or person receiving care feeling a loss of power in any way.

 For as long as we have something of value that we as individuals can give to another disabled person, whether that be knowledge, time, or a certain skill in exchange for something that they might be able to do for us we are practising a very basic form of mutual aid.

(Marja Urwin 2014)   ‘A Few Thoughts On Disability And Anarchism’

Urwin says that in a modern society a persons worth is decided by how well they can use any gift they may have to make money, and as those with power are usually non disabled, so they tend to decide what is considered acceptable in the workplace, this situation makes sure wages and access become a revolving door that disabled people cannot access without major difficulties, Urwin suggests that a universal basic income might be the solution?

Here are a few ideas:

Join your local Credit Union, they are a better option than any bank….

Turn off your television, pick up a book, write… Become the very revolution you want to see, remember revolution starts with you discussing ideas, and moving forward every day do one thing to make that revolution a reality!   Evolution is the main basis of a sustainable revolution, organise on your street, get involved if you cannot leave the house get your relatives or friends to come to you…

Organise a phone tree, If you see a bailiff on your street phone a neighbour, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR OR GIVE YOUR NAME…

Do your own research, on setting up a food co op, anything that will keep you busy, and warm.

Research the history of mutual aid, remember freedoms a;re not given they are taken!

Good ..Luck!

Sam Freeborn!

Benefit and Work and Disability News Service and The Canary have got last years figures regarding the outcomes of the WCA assessment process, via a Question Posed to the DWP  by Sir Stephen Timms , Chair of the DWP select committee. It has been of the opinion that in fact the DWP sleight of hand is at work again in forcing Sick and disabled people into work by stealth. This is no big surprise to this blogger or anyone who cares to pay attention by watching Parliamentary debates which are boring to say the least.

Figures indicate that many more  are being found fit for work or placed in the WRAG/LCW group which means they are placed in the intensive work search group and having to comply to attending the job centre either weekly or by phone as the work coach dictates. Some people maybe correctly placed and many may be missing out on vital support. This saves the government a lot of money. I raised this issue only last week with a legal team that in my opinion this was potentially the direction of travel. 

It was announced with fanfare by Therese Coffey before her departure from the DWP that more people including those with disabilities and chronic ill health would be taken out of light touch and into Intensive work search along with announcements of increased funding for access to work and last week the launch of 6.4 million program to help disabled people into work or to stay in work. From April 2023 we will see the next stages of the managed migration rolled out which will likely target single parents, Carers, Jobseekers alike along with those on LCW which means they have to look towards finding work at a date in the future. From winter 2023 the next and final stage of rollout will move the most severely disabled people across from legacy benefits to UC.

As Benefits and Work point out:

But over the whole quarter, on average only 60.6% of UC claimants were placed in the limited capability for work-related activity group as opposed to 65.6% of ESA claimants.  Claimants in this group are eligible for a higher rate of benefits without any work conditionality attached

If UC LCWRA rates had been the same as ESA rates then over 8,500 additional claimants would have been found to have LCWRA over this quarter.

In the course of a year that’s over 34,000 claimants who are missing out on being found to have LCWRA.

Of equal concern is the fact that 1.2 million ESA claimants are waiting to be forcibly transferred from ESA to UC.  There will be no WCA imposed at the point at which claimants are transferred, but they are likely to face a further assessment at some point in the future.

And whilst the WCA for both benefits is virtually identical, it seems clear that there is a difference in the way the tests are applied. 


  1. The reasons are many why this could be happening but I think this pernicious government ‘are’ up to their tricks again by stealth.
  2. Its a failure of the telephone and video service offered to some claimants it making the correct decision
  3.  The introduction of the claimant commitment
  4. Being persuaded by work coaches that access to work is available without delay and threat of sanctions for failing to comply with an instruction and how better off the would feel doing even a few hours a week.

The Government has made its intentions clear as day that it wants more disabled people into work and some disabled people can work in fact 48% do work with a disability, however that is markedly different for those with chronic ill health who struggle daily to manage day to day tasks.

The fact they have removed their caps on their small rollout processes with larger tranches being moved across to UC from legacy to full steam ahead  come the winter 2023 which makes those severely disabled could end up taking out advances due to the 5 week wait for payments as winter and Christmas approaches in 2023. The lack of transparency of the DWP is frustrating both the recipient and those tasked with ensuring that monitoring of this huge rollout  which was only discussed on 12th Oct when the SSAC was before the DWP select committee.


 We will have to pay very close attention to this being steam rolled out and to the new minister DWP SOS Mel Stride and watch those figures too because they are a good indicator that things could yet again go badly for disabled people as Managed  Migration continues. We have already had many deaths of disabled people because of the WCA and Covid 19 we do not want to see any more given the cost of living crisis is also impacting on the poorest in society.



Guest Post.


Reasons to avoid the ballot as a disabled person!

Some might say I am a rare breed, I am a Catholic Anarchist, and also disabled !

Let’s look at the history of political indifference to disability…

It is a common misconception that eugenics, is the living manifestation of right wing racists!

The Foundation of British Socialist thought and The Labour Party is steeped in the supporters of Eugenics.

Everyone from George Bernard Shaw to Marie Stopes, to John Maynard Keynes.

I also notice that State Socialist ideas are dependent on “The Workers accessing the means of Production.”
So where does that leave disabled people?

As economic stagnation has become an ever increasing prospect for England, let’s also look at traditional Conservative views of disabled people..

The following quote is from Winston Churchill…

“I am convinced the the multiplication of the Feeble-Minded, which is proceeding now at an artificial rate, unchecked by any of the old restraints of nature, and actually fostered by civilised conditions, is a very terrible danger to the race. The number of children in feeble-minded families is calculated at 7.4 whereas in normal families it is but 4.2….Runciman [President of the Board of Education] tells me that he has now got 12,000 feeble-minded and defective children in the Special Schools; many others are in residential homes. These are all segregated and kept under control until the age of 16. At 16 the parents claim them in the hope of making some profit out of their earnings. The girls come out by the thousand at 16, are the mothers of imbeciles at 17, and thereafter with surprising regularity frequent our workhouse lying-in wards year by year. The males contribute an ever broadening streak to the insane or half insane crime which darkens the life of our towns and fills the convict prisons.

As Churchill explained to Asquith, he was certain that one day the “acquiescence” of the feeble-minded in a sterilising operation would enable a large number of them to regain their liberty. In the meantime he proposed a stopgap measure for the segregation of children.

It is also notable that the first point of history of any political will to enhance disabled people’s rights in the U.K. was The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, this was sponsored by deaf M.P. Jack Ashley.

Since then how many MPs have been disabled?

So how in the heck can disabled people hope to get fair representation through so called party politicians or the State?

I notice that even The Green Party advocacy of Assisted Suicide has almost become politically acceptable, this means no public policy will ever be formally be pro disabled people, unless seen as politically expedient to any political party!

So what does Anarchism offer disabled people?

Anarchy is not the lack of order, but rather the lack of endorsement of coercive leadership, the very idea that adults need to be told what is best for them by people who do not have any idea about their lives is nothing short of patronising!

Mutual Aid is the crux of an anarchist society’s means of survival, disabled people need to seriously consider what this means to themselves and start to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives as far as possible !

For as we stay depressed and dependent on a state that continues to revert to fascism in times of austerity then someone else will always profit from our potential poverty!

Well this blogger found out information that is important, but will make sure that those reading this blog can understand it, in a format that is in plain English.

Please Do Not Panic , learn and understand it.

Since welfare reforms under the Tories came to being, it has been punitive and with catastrophic consequences in some cases. However understanding and education has always been part of the disability movement to empower those affected.

Universal Credit Managed migration is now underway and some small areas are being test beds so the DWP learn what works and what doesn’t before rolling it out Nationally. Understandably there is a lot of fear in the disabled communities re- managed migration and I hope that I can take some of the fear away but explaining what will happen and how this process will work. Knowledge is power to disabled people if we let it be, instead of running around like headless chickens in fear of the processes. The image below shows the phases of the process as we now enter Phase 3 in spring 2023 before full rollout in winter.

What did disturb me, although I’m sure they already do this is the fact they are monitoring claimants journeys for ‘evaluation’ purposes however they also track claimants via their phones .

We will monitor each individual from the point at which we ask them
to Move to UC to the point where they make a UC claim. We will track
that claim and ensure that payment is timely and accurate, that
transitional protection is applied accurately.

People needs fluctuate along the claimant journey and DWP claim the want to be ‘responsive’ to changes

In-depth interviews, tracking claimant interactions using Smartphone
Apps and larger scale surveys will be undertaken with a variety of
claimant groups in order to capture the full range of experience

Interviews will be undertaken with a wide range of claimants at all points
in the journey from their current benefit and onto UC. Interviews with
claimants will be prioritised around issues of policy and delivery interest
and concern, such as those with health conditions, lone parents, carers
and those with complex needs.
This research will aim to ensure that the Move to UC communications
that have been used reached the claimant, the language was clear and
fully understood and the claimant knew exactly what was required of
them to make a UC claim.
We will explore claimant responses to those communications, both in
terms of the timeliness of their response to the instructions. We will draw
upon any learning as quickly as possible to address any emergent
concerns and make the claimant journey as smooth and stress free as we

That little word ‘Research’ popped up again too which is not peer reviewed research by others outside of the dept. The App used according to this information is called ‘App Life’ a Russian based company which I plan to deep dive into. (Lets not forget the Russian connection and its implications mind,given we sanctioned the country and it political connotations) This gaming software company will need to be looked into.

In-house research and analysis will be used to support the evaluation
wherever this is feasible

Today I spotted on Social Media, is announcement from Maximus that the Remploy brand name is being dropped and will be known as Maximus. Many of you will remember it being closed and dismantled. I said at the time when Maximus bought these places they would be used to set up ‘specialised employment support opportunities’ getting disabled people working. I happen to think I am correct in my assumptions, while others will disagree. Large chunks of cash being thrown at Access to Work funding will enable the DWP under the guise of the Work and Health Program aka Health Transformation to shove disabled people with severely complex needs into work under the UC punitive regime of Claimant Commitment process. So Remploy factories under the name Maximus as a rebranding exercise, no doubt passed off as training courses. Time will prove me right or wrong.

Meanwhile see my previous blog

I have posted many blogs on the UC implementation but people really have to read stuff to enable themselves have some degree of control with this Government, panicking isn’t going to help, but reading and learning may help your protect yourself from some of the pitfalls and protect your income, what little it is.

Many who read my blog know all my life I have been a socialist and supporter of the Labour Party, Standing up for the working class since I was able and the Thatcher years were tough. When Corbyn became Leader I joined as member purely because of policy, not personality, and held my Branch Chair and Secretary roles within Labour until I was unceremoniously suspended last minute after making being on the ballot, in the purges when I stood for NEC disability post in which I was monstered out of the way. I left after I responded to allegations and left the party, I heard nothing since my submission and when I demanded my Data in 2018 guess like many I’m still waiting for a response. The Forde Report barely scratches the surface.

I’m mostly known for my Welfare Reform work with DPAC and Black Triangle Campaign, also particularly Universal Credit and the Hand2Mouth Project delivering workshops to explain how the policy worked or didn’t in real life. I must have been doing something right and submitted many a report to UN and Labour to support claimants ,mainly disabled people but not exclusively. I have spent over a decade Informing, researching and most importantly helping those who needed support with claims  among many other issues Individuals face. 

I was proud to finally be recognised for the last 12 years work when I got an award from Difference North East who recognises those who provide support and services to support disabled people live independent lives. There are many other individuals who deserve such recognition who have been fighting for the rights of disabled people most their lives.

I digress anyway back to the point:

I saw and heard things that made me seriously question some of those in the Labour Party who had positions of office, and the undue influence they had, claiming it was coming from above. These operatives and influencers were supposedly there to guide members how to campaign and join to get the party into number 10. The main issues of Misogyny,Sexism,Racism,and many other isms as well as disdain for women in the party were in plain sight and acted upon in some circumstances and anyone who complained were patronised,  silenced, erased, or got personal. Many activists have also experienced this first hand over the decades, some stayed some left.

Watching Al Jazeera Investigation ‘Labour Files’ was not such a shock to me as I had witnessed some of it both In person ,online or other platforms. The targeting of women politicians  in particular was very concerning regardless of the party flags disgusted me coming mainly from men supposedly on the left of labour, particularly Diane Abbott  was blatant racism. Even the Al Jazeera platform is classed as controversial because it run by Qatari Government, while continuing selling them arms.

Anyone who thinks after watching these three episodes- that this a way to treat members, run a party, let alone govern a country seriously needs to take a good look at why they are still in a party which claims equality and fairness,while doing precisely the opposite. You are complicit and colluding and unintentionally  endorsing such behaviour. Most people know that Anti Semitism was used to smear Corbyn and members to get rid of those they disagreed with and why the coup was planned.

It not just a Labour Issue, It is all parties who meet leaders, who commit human right abuses both at home and abroad while selling weapons that kill, silence debate and free speech and apply rules retrospectively making and destroying members and MPs lives is a national disgrace and should make most decent people disassociate themselves promptly from being anywhere near them. Yet they wrap themselves up in the butcher apron pretending we should be being proud of the country we live in. Sure we cannot change the past violations of other peoples which our country was built on, but we can change what we do now as socialists and address the issues which are raised!

Islamophobia and racism etc mentioned above we cannot stand idly by and let the party continue to fail those members from all corners of the world who make up a diverse country that we have now become, and so blatantly anti women with many leaving the party because of the hostility they faced and obstacles put in their paths to progress to the higher echelons of party politics purely on the basis of the sex they were born . Suffragettes fought for the women’s vote and we should have had a female leader by now , even the Tories have managed 3 of those, speaks volumes of the sexism and misogyny where some labour men would rather we went back to keeping house and looking after the kids.

Under Starmer they hope to win an election by default based on Tory failures is not leadership, it is cowardice to take on the difficult challenges that we face as a society let alone within the party he runs.

His policies are weak if you can find them, in middle of a cost of living crisis while soundbites are supportive of tory policies and announcements. He is not inspiring , he more boring than John Major which takes some doing frankly, most people don’t know what the party stands for- while  selectively listening to peoples concerns when they have to chose between eating and heating making even the Tories sounding liberal progressives when they offered the support recently administered to tackle the current crisis even though they caused the mess we are in, even if it doesn’t touch the sides of the real issues and Starmer prefers propping up capitalism than real socialist policies which could have helped many people had he not scrapped them because his ego still had the Corbyn era living rent free in his head and the party. I feel so angry for those who have been publicly lied about and humiliated, and had their lives destroyed by the party machinery. Yes I know they need power to change things.

The Unions are not much better, as there is a huge crossover with many holding office in both Union and Party alike . For decades they have supported Labour financially ,supported LP policy , and have different experiences to those unable to work, while happy to call people scroungers and repeat the language peddled and lies from Tories in the press, and throw others under the bus unless it affects workers and tell those disabled people who cant to ‘get a job’-lazy b******* , my taxes pay for you to sit on your arse, while I work hard for my money’so more deserving’. The divisions were set long ago under Blair and Reeves and others, and once IDS got hold of it made things much harsher. A good example of this division was Tax Credit cuts and Covid Pandemic, Happy to tell those who cant ,then squeal like piggies when it affects them. 

I remember In 2014 emailed Frances O Grady for support for the Hand2MouthProject re UC and her response was it isn’t our remit as it doesn’t affect workers. Along comes Covid and suddenly they all understandably go into blind panic  cos the chickens came home to roost. While the Pigs in lipstick were outside tanking the country into recession and inflation at a high and now may just blow their houses down as the housing markets pull mortgages never seen on such a scale,and many of those who were managing could potentially find themselves on Universal Credit. TUC have produced a report on replacing UC which is pretty decent in fairness but will never see the light of day.

One thing nobody seems to be able to see is neither of the main two parties in this country have no real desire to change this very expensive system,if they got power,both wanting to ‘Making Work Pay’  singing from same hymn sheet like canaries down a mineshaft, while the miners drown below ground. So now the Unions are rising with Enough is Enough Campaign,yet once and if they get results from joint strike action, which I fully support, they will throw the rest of us under the bus as usual. I’m tired of talking shops promising the world ,and delivering Sweet FA.

So forgive me if I’m angry and F****** off with you all when our welfare state  and public services are being dismantled and people are continuing to die (particularly disabled people) while you shuffle your bums  in discomfort like you got piles, while turning a blind eye to the real structural changes that are needed while you line your own nests, climb various greasy poles to advance your careers and using the working class of this country as pawns in your political games and point scoring.

I will not forgive you and don’t dare call yourself a bloody socialist, your parasites feeding off the corpses of the many who are at the bottom of the ladder you promised to protect. This is precisely why 42% of the electorate do not vote any longer.

We need a new party plain and simple and need a System Change at the highest levels and root the rot out of our political system.

If you not seen it you should:

Part one

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

For almost 13 years now, many individual activists and DPO’s have been fighting welfare reforms. We have achieved a lot, but the destruction and killing continues unabated. Why because many do not read research readily available and challenge their MP’s and demand they stop this ,after all they work for us!

Yes we had the UN accuse the Government of Grave and Systemic Violations of Disabled People, Yet the Government ignored and tried to demonise the Rapporteur Phillip Alston over his report but the lives lost since his visits continue. Many more lives will be lost as many Disabled Legacy claimants are transferred to Universal Credit from April 2024. A large cohort are those with mental health or who are severely disabled the government has already decided they are too sick to work.

The Governments White Paper is due shortly outlining how they will persecute those needing state support further.  Yet Social media is awash with stories of the horrors of a government policy ,who fails to act to prevent harm to it’s citizens, they promised to protect and support with the rest of society cheerleading the government on from the sidelines because they have to work and pay taxes. The welfare cuts to Disabled People are in excess of 32bn since 2010 and Yet they face further reductions of income and care in the middle of a cost of living crisis this Government caused, and Inflation forecast to rise further.

We cannot continue to become victims of this government So I’m asking you to send the following reports to your MP. It doesn’t matter that are Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, SNP or Independent but we can no longer sit on our laurels and leave it to the few that have spent many years championing the fight as many more since Covid are becoming for the first time or becoming Ill or disabled with age.

Mo Stewart has been writing and highlighting why this is happening and calling for this to stop and is now more popular with academics and  others who are pointing out the bloody obvious than disabled people, and has bombarded those in power  with her reports.

We cannot continue accepting this barbarity and continue to lose many lives along the way, It’s time to Act!

Email These latest report to the press local and national, Write letters citing the links, Email your MP with all links below and ‘Demand’ this stops now!

 Further Reading

Links to Latest reports from Mo Stewart

UN Report


August 7th 2022

Many of my followers know I do not blog often as I would like due to lack of time , but this is something we seriously need to discuss in a calm and rational manner.

I have been watching unfold the fear and concern of many worried about the excessive energy bills, I have listened to people on the street scared that they wont be able to manage. we are also heading for a recession which I think is optimistic outlook from Bank of England but fear it maybe worse. Yet still the Tories have their heads buried up their rear ends and are indifferent to the cries of many charities that support people along with the food bank stories of the running out of food and we are only just beginning this journey to hell and back. Many have had letters telling them their bills are doubling or triple the payment levels they cant sustain.

My ears pricked up when I was told about the ‘Don’t Pay Campaign’ so I went to take a look at all the fuss. This Campaign Is well intentioned to get people to act.


It’s simple: we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to an affordable level. Our leverage is that we will gather a million people to pledge not to pay if the government goes ahead with another massive hike on October 1st.

Mass non-payment is not a new idea, it happened in the UK in the late 80s and 90s, when more than 17 million people refused to pay the Poll Tax – helping bring down the government and reversing its harshest measures.

Even if a fraction of those of us who are paying by direct debit stop our payments, it will be enough to put energy companies in serious trouble, and they know this. We want to bring them to the table and force them to end this crisis.


So ok I can see why you revolutionaries out there want to stick it to this Government its been brewing a long time over the last 12 yrs. Anyone with iota of common sense can see why it was launched and many on the left signed up forthwith without considering the implications  of those at the bottom on Social Security or those reliant on pre pay meters to carefully manage their finances on a shoestring, But also the many levels of working people forced to use food banks as the pandemic swallowed their jobs, Businesses closed down leaving many on Universal Credit to survive and having to face paying back overpayments. Some people are already in debt and fearful of surviving and feeding their kids and paying the rent before the pandemic hit.

So why would you stop paying a Direct debit Payment when your already drowning from 12 yrs of austerity. This will just add to further debt and pressures on families across the political divide and worst of it all, many will literally die this coming winter through lack of a home through being evicted,warmth and food and a fridge to keep vital medicines and equipment running to protect your health. This Government doesn’t give a damn if you live or die  neither do the oil barons who make billions a day, or the debt collectors who will without doubt be sent to knock your door and take what little possessions you hold dear if you have any. Our NHS Is being sold off to private contractors and already under huge pressure to cope with those coming through their doors. neither do those pushing this nonsense because it hasn’t been thought through. Are they going to stop you being evicted, Are they willing to step up when Bailiffs arrive , or when Social services taking your kids because you cant afford to feed and keep them safe.  I don’t think so!


That’s why I do support workers striking because they have no decent pay rises in ages and conditions and it biting hard on what is called ‘Middle England’ too! Inflation is forecast to rise to 13%-15%. This was always the plan to ‘reverse the economy’ into crisis.

Britain is Broken and we need a new way forward.

So When I was asked to go along to a Zoom to another Campaign called ‘Rescue Britain’ I was curious and went along. This Campaign has a set of demands but its plans which I wont divulge right now will go a lot further than their initial demands of Price Caps and Public Ownership of our public services, They have a structured approach to appeal to all across the political spectrum and to give the current political parties a good boot in the balls if they don’t capitulate and act.

It doesn’t matter what your politics are we are all being squeezed, some more than others, we are all suffering and will continue to suffer but unite we should. Disabled people have suffered for 12 years under  welfare reforms, many cant afford the vital social care they need, some are going without basic necessities to stay as well as they can and participate in society and had their Income slashed by as much as £3000 a yr and face Universal Credit Migration which will be a further cut to their income, how are these going to manage with all the rises across the board on all things they need.

We have to stop getting bogged down with the political divides of left ,right wing, centre ground bullshit and stand together as a class with varied incomes and fight back in a structured way which has a chance of success if we do so. I have heard moaning about the colours and logo looking like the ‘Butchers Apron’ etc That is not the intention and for gods sake stop bloody whining and never getting any where near where we all need to be. This is an Public Emergency for everyone in the country and costs will continue to rise and business is struggling too facing rising bills. Many Politicians have their fingers in the pies of the Oil industry,Healthcare etc  or sit on boards and take a salary why in god’s name would they care if you cannot afford to live it not just CEO’s raking it in and tax evasion and Non Doms.

That’s why I have decided to come out publicly back this campaign and join them as one of the organisers albeit in small way compared to some, as my health and time is severely limited.

So if you really want to take action get behind ‘Rescue Britain’ who have a well thought out plan to hold them to account. Put your politics and egos on the back burner and lets take on the establishment on and put these greedy parasites on notice that ‘we are one’ fighting to defend each others rights to public services which we all need and use and please continue to support the strikers across all services so they get the pay rise and better terms and conditions in the workplace. Join a Union people.


List of support agencies to help you if you are struggling:

This is great  one covering many local services in your area

Others include your Union Reps

Don’t forget either most Councils have a welfare team,Don’t suffer in silence ACT NOW!



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